Zia Loan Automation System (LAS) featuring Alfresco & Zia OneView


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New regulatory requirements and enhanced oversight, combined with industry consolidation and restructuring, have pushed banks to look for solutions that can improve a wide range of business processes related to mortgage documents. And with the size of an average mortgage loan at over 500 pages, and hundreds of different document types, the labor intensive and costly methods of processing loan documents used in the past are no longer possible for banks that want to compete.

Zia has experience providing document automation solutions to a wide range of enterprises across the entire mortgage industry, which we have used to create our ZiaOne Loan Automation System (LAS) featuring:

*Automated document processing from ANY source, in ANY form, of ANY type
*Borrowers Supporting Documents to Closing Documents
*Integration with your LOS - not replacing it
*Zia OneView for end-to-end analytics

In addition to an overview of the ZiaOne LAS, the presentation includes information on Zia OneView, providing advanced analytics and reporting, from initiation to closing, including:

*Business Intelligence (BI) Integration
*Reporting Systems Integration
*Compliance Systems Integration

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  • Hundreds of Pages, Dozens of Document TypesIt’s not just “Paper”“74 percent of survey respondents have business improvement campaigns underway that would benefit from paper-free processes, but surprisingly only 24 percent have a specific policy designed to eliminate paper from their business.” AIIM, July 2013: http://www.aiim.org/About/News/Industry-Watch-Paper-Wars-2013“Despite the growing number of technologies that facilitate easy, secure document capture using centralized, disparate and even mobile devices, the move towards the paperless office and processes is tediously slow. According to new research from AIIM, only 5% of the processes that could feasibly cut paper out of the workflow in paper-intensive organizations have been put in place.” CMS Wire review of “Winning the Paper Wars” Paper July 2013 article (http://www.cmswire.com/cms/document-management/aiim-paperless-office-still-a-pipe-dream-as-mobile-capture-market-gets-set-to-explode-021975.php)
  • Increase efficiency and optimize the workforceRapidly capture, classify, and extract from paper/electronic documentsInitiate faster data verification, file review, and approvalRemoving significant costs throughout the processAccelerate revenue cyclesClose and package loans faster with document validation and approval workflows.Real time access to files across the enterprise. Consistently meet compliance goalsProvide clear audit trails from the point of origination, across each touch point, to the final archiveRecords management for captured documentsIntegration with LOS / Compliance systems
  • Regional Bank – 1000 loans per month – average fully loaded cost per loan $2400
  • Do you have > 5 people that manage “paper”No need – we have ECM and a new LOSDo you want > 50% Process Efficiency?Do you need ROI this year?
  • Collect, Classify, Extract & ValidateAct & Collaborate
  • FLEXIBILITY #1 – Hybrid Deployment (Cloud, On-premise, Synced): This slide is meant to be a place to bring up the idea of Hybrid ECM. “We talked about performance, but another benefit of Alfresco’s open platform is Flexibility. With Alfresco, you can deploy it in many different ways, depending on your specific needs. We have customers who use Alfresco on standards-based platforms (like Linux) behind their firewall. We have customers who have deployed Alfresco on their own Amazon Web Services instances. And we have customers who use Alfresco in the cloud as a full SaaS service. We, and the industry, calls this Hybrid ECM – where cloud, mobile and on-premise technologies can work together to meet the needs of the entire enterprise. Only Alfresco has been able to offer a truly integrated, hybrid ECM solution – and this has been recognized by the likes of the 451 Group and Gartner. In fact, Kenneth Chin, a Gartner Research VP of ECM, has said that “A hybrid architecture will make content integration and information sharing easier.”
  • CHALLENGE #2: MOBILE… specifically, the fact that USERS are driving MOBILE ADOPTION (the organization HAS to deal with it, whether they are ready or not)Bring your own disasterUser-forced MobilityContent owners, content creatorsDriving adoption of consumer-born cloud servicesAntithetical to efficiency & process1-4 organizations challenged by cloudGartner: by 2015, 60% of information workers will interact with content via mobile devices
  • Zia Loan Automation System (LAS) featuring Alfresco & Zia OneView

