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Digital Storybook


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  • 1. By: Melissa MacFerren
  • 2. Once Upon A Time…there was a wolf. One day, while he wassitting at home watching television, hegrew very hungry. He checked the fridge.“No food!” the wolf said, gloomed.
  • 3. Then again, knowings the fridge was empty, he checked the pantry “No food!”. The wolf was angry; he had no food!
  • 4. Where was he supposed to get some food?“The store!” he checked his wallet “I guessthat should be enough…” so he startedwalking to the store.
  • 5. “What’s that tasty-smelling aroma?”, the wolfwondered. He looked over and saw a little girlin a red cape carrying a basket that his nosebelieved to be cookies. The wolf wondered ifshe would give him a couple cookies if heasked politely.
  • 6. He started walking towards her, but whatwould he say? He stopped to think.“Can I have some cookies?”“No.”“Will you mind if I have some cookies?”“Nah.”“Pardon me, but are you willing to sharesome cookies?” The wolf thought thatsounded perfect; polite.
  • 7. So he started walking again, butthis wolf was shy. How would hesay it?
  • 8. Woops!The wolf stepped on a stick and hisweight caused it to break!
  • 9. The girl with the red hood heard the loudnoise and quickly turned around. “Who’sthere?” she asked, frightened.
  • 10. The wolf wanted to speakbut he couldn’t. Whycouldn’t he? This wasn’t abig, scary, mean wolf. Hewas a shy wolf (and rightnow, a hungry wolf)!
  • 11. So he started again, slowly sneaking up to thelittle girl with the red hood. He finally got thecourage to say, “Excuse me miss, I…”
  • 12. She cut his sentence off urgently. “Who are you!?” shecommanded.“I’m just a hungry wolf.” he explained.
  • 13. “WHAT!? Don’teat me Mr. Wolf!Please don’t eatme!” shescreamed. “No…” onceagain hisexplanation wascut off but thistime, not bywords; by ascream!
  • 14. The little girl screamed and ran away from thepoor, hungry, (and sadly foodless) wolf.
  • 15. Soon After ThaT…The wolf decided to go for a walk through thewoods. He was tired of everyone thinking he wasgoing to eat them or attack them. “Why doeseveryone hate me? Do I look as evil as it seems?” heasked himself.
  • 16. Now the wolf was disappointed and hungry,but he could still smell the cookies. The smellwas teasing him. He couldn’t help but followit.
  • 17. He wound up right back behind the little girl.“May I ask your name?” the wolf questioned.“I am Little Red Riding Hood, and you are?”she asked.“You can call me The Wolf… I don’t really havea name.” the wolf responded.
  • 18. “Okay, so Wolf why are you following me? I don’t’ like it!”, Little Red Riding Hood replied. “Never mind that. Where are you going with those cookies?”, Wolf hoped Little Red Riding Hood wouldn’t mind telling him.
  • 19. She said, “I’m bringing them to my grandma’shouse and I can’t stop to talk. I have to keepmoving or I’ll be late.” She then continuedwalking towards her grandma’s house.
  • 20. The wolf decided to follow her thinking, “Ifshe won’t give me some maybe her grandmawill.” They started off to grandma’s house togive her some cookies… or in Wolf’s case toget some cookies.
  • 21. Finally … Eventually, they reached grandma’s house. Wolf started running, he didn’t want Red Riding Hood to be in the room when he asked for some cookies. He figured he would tell her not to give him any!
  • 22. He beat Red Riding Hood to Grandma’s. He wasexcited, but when he knocked… “Hello?”, the wolfasked. There was no answer. He knocked louder“Hello, anyone home?” no answer.
  • 23. The wolf wasstarving he wasangry. He cameall this way to getsome cookies andleft with nothing!He decided tobreak intoGrandma’s houseand act like her toget some cookies.
  • 24. So he found some of her clothes, laid in herbed, and waited for Red Riding Hood.
  • 25. Red Riding Hood got to Grandma’s and knocked onthe door “Grandma, are you home?” she asked. TheWolf said in a light voice “Come in sweetie I’m inbed, I feel a little sick today.” he said.
  • 26. She walked in andsaw the Wolf dressedas her Grandma.“Come lay next to meRed.” he told her.“Grandma you havebig ears!” she said.“Well I can hear youbetter” he answered.
  • 27. “What big eyes youhave!” shecontinued. “Thatmakes it easier tosee you” the Wolfreplied.
  • 28. “Okay, what a big nose you have!”she said. “Better to smell youwith, Red.” the Wolf declared.
  • 29. “What’s in the basket Red?” he continued. “I broughtthem for you but I’m not sure anymore…” she backedout of the bed and towards he door, but the wolf stillcame for cookies and wouldn’t let her leave withoutsome.
  • 30. She sat a the kitchen table far away from the wolf. Butthe wolf wouldn’t give up, “Why don’t you give meyour little basket?” he demanded. “No I want to givethis to my real grandma, not you” she replied. Then sheran out the door and back into the woods.
  • 31. The wolf ran out the door andafter her. All he wanted was somecookies! He caught up with herquick.
  • 32. “Well, Red RidingHood this would bemuch easier if youjust gave me thebasket!” he yelled.“I’m not going toand I don’t plan onit Wolf!” shereplied.
  • 33. The wolf was angry again. “ Just give them tome! “ the wolf said angrily. “No!“ she said andstarted running again. While running, shebumped into her grandma. “Grandma?” shesaid, confused.
  • 34. “What are you doingalone in the woodsRed?” she replied. “Iwas bringing youcookies.” she said. Thewolf hid, but Grandmacould see his tail. It wasto long to fit behind theskinny tree. “What isthat?” she questioned.Red Riding Hoodscreeched, “THEWOLF!”
  • 35. “Calm down, I see wolves all the time!” shedemanded. “Not like this one!” she yelled.“What happened Red?” she asked. Red RidingHood told her the story, she decided to callthe police and the town pigs took him away.
  • 36. Grandma and red Riding Hood livedhappily while the Wolf went to jail.Once he left, he never tried to stealanything ever again.
  • 37. And they all livedHappily Ever After
  • 38. The End