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AIIM Info 2011 Increasing mobile worker productivity


This session describes how education, healthcare and government organizations can implement a collaborative mobile ECM and Project management strategy for their workforce. Attend as we cover the …

This session describes how education, healthcare and government organizations can implement a collaborative mobile ECM and Project management strategy for their workforce. Attend as we cover the benefits of using CMIS, mobile applications and devices, and best practices for a mobile ECM delivery strategy.
• The value of writing content rich mobile CMIS applications that work against multiple ECM repositories.
• How to build a strategy to enable increased mobile worker productivity by created task-oriented ECM and project management related activities delivered on mobile devices.
• Mobile ECM best practices that utilize a variety of free and widely available software packages on the iPhone and iPad.
• Examples of mobile content delivery and how it has saved local governments time and money.

Published in Technology
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  • On the left is PeopleSoft, where expenditure contracts begin (in Requisitions, a standard financials functionality). The blue arrows show the expenditure contract process.  Through a custom web service that we wrote within Alfresco, a requisition kicks off a bootstrap workflow within Alfresco.  This bootstrap workflow creates a task that is assigned to a pool of users depending on the business unit (e.g., Public Works, Human Services) the contract will be for (this is defined in the requisition).  The user then has to pick which specific expenditure workflow is used (e.g., a Construction contract workflow vs. a Professional Services expenditure workflow).  The user also has the option, if appropriate, to select an RFx (e.g., RFP, RFQ, etc.) workflow to go through a bidding process, before actually going through the contracting process.  All expenditure contracts finish with an electronic signature process where the Attorney, Mayor, Clerk & Recorder, Finance Manager and Auditor approve the contract, and then a web service in PeopleSoft is called to complete the expenditure flow by creating a Purchase Order.The orange arrows show the process for revenue contracts.  Revenue contracts (and other types like non-financial agreements) are started within Alfresco, using the standard "Start Advanced Workflow" document menu selection.  Users have a choice of 4 workflows, plus the RFP process.  The revenue contracts can go through the electronic signature process OR a paper signature process, but I only showed the path through the paper process for simplicity.  Revenue contracts don't go back to PeopleSoft (because they didn't start there).


  • 1. Applied Excellence
    Increasing Worker Productivity with ECM & Collaborative PM on the iPad, iPhone & Android Phones
    Mike Mahon, CEO & President,
    Office: 303.443.4004 x203
    Cell: 720.289.7424
    Cengiz Satir, Manager CM Products & Strategy
    IBM Enterprise Content Management
  • 2. Presentation Goals
    Use CMIS & Standards for Mobile
    Strategy to Increase Mobile Productivity
    • CMIS is an easy to learn standard
    • 3. Connects to most ECM systems
    • 4. Similar to SQL, easy transition
    • 5. Proven out on IBM, Alfresco, OpenText, etc.
    • 6. Use REST, SOAP for other Communication
    • 7. Choose Projects Wisely
    • 8. Get a win!
    • 9. Leverage Existing IT Assets and Skills
    • 10. Use an ESB
    • 11. Creatively Problem Solve
    Who Cares?
    Mobile ECM Apps – Free Tools
    • ECM Wins
    • 12. Mobile Wins
    • 13. Integration Wins
    • 14. CMIS-based tools
    • 15. Edit Tools
    • 16. Technology to tie in your App to your ECM
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 17. Applied Excellence
    Does this really matter?
  • 18. The context of content management today
    • Content access anywhere
    • 19. Access and security
    • 20. Workflows & business process
    • 21. Content reuse / repurposing
    • 22. Archival & records management
    • 23. Federated searching
    • 24. Content lifecycles & single sourcing
    • 25. Information is immediate
    • 26. Collaborative, ad-hoc processes
    • 27. Work is knowledge intensive
    • 28. Content is essential for decision making
    • 29. Outcomes are sustained
    • 30. Relies on smart people
    • 31. Mobile social and content-centric apps (CMIS)
    • 32. Content management
    • 33. Web content management
    • 34. Mobile content access
    • 35. Messaging, file management
    • 36. Comprehensive document management
    • 37. Social collaboration
    • 38. Office collaboration
    KEY: Content awareness and action measured in hours to minutes
    KEY: Dynamic, cross-enterprise access, management and control
    KEY: Integrated solutions to enable swift, collaborative outcomes
  • 39. Global business is becoming more social
    “Social content …. is the fastest-growing category of new content in the enterprise.”
