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Lively "jungalow" home tour in L.A.'s Echo Park

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Everyday Exotic, Cottages & Bungalows

  1. 1. Everyday , BOLD COLORS, global accessories and • burgeoning J USTINA BLAKENEY AND HER plant life make husband, Jason Rosencrantz, didnt intend for their 1940s bungalow to this L.A. have a tropical theme. The Los Angeles, California, design consultant simply began bungalow feel filling the Echo Park home with items she like a Bohemian loved or picked up on her travels. But in time, certain elements started popping up escape. that provided a lush and exotic backdrop: kelly-green paint, multi-ethnic decor, animal statues and masks, and plants winding BY MARGIE MONIN their way through the two-and-a-half- DOMBROWSKI bedroom home (the half bedroom and PHOTOGRAPHY BY in-progress nursery for baby on the way is BRET GUM only 9 x 12 feet). STYLED BY "Its wild," Justina says."When people come JICKIE TORRES over, they say its like a jungle." Eventually, houseguests, trying to coin a catchy term for the unique home, fused the words "jungle" and "bungalow" together. "You automatically get a sense of what a space called jungalow could be like," she says, and "jungalow" stuck. Justinas aesthetic is Bohemian and international, with plenty of pattern and color. She collects and curates various vintage, handmade, recycled,repurposed, upcycled and thrifted home furnishings-with the exception of an occasional new piece-from42 cottages & bungalows
  2. 2. september 2012 43..
  3. 3. /J I---... - =--~ -- . ~ (. . ) i~J II ~,/ I [i]44 cottages & bungalows
  4. 4. many different origins and influences to create an equally vibrant and welcoming environment. A SMAll SPACE, MAXIMAUZED In such a tight space, Justina takes advantage of her wall-space. She decorates upward and everywhere, and the focus is on the unique decor. The front entryway greets guests with a white cubby bookshelf for storing shoes, which, although utilitarian, is a thoughtful touch. In the living room, a tall .wood card-catalog style cabinet bought at a thrift shop is repurposed as a vertical cubby garden with succulent plants peeking out from some of its drawers. september 2012 45..
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  6. 6. The kitchen has a sunny greenhouse feel thanks to ample windows and equally prolific plants. Also occupying the window shelves are flea-market trinkets and local art. september 2012 47 ..
  7. 7. 48 cottages & bungalows
  8. 8. "I play with contrast, color and pattern to set the eye at ease even though theres a lot going on." One living room wall is covered with acustom mid-century wall unit displayingbooks, art and records-a work of art untoitself-while another wall is decorated withcrosses en masse. "Im definitely a rnaxlrnalist,"Justina says.BRING NATURE IN Plants enliven each room in the jungalow. InLos Angeles, indoor air quality is important,so the greenery throughout the house is just asfunctional as it is aesthetic. With numerouswindows to let the California sunshine in, itwas important for Justina and Jason to give thekitchen a greenhouse feel, so they strunghanging houseplants. "Its fun and bright. We.cook a lot, so its nice to have a kitchen withthat feel," Justina says.AN ALL-COLOR SCHEME This jungalow has no set color scheme, buttheres a sense of rhythm among the colorsand patterns. "You will see every color-I thinkyou would be hard-pressed to find a color Idont have," Justina says. Justina keeps the walls neutral so the mix ofaccessories doesnt overwhelm. The kitchen,for insta~ce, has a bright green trim and anaccent wall that plays off the houseplantsscattered about, and the plants are part of thecolor scheme too. Her master bedroom issoothing with beige walls and wood-beamceilings, but an antique vanity recently giventwo fresh coats of turquoise paint now catchesthe eye, especially with a matching stripepainted down the wall behind it to "anchor"the piece in the space. "I have a thing for toneon tone; she says. The living room jumps with a musical energyof pattern and color. From the area rug andsofa accent pillows to the framed artwork,everything has contrasting colors andgeometric patterns. "I play with contrast, color Opposite: Justina painted an old, ornate vanity chest aand pattern to set the eye at ease even though matte turquoise for a modern update. A matchingtheres a lot going on," Justina says. stripe behind it anchors it to the space. september 2012 49
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  10. 10. .- .."; _",_._%,,--~~----..L. ~--~-~.-;-.~ GAUGUIN CCESSORIZE IT GLOB L The decor reflects many of the countries where Justina has lived or visited. When she returns, she always brings back new finds and inspiration from the costumes, religious iconography, patterns, colors and folk art of these cultures. Youll find items like Turkish rugs and lanterns, African masks, paper mache taxidermy from Haiti, and monkey dolls from Mexico peppered throughout her home, Although theres plenty for the eye to take in, Justina arranges them in artful vignettes, "I do like things to look curated and collected; she says. Most pieces have sentimental value, "I dont bring anything into my house that I dont love. That way I surround myself with things I think are beautiful and inspiring," she says. I Global art such as a suzani blanket give the room a vibrant femenine feel. Justina repurposed a few vintage windows as ecclectic frames for a gallery wall. september 2012 Sl
  11. 11. 52 cottages & bungalows ..
  12. 12. COLLECT and CURATE Ready to get a little artistic with your decor? From bold colors to turning your style-literally- upside down, try these tips from Justina. Dont worry about what otherswill think. Focus on the feelingyoure trying to create. If you feelgood in your space, others will too. Get experimental with your finds.Turn it upside down, hold it up todifferent spots on the wall anddifferent rooms, and take pictures.Play around until you find what youlike best. Always rearrange and work onimproving your space. Tryoutdifferent vignettes or,move pieces toanother room if you have to. Yourhome shouldnt be static. Paint something in a bold color.Highly saturated tone on tones lookfresh and modern.Justina custom designed this pieceto look like a mid-century-modernwall unit. september 2012 53