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A common question from companies considering Alfresco for content management is what to do with their legacy ECM systems. In many cases, they want to run Alfresco alongside their existing system for some period of time, and then gradually migrate their content. Join Alfresco Partner of the Year – Zia Consulting – to learn how OpenWorkdesk will allow users to interact with both Alfresco and any CMIS compatible repository in a multi-repository environment.

The presentation will include a specific demonstration of OpenWorkdesk running against both Alfresco and IBM FileNet with a single user interface, and will also discuss how the gradual migration to Alfresco takes place.

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  • http://www.aiim.org/pdfdocuments/IW-SharePoint-Puzzle_2012.pdf 44% are using some form of ECM/DM alongside SharePoint. 70% are not using SharePoint as their primary, enterprise-wide ECM system. There’s a Now problem and a Later Problem
  • Why? - CxO gets new iPad – “Why Can’t I…” Reviews Edits Approves Company wants “Productivity Anywhere” Creates Publishes Requirements Corporate Branding Personalization / Roles Workflow Enterprise Integration Mobile SLA – Create, Maintain, Upgrade, Support
  • Similar to the virtual files in eFile management we can define virtual views in BPM that contain workitems from different group inboxes (different working steps of the same workflow or even steps of different workflows). This allows to create very valueable overview functions for e.g. a manager who can see all workitems with top priority or an overdue date or a call center agent who can easily retrieve the workitem for a specific customer who is calling in and wants to get some information on his case.
  • Faster learning, less error prone than direc editing of XML files.
  • Owd multi repo-v2