    — Gartner
    Which Web Technologies Are Being Adopted By Your Company
    Source: Information Week - The Growth Imperative, September, 2010
    Solve problems in the workplace through experience-based advice; stay current and learn what my peers know.
    41.8% CAGR 2008-2013
    Make better decisions based on insights from like-minded professionals.1
    Source: IDC, August 2009
    Sources: 1. Social Media Index, August 2010. 2. Wikipedia, December 2010.
  • 40. Benefits of the social transformation
    People are transforming the way they interact and the way they work, driving real business results:
    Of workers report their companies have
    gained measurable business benefits,including:
    • More innovative products and services
    • 41. More effective marketing
    • 42. Better access to knowledge
    • 43. Lower cost of doing business
    • 44. Higher revenues1
    “Social media has shifted control of the corporate message away from the organization and towards consumers and other stakeholders, and running away and hiding is no longer the safe option.”
    “The Global Social Media Check-up,” February 2010
    Source: 1. “How companies are benefiting from Web 2.0”: McKinsey Global Survey Results, September 2009
  • 45. Challenges of social business + enterprise content
    Social content has introduced new challenges around managing information
    Organizations: paralyzed by security and governance concerns
    Human resources: difficulty increasing worker effectiveness
    Product development: problems managing and repurposing unstructured content
    Marketing: challenged with locating subject matter experts
  • 46. Intersection of social and content
    It is about the people, content, the work they do, and how others leverage it
    • Improve the strength and speed of connecting people with content
    • 47. Enable the right business processes with real-time collaboration capabilities in context
    • 48. Nurture adaptiveand participatory communities
    • 49. Provide new, efficient and cost-effective ways for people to create high value content
  • The business value of social content
    • Connectthe right subject matter experts with content producers and consumers
    • 50. Leverage the right knowledge and skills, quickly responding to market changes with relevant andaccurate information
    • 51. Mitigate riskby proactively managing and governing information, and intuitively extending social and collaborative content to broader enterprise content services
    • 52. Leverage and extend existing investments in web, email and related applications, providing high ROI
    • 53. The results:
    • 54. Lower costs
    • 55. Better insights
    • 56. Improved productivity
    • 57. Better decision making
    • 58. Improved customer satisfaction
  • IBM Social Content Management, a different and Smarter Approach
    After Social Content
    Identify what content matters, why, and to whom, then apply the right content solution
    People Centric
    ECM, Evolving and Extending
    All content is equal; focus was on creating an infrastructure to store and manage everything
    Open and collaborative
    Community oriented
    Document Centric
    Infrastructure and Centralized
    Content relevance…
    user tags & ratings
    Ad-hoc Collaboration
    Inside & Outside the firewall
    Metadata oriented
    Inside the firewall
  • 59. By 2011, the world will be 10x more instrumented then it was in 2006. Internet connected devices will leap from 500M à 1 Trillion.
    growth in
    5 years
    Digital TV,
    MP3 players,
    Smart Phones/Devices,
    Digital Cameras, VoIP,
    Medical imaging, Laptops,
    smart meters, multi-player games,
    Satellite images, GPS, ATMs, Scanners,
    Sensors, Digital radio, DLP theaters,
    peer, Email, Instant messaging, Videoconferencing,
    CAD/CAM, Toys, Industrial machines, Security systems, Appliances
    Approximately 70% of the digital universe is created by individuals, but enterprises are responsible for 85% of the security, privacy, reliability, and compliance.
  • 60. The Role of CMIS in Social Content ManagementUsing Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) to enable applications
    Reduce Costs and Risks
    • Reduces the cost and complexity of building ECM based applications -- unlocking content customer’s already have
    • 61. Decouples Web services and content from the content management repository, enabling customers to manage content independently
    • 62. Dramatically simplifies application development of common Web services and Web 2.0 interfaces
    Cut Costs and Improve Employee Productivity
    Increase Productivity
    • Makes finding and accessing content easier
    • 63. Unlocks the full value of content
    • 64. Reduces development time to integration applications with ECM Sources
    • 65. Grows the ISV and developer community that provide critical customer solutions to complex business problems
  • Applied Excellence
    How do I implement a mobile ECM Strategy?
