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  •’s largest Smartphone marketApple market share rises to 16% thanks to 4s -
  • July 24, 2012 -
  • Private - FinServ, Healthcare, Technology, Legal, ManufacturingPublic - Government, Education
  • 71% of business/IT professionals own a tablet and majority use it for daily week (from IDG Connect survey)65% - percentage of tablet sales to enterprise usersAIIM Survey –Nearly 60% - say tablets more important than smartphones vs. 40% choosing smartphones (of those w/ preference)33% say majority of employees will use Tablets to complete forms w/in 5 years vs. 2% now.
  • Morgan Stanley – not revision, scope of revision - significantly, the company’s latest “Blue Paper” report to clients on the tablet industry includes a survey of “purchase intentions” that led the firm to update its forecast of tablet shipments much higher. Now the company says it expects 133 million and 216 million tablets will be shipped in 2012 and 2013 respectively - 57% and 122% higher than the original estimates. From early 2011 to early 2012 – Earlier this year Kaiser Permanente leapfrogged the industry when it made its entire electronic health care system – the most extensive electronic medical record offering in the world – available to its 9 million members via an Android app. The country’s largest medical organization quickly announced that the app had garnered more than 95,000 downloads. Kaiser patients now make appointments, check lab tests, order medicines, and communicate with their physicians from the palm of their hands. CEO George Halvorson asserted that accessing health information on mobile devices is becoming the “new norm.”
  • Specific use cases – focused on activity/actionLess interesting but still importantWorkflow focused – Fresh Expense, Denver 311, IT 311 example (take screen shot, submit support ticket….)Productivity – focus on collaboration, productivity – example White Board Capture AppMobile-ized – see Fresh Project Dashboard, Insight Dashboard
  • Alfresco Anywhere Webinar

    1. 1. AlfrescoAnywhere Ryan McVeigh VP, ECM Practice Zia Consulting, Inc.
    2. 2. 1,030,052,000
    3. 3. July 24, 2012
    4. 4. Webinar Roadmap• About Zia• The Tablet Revolution• Enterprise Mobile CMS • Content Related Mobile Apps • Mobile CMS Platforms• Alfresco Mobile / Fresh Docs
    5. 5. Who is Zia?Paper to Mobile Solutions• Enterprise Content Management• Intelligent Document Capture• Portal Solutions• Enterprise Integration• Enterprise Mobility
    6. 6. Partnerships…
    7. 7. And Products. Mobile
    8. 8. For Public / Private Sector
    9. 9. The Tablet Revolution71% 65% 60% 33%
    10. 10. Enterprise Mobile CMS
    11. 11. Mobile Apps for Content• Workflow Focused Mobile Apps• Mobile Content Productivity Apps• Mobile-ized Product Apps
    12. 12. Enterprise Mobile CMS Platforms WHY?CxO gets new iPad – “Why Can’t I…”• Reviews• Edits• ApprovesCompany wants “Productivity Anywhere”• Creates• Publishes
    13. 13. Enterprise Mobile CMS PlatformsRequirements• Corporate Branding• Personalization / Roles• Workflow• Enterprise Integration
    14. 14. Enterprise Mobile CMS• Mobile SLA • Create • Maintain • Upgrade • Support
    15. 15. Enterprise Mobile CMS• Alfresco Mobile• Fresh Docs + Alfresco ECM
    16. 16. Fresh Docs 2.0• Browse, Search, Retrieve, Open, Download, Email• Native iOS application• Any CMIS repository supporting AtomPub• Multi-Account Support
    17. 17. Fresh Docs 2.0
    18. 18. Fresh Docs 2.0
    19. 19. Zia Consulting – Fresh Docs• Capture/Upload Photos, Video, Audio• Split-view display on iPad.
    20. 20. Fresh Docs 2.0• Free Download at iTunes• Enterprise Licensing for Private Distribution, Corporate Branding, Customized Features, Enterprise Integration• OEM Licensing for embedded Mobile CMS functionality
    21. 21. Questions? Ryan McVeigh VP, ECM Practice Zia Consulting,