# 9 World War II


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# 9 World War II

  1. 1. Fascism Rises in EuropeLearning Objectives1. Construct a Venn Diagram that showsthe differences and similarities betweenFascism and Communism.2. Compare and contrast Mussolini andHitler’s rise to power by making a twocolumn chart.3. Sketch nationalistic symbols thatrepresent the United States (bald eagle,statue of liberty, etc).
  2. 2. Kickoff Question: Fascism Rises in Europe
  3. 3. Main Idea: Fascism Rises in Europe
  4. 4. People Lost Faith in Gov. During Great Dep.Hitler- Mein Kampf, Lebensraum, GestapoSimilar, Yet Different Than Communism…Italians: Mad About Versailles & DepressionPromises: Revive & Punish, Order & PrideMussolini Promises- Revive $$, Build MilitaryGermans: Mad About Versailles, $$$, SecurityIl Dulce & Der FuHrer Come To Power ‘Legally’Fascism: Militant, Loyal to State, ObedientGermany and Italy Turn to Fascist Governments During Difficult TimesFascism Rises in Europe
  5. 5. Class-FilledSocietyNationalistCenteredClass-LessSocietyInternationalistCenteredDictatorship1 PartyDeny RightsState RulesNo Dem.
  6. 6. The Rise: The Rise:Goals: Goals:
  7. 7. The Rise:WWI HeroFailed ArtistSelected Der Fuhrer of Nazi’sFailed TakeoverArrest – Mein KampfNamed ChancellorWins ElectionThe Rise:Newspaper WriterPoliticianVowed Strong LeadershipFormed Fascist PartyWon Support of Middle ClassKing Appointed IL DulceGoals:Control EconomyLebensraumMaster Arian RaceExterminate Non-AriansControl All Aspects of LifeGoals:State More Important - Individual.State Control EconomyGain More LandPromote Extreme Nationalism
  8. 8. Connecting the Notes: Fascism Rises in Europe
  9. 9. Exit Slip Question: Fascism Rises In Europe
  10. 10. Aggressors Invade NationsLearning Objectives1. Assess whether or not the Axis Powerscould have been stopped and if WorldWar II could have been prevented.2. Make a timeline highlighting the rise ofGermany, Italy, and Japan prior toWorld War II.3. Draw a political cartoon portraying theallied policy of appeasement.
  11. 11. Kickoff Question: Aggressors Invade Nations
  12. 12. Main Idea: Aggressors Invade Nations
  13. 13. Germany & Italy Grow, Democracies DistractedU.S. Stays Isolated, Allies Appease @ MunichMussolini Sees Opportunity, Attacks EthiopiaHitler Rearms Germany, Occupies RhinelandJapan Ignores League, Creates Pacific EmpireGer., Italy, Jap. = ‘The Axis Powers’-Help SpainHitler’s Third Reich Absorbs Austria and CzechHitler Lies & Takes Poland, Signs Pact w/ StalinMeanwhile Militarists Control Japan…Aggressors Conquer Nations While Allies Isolate and AppeaseAggressors Invade Nations
  14. 14. JapanLeavesLeague ofNationsHitlerTakesControlItalyAttacksEthiopiaGermanyTakesRhinelandAxisPowersFormedGermanyTakesAustria &CzechAlliesAppeaseAt MunichStalin &HitlerSignPact
  15. 15. Connecting the Notes: Aggressors Invade NationsInclude the Following Elements in Your Cartoon:Italy Conquering AfricaJapan Conquering the PacificHitler Conquering EuropeAllies Appeasing AggressorsU.S. Remaining Isolated
  16. 16. Exit Slip Question: Aggressors Invade Nations
  17. 17. Hitler’s Lightning WarLearning Objectives1. Understand how Germany’s blitzkriegattack helped Hitler build his ThirdReich.2. Analyze the course of Hitler’sexpansion by evaluating a map of hisempire.3. Produce an animated timeline ofHitler’s expansion.
