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  • 1. EasyECM Increasing User Adoption (of ECM)
  • 2. Today’s Discussion Today’s ECM Challenges User Adoption (“ECM Avoidance”) Cost & Complexity (of Document Processing)
  • 3. Control & Compliance he Dropbox (or Box.net) Problem he Shared Drive Problem mail is not ECM! he Sharepoint (RM) Problem he ECM User Adoption Problem
  • 4. e ECM Tug of War Users •  Easy to Learn •  Easy to Use •  Easy to Share •  Email & Office Integ Enterprise IT •  Secure Compliant (RM) mple to Implement Simple to Integrate Flexible & Scalable •  Upgradable   Cost Effective
  • 5. How to Solve It? “An ECM System that Works How I Do” •  With the Tools I Use Today Helps Me Find Information in Content Cha asy to Collaborate – Both Internal & Exter •  Where I Work, With My Device
  • 6. le + Smart laboration nternal & External Easy as Dropbox” siness Processes Simple Create, Review, Approve Enterprise Search Powerful (and Hidden) Rules & Behaviors Document Assembly
  • 7. ected & Controlled terprise Integration Email & Office Tools Capture, Viewer ERP / CRM Domain Specific” (Legal, HR, Finance) syRM Connecting Creators with Compliance
  • 8. t are “Cases”? t Content, at the Right Time, for the Right Person” ntracts Management, Legal, HR, Applications me-Based le-Based namic Views y ducing Alfresco Workdesk
  • 9. Business Roles & Dynamic View HR Legal Finance Personalization BusinessRoles Alfresco" tent Repository Workdesk enables you to se the right content, at the rig time, based on your busines role. andard Alfresco Share web & mobile views
  • 10. EasyECM" Case Study Corporate Legal Department one of the world’s largest & most successful compan
  • 11. equirements & Constraint asy & Feature Rich No Training Require
  • 12. Build vs. Buy Decision wo Failed Build From Scratch Projects Nothing on Market Addresses All Departme
  • 13. roblem: Not Easy to Fin Email (Millions of Emails) File Share (Millions of Files)
  • 14. Problem: Not Secure
  • 15. So Why Do We Use Them?
  • 16. olution Overview Month Initial Implementation Roadmap - Focused Assessment Agile Delivery co Workdesk co Enterprise artments Assessed artment Went Live
  • 17. Mergers & Acquisitions Create Project From NDA
  • 18. Mergers & Acquisitions Taxonomy  Created From NDA
  • 19. Mergers & Acquisitions Drag & Drop NDA from Desktop
  • 20. The Results – Simple No Training Required •  Only 3 min videos Tools That Work The Way I Do •  Office Tools (Word & Adobe & Google Docs) •  Email Adopted Worldwide •  70:700:1000+ •  Millions of Files Moved from Shared Drives / Email
  • 21. The Results - Smart Role Based •  Highly Customized By Department and Role Rules & Behaviors •  Process Without Workflow •  Heavy Lifting Behind The Scenes Upgrades Much Easier •  UI is Configured, Not Customized •  Several Major Upgrades Applied
  • 22. How to Solve It? “An ECM System that Works How I Do” •  With the Tools I Use Today Helps Me Find Information in Content Cha asy to Collaborate – Both Internal & Exter •  Where I Work, With My Device
  • 23. mple: With the Tools I Use Toda mail Integration Email documents into repository Drag & drop from email Send & file Email + Workflow fice, Adobe, Google Docs Direct access to content and meta data Search, Create, Edit No installation required
  • 24. Let’s Talk about Sharepoint llaboration Tool of Choice ow to Manage? Work with (not against) Just Another Tool for “Content Hub” Automate RM Process •  Autoclassification •  Retention & Disposal Policies •  Legal Holds
  • 25. nding Information in “Content Chao t we can learn from Case Management: ole-Based ime-Based ynamic Views utomated Workflow asks & Reminders What I need, When I need it” ocument Assembly (Clause Library)
  • 26. Simple Search t isn't exactly Google, but it works as well. Your search terms, our enterprise search. scovery Managed with full text search Keyword and term search asily place holds on documents ind based on date ranges or topics
  • 27. ternal Collaboration Share Sites Integrated with your Business Process xternal Collaboration Secure Client Portal / Site Simple Cloud Sharing Simple Collaboration: As Easy as Dropbox or Box.net”
  • 28. ork Anywhere: What’s Needed? ure Mobile ECM bile Case Management Role-Based Dynamic Views “Relevant” Information plify IT Manage and Deploy Configured, not Customized
  • 29. •  Corporate Legal •  Human Resources •  Corporate Finance •  Sales, Channels, Marketing, Support •  And more… EasyECM Where else?
  • 30. Demo!  
  • 31. Questions?