    1. 1. Zia LAS ™ Loan Automation System Mike Mahon CEO and Co-Founder Zia Consulting mike@ziaconsulting.com Jon Solove Solution Engineer Zia Consulting jsolove@ziaconsulting.com
    2. 2. The loan process is intensive and costly
    3. 3. Why automate? • Rapid ROI – Typically 100% within first 9 Months • Accelerated Revenue Cycles • Meet Compliance Requirements
    4. 4. Why now? • Competition • Increased Risks • Leverage New Technologies • Process Efficiency
    5. 5. Today’s Agenda • The Problem – Who, Where, How Big, Is it for me? • The Solution – Zia Loan Automation System • Capture - Extraction as a Service (EaaS) ™ • Simple + Smart Content - Alfresco • Process - Advanced Closing Extraction (ACE) ™ • Actionable Analytics - Zia OneView ™ • LAS Demo • Case Studies • Little Bit of the Future • Conclusion • Why Zia
    6. 6. Who? • Mortgage Banks • National • Regional • Credit Unions • Wholesale Banks • Mortgage Insurers • Service Providers
    7. 7. Where? • • • • Origination Underwriting Closing Post Closing • Audit • Compliance • Investor Prep • And more…
    8. 8. How Big is this Problem?
    9. 9. Is It For Me? • 5 - People • No – I have one? • 50 - % Process Efficiency • Yes – ROI This Year
    10. 10. Zia LAS- Loan Automation System • Capture - Extraction as a Service (EaaS) ™ • Simple + Smart Content - Alfresco • Process - Advanced Closing Extraction (ACE) ™ • Actionable Analytics - Zia OneView ™
    11. 11. Capture: Extraction as a Service Any Source • Customer • Agent/Broker • Underwriter • Third Party Any Format • Paper • Web • Email • Fax • Mobile Capture
    12. 12. Simple + Smart - Alfresco • Central Document Repository (Portal / Website) for: • Customer • Agent/Broker • Underwriter • Compliance • Customer Account • Loan Folder - mFolder • Content from: • Web Upload • Email • Paper, Fax
    13. 13. Simple + Smart – Featuring: • • • • • • Document AND Records Management Secure Collaboration Automated Workflow (Mortgage Process) Enterprise Search Annotation / Redaction Email Integration • Email documents into repository • Drag & drop • Outlook & “Hosted” Email (aka Gmail)
    14. 14. Process: Differentiator ACE Classification of Hundreds of Docs • Several States Extraction for Most Critical Docs • • • HUD-1 (1600 Fields extracted) TIL GFE Tested with Millions of Closing Packages
    15. 15. Actionable Analytics: Zia OneView ™ • Collection of data from origination to post close • Tracked by Zia OneView ™ • Delivery to Reporting / BI Systems
    16. 16. Demo
    17. 17. Case Study #1 Leading Global Mortgage Bank • Applicant portal for supporting documents • Directly assigned to borrowers “case” • Capture within case/repository • Cost savings AND improved customer satisfaction
    18. 18. Case Study #2 Mortgage Insurance Facts & Figures • • 250+ Document Types • Appraisal, Income,…. 1.3 million pages / month
    19. 19. The future of content management is hybrid “What differentiates Alfresco is that it has the full ECM functions that companies rely upon for high-value documents and processes, plus a cloud element that is fast to deploy.” Alan Pelz-Sharpe, 451 Research Research Director, Content Management & Collaboration
    20. 20. By 2015, 60% of information workers will interact with content via mobile devices. Gartner
    21. 21. Enterprise Mobility Solutions • Mobile Capture • Secure Mobile Content Management • Mobile Content Applications • Mobile Business Solutions
    22. 22. Introducing… Alfresco Mobile Workdesk • Secure Mobile Case Management • Native App for IOS Devices • “App/Server” Approach • Business role concept
    23. 23. Conclusion: Why Zia? The Business Results ROI This Year • • 50% Efficiency Projects kicked started and tracked in a timely way Future Proof • • • Simple, Effective and Smart Upgrade when you want and need to, not when forced to Reuse existing investments and still gain efficiencies Simple + Smart • • Project needs met without sacrificing ease Tools that Work Like People Do • Scan, Email, Fax, Easy Search
    24. 24. Conclusion: Why Zia? • Partnerships – Zia & Alfresco – Zia & Ephesoft PARTNER OF THE YEAR 2012 PARTNER OF THE YEAR 2013
    25. 25. Questions? Mike Mahon CEO and Co-Founder Zia Consulting mike@ziaconsulting.com Jon Solove Solution Engineer Zia Consulting jsolove@ziaconsulting.com