# 7 World War I


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# 7 World War I

  1. 1. Marching Toward WarLearning Objectives1. Create a chart outlining the sixmain causes of World War I.2. Create a two square illustrationthat represents the alliancesystem before World War I.
  2. 2. Kickoff Question: Marching Toward War
  3. 3. Main Idea: Marching Toward War
  4. 4. Nationalism: Deep Devotion to Your NationArch Duke of Austria Killed by Serbian AssassinMilitarism = Keeping Country Prepared for WarFrance & Germany Have Rivalry Over Prior WarImperialism: Competition for TerritoryTriple Alliance Isolates- Germany, Italy, AustriaTriple Entente Counters: Russia, France, BritainAustria Declares War: Pulls Everyone In WWINationalism Created Hatred and RivalryAlliances, Nationalism, Imperialism, & Militarism Cause World War IMarching Toward War
  5. 5. Event 1 Event 2 Event 3Event 6Event 5Event 4
  6. 6. NationalismAustriaDeclaresWar = AlliesFollow InAllianceSystemAssassinationof Arch Dukeof AustriaImperialism MilitarismEvent 1 Event 2 Event 3Event 6Event 5Event 4
  7. 7. Connecting the Notes: Marching Toward War
  8. 8. Exit Slip Question: Marching Toward War
  9. 9. Europe Plunges Into WarLearning Objectives1. Understand the various alliances andstrategies that formed at the beginning ofWorld War I.2. Build a chart detailing the impact of newweapons used in World War 1.3. Create a mini-website outlining the initialgoals and failures of the Schlieffen Plan.
  10. 10. Kickoff Question: Europe Plunges Into War
  11. 11. Main Idea: Europe Plunges Into War
  12. 12. Central Powers: Germany, Austria, Ottoman EmpireNew Weapons Kill Faster But Stall War / Land GainsSchlieffen Plan- Ger. Beat France 1st; Then Russia1stBattle of Marne: France Rally to Beat Germany1914 = Deadlock on Western Front (N. France)Schlieffen Plan Ruined! – Ger. In Long 2 Front WarTrench Warfare: Huge Losses, Small Land GainsRussia Struggles On Western Front-No IndustryAllied Powers: Britain, France, Russia, Japan, ItalyNew Weapons, Trench Warfare, and a Multi-Front WarEurope Plunges Into War
  13. 13. Type of Weapon Impact on WarPoison GasMachine GunTankSubmarine
  14. 14. Type of Weapon Impact on WarPoison Gas Gases caused blindness, severe blisters, andeven death by choking unless gasmaskswere used.Machine Gun Machine gun could wipe out waves ofattackers and thus made it difficult forforces to advance.Tank Tanks were used as an armored combatvehicle and could cross many types ofterrain.Submarine A Submarine’s primary weapon againstships was the torpedo (underwater missile)
  15. 15. Connecting the Notes: Europe Plunges Into War
  16. 16. Exit Slip Question: Europe Plunges Into War
  17. 17. A Global ConflictLearning Objectives1. Understand the various factorsthat led to U.S. involvement inWorld War I.2. Create a map that traces thecourse of the war throughoutthe world.
  18. 18. Kickoff Question: A Global Conflict
  19. 19. Main Idea: A Global Conflict
  20. 20. Allied Goal: Expand War Front = Achieve VictoryZimmerman Note: Help Mexico Regain Lost LandNext-Allies Conquer German Colonies in Asia/AfricaAllied Colonial Territories Help Fight The WarGoal: Take Over Capital, Supply Line to Russia = FailsGandhi in India Says “Service” = IndependenceU.S. Enters: Germany Sinks Lusitania-Blocks BritainU.S. Total War, Rationing, PropagandaThe Allied Gallipoli Campaign: Attack Ottoman Emp.Allies Expand the Fighting to Other Countries: U.S. Enters the WarA Global Conflict
  21. 21. 123456
  22. 22. 123456
  23. 23. Connecting the Notes: A Global Conflict
  24. 24. Allies Win the WarLearning Objectives1. Describe how the course of thewar changed when the U.S.entered in 1917.2. Create a chart outlining the visuallegacy of World War I.3. Make a bumper sticker calling forsupport of the French /Germanarmistice.
  25. 25. Main Idea: Allies Win the War
  26. 26. Kickoff Question: Allies Win the War
  27. 27. When U.S. Enters War, Germany Defeats RussiaGermany Signs Armistice With FranceRussian Withdrawal = Germany Focuses on FranceGermany 40 Miles Left to Paris & Victory NearCommunist Take Over = Treaty of Brest-Litovsk2 Mil U.S. Troops Help Allies Push Germany BackCentral Powers Start to SurrenderGrand Legacy of the WarRussia Faces Food/Fuel Shortages + 5.5 Mil DeadThe Grand Legacy of World War IAllies Win the War
  28. 28. TechnologyWounded:21 MillionDestructionEconomy:$338 BillionDeath Toll:8.5 MillionGlobal War
  29. 29. TechnologyWounded:21 MillionDestructionEconomy:$338 BillionDeath Toll:8.5 MillionGlobal War
  30. 30. Connecting the Notes: Allies Win the War
  31. 31. Exit Slip Question: Allies Win the War
  32. 32. A Flawed PeaceLearning Objectives1. Understand President Wilson’s 14 Pointplan for a long lasting, just peace.2. Develop a chart that identifies themajor provisions of the Treaty ofVersailles.3. Design a political cartoon that portraysthe failures of the Treaty of Versailles.
  33. 33. Kickoff Question: A Flawed Peace
  34. 34. Main Idea: A Flawed Peace
  35. 35. Terms of Peace Meeting - Versailles - 32 Countries“War Guilt Clause” = $$$, Take TerritoriesFix Borders, Self-Determination, Peace OrganizationBritain and France “Make Germany Pay”Wilson’s 14 Points: A Plan For A Just, Lasting PeacePeace Compromise = Treaty of VersaillesLeague of Nations, Restrict Military“Quicksand Treaty” , “Legacy of Bitterness”‘Big Four’: Wilson, George, Clemenceau, OrlandoThe Treaty of Versailles and a “Legacy of Bitterness”A Flawed Peace
  36. 36. League ofNationsTerritorialLossesMilitaryRestrictionsWar GuiltClause- -
  37. 37. League ofNationsTerritorialLossesMilitaryRestrictionsWar GuiltClause- Internationalpeace organization;enemy and neutralnations initiallyexcluded.- Germany andRussia excluded.- Germany returnsAlsace-Lorraine toFrance; Frenchborder extended towest bank of RhineRiver.- Germanysurrenders all of itsoverseas coloniesin Africa andPacific.- Limits set on thesize of Germanarmy. Germanyprohibited fromimporting ormanufacturingweapons or warmaterial.- Germanyforbidden to buildor buy submarinesor have air force.- Sole responsibilityfor the war placedon Germany’sshoulders.- Germany forcedto pay the Allies$33 billion inreparations over 30years.
  38. 38. Connecting the Notes: A Flawed Peace
  39. 39. Exit Slip Question: A Flawed Peace