  • 66. Choose Your Projects Wisely!
    Contracts Management System: the official system that stores signed contracts & associated attachments
    Poor UI
    Meager search capability
    Manual load of metadata
    Slow Performance
    Memory Leaks
    Nightly Server Reboots
    1 of 14 disconnected
    Doc Mgmt systems
    One security role
    Poor auditing &
    RM capability
    Little Staff Expertise;
    One consulting company
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 67. Get a Win!First Project: Contracting and Financial Records
    • Implemented a New ECM System
    • 68. Exceeded results of all previous Document Management projects
    • 69. 12 weeks:
    • 70. No infrastructure established before project start
    • 71. Staff learned:
    • 72. New System
    • 73. New Methodology
    • 74. Real-time, automated, SOA interface with PeopleSoft
    Document Mgmt Functionality
    Implemented in 4 months
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 75. Applied Excellence
    How Do I Leverage Existing Assets?
    SOA and ESB!
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 76. Typical SOA Architecture
    Users: Formerly Apps and Portals, Mobile is new Trend
    Applied Excellence
    Define Business Process and expose via Service
    Leverage existing IT infrastructure, web sites, mainframes, data warehouses, etc.
    Image take from
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 77. The How of an ESB!
    Applied Excellence
    Model, edit and design service
    Register and manage Services
    Manage, adminster & Debug services
    Image take from Intro to Oracle ESB
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 78. Example of Leveraging Existing Assets:Contracting Automation – ECM Win!
    Business Problem:
    • Standardize process, improve efficiency, increase transparency
    • 79. Support automated contract requests, drafting, council handoff, electronic signatures
    • 80. Allow city agencies to search for and retrieve information about in-process requests and completed contracts
    Document Management Needs:
    • Multiple Work Flows
    • 81. Additional Web Service Integrations with PeopleSoft
    Technical Approach:
    • Alfresco Advanced Workflow
    • 82. Custom Extensions:
    • 83. Workflow Dashboard
    • 84. Oracle Business Intelligence
    • 85. Workflow Web Service
    • 86. Bootstrap Workflow
    • 87. Electronic Signature
    • 88. Rules-Driven Task Assignment
    9 Month Project; Launched January 31st
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 89. Example of Leveraging Existing Assets:Procure-to-Pay (P2P) – Integration Win!
    Business Problem:
    • Automate the City’s procurement processes in PeopleSoft
    • 90. Paper-based, disconnected, minimal controls
    Document Management Needs:
    • View Requisition, PO, Receipt & Contract/Financial Attachments WITHOUT breaking delivered PeopleSoft Functionality
    • 91. View Invoices & Contracts
    Technical Approach:
    • Creation of Multiple Repositories
    • 92. FTP Connection for Requisition, PO, Receipt & Contract/Financial Attachments
    • 93. CMIS Interface to View Invoices & Contracts
    Document Mgmt Functionality
    Implemented in 4 months
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 94. How does it all Fit together?Contracting Automation Architecture
    PeopleSoft Financials
    Workflow Initiation Web Service
    Start Advanced Workflow (Manual)
    RFP Workflow
    Bootstrap Workflow
    Revenue Contracts
    4 Workflows
    Scanned Paper Signatures
    Electronic Signatures
    Expenditure Contracts
    5 Workflows
    Purchase Order
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 95. Applied Excellence
    Where does mobile come in?
    Enable managers to approve ERP, Budgets, Contracts while Out.
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 96. View All Active Workflows on iPad
    Applied Excellence
    Sort Active Workflow
    Restrict View Access to Workflows
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 97. View Budget Workflow on iPad
    Applied Excellence
    Workflow Summary and Information
    Assigned users in budget workflow
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 98. Edit Budget Workflow on iPad
    Applied Excellence
    Editing Fields on a workflow
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 99. Applied Excellence
    How do I expand mobile to save time and money?