  18. 18. Kickoff Question: Hitler’s Lightning War
  19. 19. Main Idea: Hitler’s Lightning War
  20. 20. Hitler “We Need Space for 3rdReich”Hitler Invades North Africa and USSRHitler Breaks Maginot Line: Italy Joins Ger.Britain Rescues French Troops @ DunkirkMaginot Line Phony War Hitler Takes More6-22-1940, Fall of France: Charles De GaulleRadar Helps RAF Win Battle of BritainU.S. Lends Weapons, But Doesn’t FightBlitzkrieg ‘Lightening War’ on PolandHitler Builds An Empire- Controls Europe and North AfricaHitler’s Lightning War
  21. 21. Maginot Line Phony WarBritain Rescues France @ DunkirkHitler Breaks Maginot Line:Blitzkrieg Lightening War on PolandU.S. Lends Weapons- Doesn’t Fight6-22-1940, Fall of FranceRAF Win Battle of Britain Hitler Invades North Africa, USSRAssignment Directions: Below is a list of 8 events that took place while Hitler created his ThirdReich. On the back of this piece of paper, put the events in order bycreating an animated “Timeline of Hitler’s Expansion”. For each event on your timeline, draw a simple sketch explaining theevent. Be sure to add color to your sketches and your timeline!
  22. 22. Exit Slip Question: Hitler’s Lightning War
  23. 23. Japan’s Pacific CampaignLearning Objectives1. Realize why Japan attacked PearlHarbor, and identify how the UnitedStates responded to the attack.2. Build an event and effect tableoutlining the United States PacificCampaign between 1941 & 1943.3. Trace a map of the ‘island hopping’strategy used by General MacArthurafter the Battle of Midway.
  24. 24. Kickoff Question: Japan’s Pacific Campaign
  25. 25. Main Idea: Japan’s Pacific Campaign
  26. 26. Japan Expands – U.S. Cuts Off Oil SupplyMidway: Break Code, Turn Tide of War“Day of Infamy” U.S. Declares WarJapan Conquers 1 Mil. Square Miles in Pac.12/7/41: 2,300 Americans Die, Fleet RuinedDoolittle’s Raid = Japan is VulnerableBattle of Coral Sea: Planes Save AustraliaMacArthur- “Island Hopping” StrategyJapan: “Pearl Harbor is Dagger to Throat”When U.S. Cuts Off Oil…Japan Attacks At Pearl HarborJapan’s Pacific Empire
  27. 27. Japan Creates an EmpirePearl Harbor BombedDoolittle’s Raid Bombs TokyoJapan Attempts to AttackAustralia At Coral SeaU.S. Intercepts Message ofJapanese Force Heading ToMidwayU.S. Goes on Attack
  28. 28. Japan Creates an Empire U.S. Cuts Off Oil SupplyPearl Harbor Bombed U.S. Declares War On JapanDoolittle’s Raid Bombs Tokyo Psychological Boost of MoraleJapan Attempts to AttackAustralia At Coral SeaAllied Planes Stop JapaneseAttackU.S. Intercepts Message ofJapanese Force Heading ToMidwayU.S. Wins Battle of Midway &Turns the Tide of the WarU.S. Goes on Attack MacArthur Implements IslandHopping
  29. 29. Connecting the Notes: Japan’s Pacific Empire
  30. 30. Exit Slip Question: Japan’s Pacific Campaign
  31. 31. The HolocaustLearning Objectives1. Describe Hitler’s justification for the massextermination of 6 million Jews between 1940and 1945.2. Design a web diagram that shows 7 ways thatthe Nazis persecuted the Jews during theHolocaust.3. Develop a list of 10 potential questions thatyou would ask in an interview with aHolocaust survivor.
