Zia fresh project demo april 2012


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Zia fresh project demo april 2012

  1. 1. Fresh ProjectSocial Collaboration and Project Management Utilizing Alfresco Enterprise Scott Rost, VP of Professional Services, srost@ziaconsulting.com
  2. 2. Agenda• Introductions• Zia Consulting Overview• Fresh Project Slide Presentation• Fresh Project Demo• Q&A
  3. 3. Who is Zia Consulting?Our Partners Zia Consulting is a leading provider of enterprise business solutions for content management from paper to mobile. The Content People at Zia Consulting • Driving Enterprise Mobility Technology • Experts in Enterprise Integration and Cloud Ready Solutions • Connected with industry leading partners • Delivering measurable business results, on time, within budget Zia provides innovative solutions which open up new possibilities in a content anywhere environment
  4. 4. Who is Zia Consulting?End to End Business Solutions • Project Management • Procurement • Sales Automation • Contract and Records Management • eDiscovery • Knowledge Management • Business Process ManagementIntegrity is core to how Zia does business
  5. 5. Why Fresh Project? What problem does it solve?• - Web based project management and Portfolio Visibility collaboration - 2 way synchronization with MS • Gantt chart previews Project • Resource utilization • Tasks collaboration• Low Cost and Scalable Installed as amps in Alfresco Share • Avoid unnecessary licensing • Consistent and repeatable processes • Collaboration without burying IT with support requests• Quick Win for ECM Implementations Relevant Users - Service based organizations - PM focused organizations
  6. 6. Fresh Project Key Features• Social collaboration with complete ECM functionality• Project Management Institute (PMI) based processes• MS Project integration with Gantt chart preview• Project and portfolio status dashlets• Notification from data list assignments (email / dashlet) and tracking• Controlled access to the template Share Sites
  7. 7. Project Template Configurable Project Site• Configurable Site dashboard• Custom data lists for project tracking• Access control for groups and users managed via custom data lists• Project template Share Site customized by Admin• Customized document library
  8. 8. PMI-Based Folder Structure • Configurable • Based on Software Development Lifecycle • Consistent folder structure allows for easy navigation of project files • Admin can manage template folder structure based on business needs of the organization
  9. 9. Portfolio & Project Management Rollup Dashlets To Monitor Status Project Site Rollup Shows project status for ACME Site only My Dashboard Rollup Shows portfolio status for all of My Sites
  10. 10. Fresh Project Data Lists• Risk Items • Situation, problem, or an activity that may happen which impacts upon the approved Project Plan• Issue Items • Situation, problem, or an activity that has happened or is happening which impacts upon the approved Project Plan• Action Items • Task to be documented, tracked, and completed by a project staff member• Project Status • Key parameters to track the health of a project
  11. 11. Fresh Project Gantt ChartGantt Chart Shows overall schedule with assigned resources, task duration, and percent complete
  12. 12. Fresh Project Gantt ChartSchedule Data List Allows only Site Manager or assigned users to update the scheduled tasks
  13. 13. Fresh Project Demo
  14. 14. Questions & AnswersScott Rost, scott@ziaconsulting.comhttp://www.ziaconsulting.com/freshproject/