    1. 1. Solving your Legacy Ryan McVeigh Vice President ECM Dilemma Zia Consulting
    2. 2. Today’s Agenda• What’s the Problem?• Alfresco for the Enterprise• Why Zia?• Introducing WeWebU• The OpenWorkdesk Solution
    3. 3. What’s the Problem?• You want something newer, better, stronger, faster, cheaper (or more open!). BUT…• It’s (often) hard to migrate. It’s (often) expensive to migrate. AND…• First time enterprise-wide technology deployments are most likely to fail.
    4. 4. What’s the Problem?Did you know?•44% of SharePoint Enterprises are alsousing additional ECM systemsActually it’s two problems:•Co-Habitating•Migrating
    5. 5. Open SourceENTERPRISE Content Management Document Management Capture, share & retain corporate content, including documents, video, images & graphics files Records Management Ensure governance, compliance and retention of company or government records Web Content Services Author, collaborate & publish to Drupal, Liferay, JBoss Portal or your custom web app Enterprise Collaboration Create, share, collaborate, iterate & discuss content. Then publish to social channels. Open Source Platform Build content-rich apps and websites using RESTful APIs or Java & open standards like CMIS & JSR 168
    6. 6. Why Zia?• Solutions from Paper to Mobile • Enterprise Content Management • Intelligent Document Capture • UI/Portal Solutions • Enterprise Integration • Enterprise Mobility
    7. 7. MobileContent Anywhere
    8. 8. Partnerships…
    9. 9. and Products. MobileINSIGHT for
    10. 10. For Your Organization
    11. 11. andANNOUNCING…
    12. 12. Deployment Anywhere, Solutions Here
    13. 13. Enterprise Mobile CMS• Alfresco Mobile• Fresh Docs• Mobile Workdesk
    14. 14. Introducing WeWebU• ECM/BPM Consulting Pedigree• Now a leading ISV: • OpenWorkdesk • ZIDI• And introducing – MobileWorkdesk• IBM• +• +
    15. 15. Transactional Content ManagementFinance Insurance Government and more...
    16. 16. Introducing OpenWorkdesk• Feature rich suite of applications on top of – All IBM ECM repositories – compliant repositories• Key concepts – Advanced eFile Management – Case Management – Different views on information • Tailorable • Role dependent – Configuration vs. coding• Web-UI with cutting-edge usability – Accessibility (508 compliant) – Zero installation• Advanced Viewing
    17. 17. What’s a ZIDI?• Zero Installation on Client• Seamless Integration with Office • Search, Edit • Check-In/Check-Out • Create & Index• Broad version support • Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010• Broad product support • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, Scanning• Support for other applications • E.g. Adobe Acrobat X, OpenOffice, LibreOffice• Multi-Language Support • English, German, others upon request
    18. 18. MobileWorkdesk Enterprise Mobile CMS• Designed for 1000s of users and millions of documents• For your ECM Repository: • IBM FileNet • IBM CM8 • Alfresco • EMC Documentum • Open Text• Unique App + Server Approach • Personalized content • Central administration and configuration • Server pushes additional business logic to the app
    19. 19. A Picture is Worth….
    20. 20. So about that ProblemActually it’s two problems:•Co-Habitating•MigratingThe OpenWorkdesk Solution•CMIS•And Much More
    21. 21. Content Management Interoperability Services• May 2010• Broad Industry Support – EMC, Microsoft, IBM, Alfresco• Over 50 Product Implementations • Repositories • Clients
    22. 22. The CMIS Solution
    23. 23. More than just CMIS…• Deep integration to IBM ECM Platform via Native API’s • IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager • IBM FileNet IS • IBM Content Manager 8 • IBM Content Manager on Demand • IBM FileNet P8 BPM• Strategic Partnership with Alfresco • CMIS+ • Activiti • Cloud Alignment
    24. 24. What about SharePoint?• Microsoft did not deliver CMIS compliance with SharePoint 2010• In July 2012 - Microsoft reached out to WeWebU, Zia (and other CMIS TC members) to work together on the CMIS compliance of SharePoint 2013• WeWebU will test OpenWorkdesk against a pre- release of SharePoint 2013 in the upcoming weeks• OpenWorkdesk will support co-existence (and migration) scenarios of Alfresco and SharePoint
    25. 25. Back to our Solution
    26. 26. The OpenWorkdesk Solution• Native support for IBM content repositories - IBM FileNet IS, FileNet P8, IBM Content Manager, IBM CMoD…• CMIS+ support for Alfresco• CMIS support for EMC Documentum, SharePoint*, etc…• Separation of investments in ECM back-end and investments in ECM front-end• Minimization of risk in migration projects, smooth migration path
    27. 27. Why OpenWorkdesk• Product (via Project) • Roadmap and release plan • Documentation and Training for users, administrators and developers • Developer tool-kit• Enterprise Architecture • Implementation of the reference architecture of IBM/FileNet • Layer-model, object-oriented, J2EE • Browser-based front-end, no client installation • Highly scalable with optimized performance
    28. 28. OpenWorkdesk – Ease of Use (1)• Integrated clipboard, similar to office applications and Windows Explorer• Automatic creation of file structures by means of virtual or physical folders• Keyboard shortcuts
    29. 29. OpenWorkdesk – Ease of Use (2)• Context-sensitive menus accessed by right mouse-click• Context-sensitive help and tool-tips
    30. 30. OpenWorkdesk – Data HygieneField manager Automatic validation of input Automatic formatting of data fields
    31. 31. OpenWorkdesk – Role Management• Innovative role management facilitates implementation of applications for different user groups• The user always gets exact those functions he needs.• The user starts working in the right context. User C User A User B
    32. 32. OpenWorkdesk – Multitenancy• Several designs can be used at the same time• Tenant-dependent administration• Separated storage of documents and metadata depending on the tenant Enterprise-wide solutions need just 1 deployment! ONE Deployment
    33. 33. OpenWorkdesk – Adding Multiple Documents via Drag & Drop• Drag & drop from Windows Explorer to OpenWorkdesk
    34. 34. OpenWorkdesk – Bulk Indexing with Parallel Viewing• Fast indexing of a batch of documents• Inheritance of metadata from one document to the next
    35. 35. OpenWorkdesk – Semi-Virtual Folders (1)• Build folder structure based on metadata• Inheritance of metadata from top knot to added documents
    36. 36. OpenWorkdesk – Semi-Virtual Folders (2)• Build folder structure based on metadata• Structured access based on these folders
    37. 37. OpenWorkdesk – Ajax Data Grid• Inline-editing of metadata• Thumbnail views
    38. 38. OpenWorkdesk – BPM Fast Processing• Pull-function for work items• Routing of work items through priorities• Direct Access on documents and metadata from result lists• Direct access on eFile management from work item• Bulk processing of work items
    39. 39. OpenWorkdesk – BPM Virtual Group Boxes• Simple, flexible routing of work items (1)
    40. 40. OpenWorkdesk – BPM Virtual Group Boxes• Simple, flexible routing of work items (2)
    41. 41. OpenWorkdesk – BPM Virtual Group Boxes• Overview for e.g. managers or call- center agents with search function
    42. 42. Plugin to Launch a Workflow with a Document (1)
    43. 43. Plugin to Launch a Workflow with a Document (2)
    44. 44. Graphical Configuration Tool with Integrated Help
    45. 45. Where OpenWorkdesk?• Financial Documents • Credit Applications • Loan Applications • Change/Exemption Orders• Case Management • Customer Folders (Bank, Insurance, etc…) • Deal Management (Investment Banking, etc…) • Employee dossiers• Government Documents • Birth / Death certificates • Change of address forms • Document Applications
    46. 46. Ryan McVeighQuestions? VP, Zia Consulting ryan@ziaconsulting.com