    Creative Problem Solving and Use Standards
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 100. Web Project – Uses SOA, CMIS and REST 311 Online (with Attachments)
    Business Problem:
    • Provide citizens with a web channel to submit requests for services
    • 101. Feed directly and work seamlessly with CRM System employed by 311 Call Center
    Document Management Needs:
    • Support the ability for citizens to submit attachments (forms or supporting documentation)
    • 102. Provide the ability to pull up attachments within a case in CRM
    • 103. Provide mechanism for downstream Work Order systems to pull up same attachments
    Technical Approach:
    • Creation of CRM Repository – metadata for case # and work order #
    • 104. CMIS Interface to Insert attachments into CRM, and then view them
    • 105. Heavy orchestration between CRM and Alfresco
    Document Mgmt Functionality Implemented in weeks
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 106. Creative Problem Solving! 311 Online iPhone App
    Business Problem:
    • Provide citizens with a mobile channel to submit requests for services
    • 107. Work seamlessly with other 311 channels (call center and web)
    • 108. How do you create a mobile app when you don’t have the bench to maintain it?
    Document Management Needs:
    • Support ability for citizens to submit attch (pictures or map images)
    • 109. Provide the ability to pull up attachments within a case in CRM
    • 110. Provide mechanism for downstream Work Order systems to pull up same attachments
    Technical Approach:
    • Reuse CRM Repository /CMIS Interface from 311 Online
    • 111. Use Enterprise Service Bus to orchestrate AND control behavior of App
    • 112. Write iPhone app as “UI interpreter”, taking commands from ESB
    iPhone App
    Document Mgmt Functionality REUSED from previous project
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 113. How do I leverage the existing 311 Web Home?
    Applied Excellence
    Submit request online
    Call via 311 in the City or External # outside
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 114. Applied Excellence
    Denver 311 Mobile iPhone Application:
    Mirror What 311 Online Web App Does
  • 115. Mobile Case ManagementA real world example
    Applied Excellence
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 116. Mobile Case ManagementWhat does it do?
    Applied Excellence
    Creates work ticket in PeopleSoft
    Stores content in Alfresco
    Notifies stakeholders of ticket status changes
    Secure communication via Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 117. Mobile Case ManagementA living example
    Applied Excellence
    List of case options
    (think workflow or tickets)
    Generated from ERP
    Each case type has different information required
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 118. Mobile Case ManagementNew Case and Status of Existing
    Applied Excellence
    "Report a Problem":
    Allows users to create a new case
    Area for system generated notifications
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 119. Mobile Case ManagementDifferent Case Options
    Applied Excellence
    Graffiti or Vandalism has 2 case types you can submit
    Animal & Pets has 8 case types
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 120. Mobile Case ManagementEnter Metadata and images
    Applied Excellence
    Enter required information for the selected case type
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 121. Mobile Case ManagementA living example
    Applied Excellence
    Add geo-location information
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 122. Mobile Case ManagementHow did it do it?
    Applied Excellence
    Leverage Web Services to Communicate with Mobile Device
    Secure communication via Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
    CMIS is Communication Protocol between all existing systems
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 123. Applied Excellence
    What about CMIS?
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 124. Fresh Docs Connects to Any CMIS 1.0 ECM
    Applied Excellence
    Can connect to any CMIS 1.0 compliant System
    Alfresco Enterprise 3.3.x and IBM Filenet P8 Shown
    Tested against OpenText, Nuxeo, Day, & SharePoint as well
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 125. Search Repository
    Applied Excellence
    Search “content” returns results
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 126. Edit Metadata
    Applied Excellence
    Changes will be stored directly in CMS Systems
    Access permissions are controlled from repository
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 127. Applied Excellence
    How do I use the apps on the iPad or other tables?
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 128. How do you edit using native apps on the iPad and save to the CMS?
    Applied Excellence
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 129. iAnnotate – iPad PDF Annotation
    Applied Excellence
    Comments on a PDF
    Highlighted Text
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 130. DocsToGo– iPad Office Doc Editing
    Applied Excellence
    Edit and Save Documents
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 131. KeyNote: iPad Presentation Software
    Applied Excellence
    Build and Present
    © Zia Consulting, 2011
  • 132. Applied Excellence
    Questions & Answers
    Mike Mahon, CEO & President,
    Office: 303.443.4004 x203
    Cell: 720.289.7424
    CengizSatir, Manager CM Products & Strategy
    Cell: 603.479.1190
    IBM Enterprise Content Management