Nexus - a web based ERP system


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Introduction to Nexus

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Nexus - a web based ERP system

  1. 1. Nexus A global approach to business process management Easy Navigation One central web based system Online presence Data tracking and analysis Organized critical business processes and information Information Specialists at your fingertips eCommerce integration Permission based Security Inventory, Customer and Order management Warehouse management Industries (Medical Device, Manufacturing, and Rentals)
  2. 2. Too many systems and no integration Marketing Database Work Orders Contact Database Reporting Scheduling Accounting Online Reservations
  3. 3. ●No IT organization? ●Trying to figure out a system on your own? MindShare HDV can help. ●Spending too much time trying to understand your business processes? ●Too many databases and systems? ●Lack of knowledge on the customer requirements? MindShare HDV can help.
  4. 4. Nexus (Integrated Business Solutions) Nexus Micro Organized Business Processes and Data Internet Presence and Growth Social Networking Links
  5. 5. Business Revenue Growth by effective communication Nexus System ● Dynamic inventory ● Dynamic pricing ● eCommerce ● Dynamic content ● Dynamic updates of social networks ● Enhance customer networking Web app (e.g. online reservation or store front) Social Network ● eCommerce ● Inventory ● Order ● Reports ● Accounting
  6. 6. Highlight Features ● Custom plugins to add custom functionalities to streamline business process. ● Integration with multiple systems using Nexus Web Services ● Integration and management of custom eCommerce Web site ● Integration with merchant processor (PayPal, and Sage) ● Manage high number of users and transactions for enterprise system ● Cloud computing platform with hosted solution ● Support for Mobile devices ● Advanced user securities
  7. 7. One Integrated System Services ● Customer support tracking and analysis ● Two way integration with social networks for customer data collection ● Organized customer information ● Quick access to critical business data ● One central system to manage business ● Global access with no network setup ● MindShare HDV Information Specialists Modules ● Inventory management ● Order management ● Customer management ● Reports ● Security and user based permission ● Reservation management ● Owner management ● Job Scheduling ● Procurement ● Marketing campaign ● Online issue and problem tracking for customer and customer feedback ● Integration with social networks to collect data on customer feedback ● Mobile Device Support ● Social Media Integration Nexus Business Management Solutions
  8. 8. Inventory Module - Inventory grouping and packaging - Price Modeling - Features and Description
  9. 9. CRM Module - Manage Customer information - Automated email to customers - Tracking customer requests and purchase patterns
  10. 10. Warehouse Module - Manage Warehouse information - Allocate and move items between warehouses - Manage Manufacturing Review and problem tracking for items in warehouse, MRB management
  11. 11. Order Management - Manage customer orders - Return orders, refund orders, discount and promotions - Allocated orders, tracking order and automated order from eCommerce systems
  12. 12. Product History and Logs - Track product items in warehouse - Track product items for customers
  13. 13. Pricing Engine - Different pricing structure (Fixed, Fixed Rate, and Variable) - Price Modeling - Pricing for items - Tax, fee and shipping cost
  14. 14. Reservation Module - Manage reservations - Send automated emails to the renter - Calculating rental amount and tracking rental payments and balance
  15. 15. Production Module - Manage production lines - Tracking labor activity and hours - Integration with manufacturer's production lines and scales
  16. 16. Owner Module - Manage product owners - Tracking ownership for product items or rental items - Support for multiple owners and items
  17. 17. Reporting Engine - XML customizable reports - Integrate with Microsoft Excel and openoffice - Permission based reporting - Analytical reporting for profit and loss and price analysis