  32. 32. Kickoff Question: The Holocaust
  33. 33. Main Idea: The Holocaust
  34. 34. “All Non-Aryans Are Inferior”Nazi Extermination: Weak Die- 6,000 A Day11/9/38: Kristallnacht Night of Broken GlassJews Emigrated: Nobody Will Take ThemLimits For Jews: Marriage, Work, Citizen.Hitler Moves Jews to “Ghettos”Final Solution: Mass Genocide Camps6 Million Jews Died, 4 Million SurvivedGov. Blames Jews For All ProblemsHitler Blames Jews for Germany’s Problems, Kills 6 MillionThe Holocaust
  35. 35. Nazi PersecutionOf Jews
  36. 36. Nazi PersecutionOf JewsBlamed ForGermany’sProblemsKristallnacht:DestroyedPropertyMoved JewsTo GhettosLimitedMarriageDeniedCitizenshipLimitedJobsConcentrationCamps:6 Mil. Dead
  37. 37. Connecting the Notes: The Holocaust
  38. 38. Exit Slip Question: The Holocaust
  39. 39. The Allied VictoryLearning Objectives1. Summarize the Allied strategy fordefeating Germany and Japan payingparticular attention to the D-Dayinvasion and the controversial decisionto drop the atomic bomb.2. Prepare a timeline that shows keyAllied victories in the war between theyears 1942 & 1945.3. Create a literary expression thatreflects the human suffering of war.
  40. 40. Kickoff Question: The Allied Victory
  41. 41. Main Idea: The Allied Victory
  42. 42. North African Campaign - Open a 2ndFrontHitler Suicide 4/30/1945 - VE Day 5/9/1944June 6, 1944 D-Day Invasion of FranceLand, Air, Sea Attack to Free CountryInvasion of Italy: Mussolini RemovedFrance Liberated September, 1944Battle of the Bulge: Hitler’s Last HopeIsland Hop: Need Atomic Bomb, Hir. & Nag.Battle of Stalingrad: Winter Saves USSRThe Tide Turns on Two Fronts and the Allies Win the WarThe Allied Victory
  43. 43. Allies Open2nd Front &Win NorthAfricaCampaignWinterHelps USSRWin Battleof StalingradAllies ForceMussoliniTo ResignIn ItalianCampaignAllied D-DayInvasion inFrance…Land, Air& SeaFranceLiberatedBy AlliesAllies WinBattle ofThe Bulge…Hitler’sHail MaryV-E DayFor AlliesFDR & HitlerDie in AprilAtomicBomb EndsThe War
  44. 44. Connecting the Notes: The Allied Victory
  45. 45. Exit Slip Question: The Allied Victory
  46. 46. Europe and Japan in RuinsLearning Objectives1. Characterize the complete devastationthat World War II brought to the peopleof Europe and Japan.2. Compare and contrast the aftermath ofWorld War II in Europe and Japan bycreating a Venn diagram.3. Analyze the human and financial costof war by interpreting a chart of bothAllied and Axis nations.
  47. 47. Kickoff Question: Europe and Japan in Ruins
  48. 48. Main Idea: Europe and Japan in Ruins
  49. 49. After 6 Years Allies Win…At What Cost???MacArthur Job: Demilitarize & DemocratizeFamine, Disease, No Transportation, ShelterCommunists Tried to Take Over in EuropeGreat Cities Destroyed, ‘Cities of the Dead’Nuremburg War Trials: 22 Nazi’s SentencedPost War Japan: 2 Mil Dead, Cities GoneMac’s Constitution = ‘Enemies Now Allies’60 Million Dead, Cities Ruined, HomelessThe World Attempts to Rebuild After the Devastation of WarEurope and Japan in Ruins
  50. 50. Ground War Destroyed CountrysidePeople Left HomelessProperty Damage Ran Into Billions $$$No Water, Electricity, Little FoodAgriculture / Transportation DestroyedCountry Forced Into DemilitarizationAftermath of Atomic BombingStripped of Colonial EmpireU.S. Becomes Allies With JapanMillions of People KilledCities DestroyedFamilies SeparatedNew Governments Formed
  51. 51. Direct Cost of War Military Killed /MissingCivilians KilledUnited States $288 Billion 292,131 -Great Britain $117 Billion 272,311 60,595France $111.3 Billion 205,707 173,206USSR $93 Billion 13,600,000 7,720,000Germany $212.3 Billion 3,300,000 2,893,000Japan $41.3 Billion 1,140,429 953,000