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Photography workshop journalist
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Photography workshop journalist


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A brief Presentation on Photography & various Social Media Platforms used to promote and create a virtual presence.

A brief Presentation on Photography & various Social Media Platforms used to promote and create a virtual presence.

Published in: Art & Photos, Business

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  • 1. The Art of Story Telling (Visual Communication & Documentation )
  • 2. “You don't take a photograph, you make it.” Ansel Adams
  • 4. A single or a series of images describing a news story in accordance to Journalism Ethics ▪ Observation ▪ Research ▪ Anticipate ▪ Timing ▪ Composition ▪ Time Management
  • 5. Photojournalist vs. Photographers Photojournalists shoot action verbs: Smiles, Cries, Kicks & the Nouns that we shoot should tell a story
  • 6. Photographers take pictures of Nouns (peoples, places and things) Photojournalist vs. Photographers
  • 7. Photographer: Dorothea Lange Title: Migrant Mother Year: 1939 Impact: This image taken during the depression of 1930s bought relief for the pea pickers soon after the feature was published Migrant Mother Historical Impact of Photographs
  • 8. The Tank Man Photographer: Jeff Widener Title: Tank Man Location: Tiananmen Square Protest, Beijing Year: 1989
  • 9. 1936 Loyalist Militiaman at the Moment of Death by Robert Capa This picture caused a stir when it was published in French magazine Vu, and, it has been argued, even helped strengthen the Republican cause. Some regarded it as a symbol of anti- Fascism, others as a more universal anti-war statement. Either way, the political implications of photography were fast being realized. Loyalist Militiaman
  • 10. Sudanese child with a vulture by Kevin Carter This Pulitzer Prize-winning picture of a vulture waiting to feed on a dying toddler in Sudan summed up the cruelty of the famine in Sudan. It also, famously, highlighted the plight of the photographer; within three months of gaining recognition for this photograph, Kevin Carter committed suicide.
  • 11. Things to Consider
  • 12.  Be there before time  Learn your surroundings  Be invisible  Talk to your subjects
  • 13.  Do not influence your surroundings  Use minimum of Editing as possible  Do not mock a situation  Get to know your subject  Wait for the right moment
  • 14.  Professional Photojournalists invest heavily into their equipment  They purchase high end DSLRs  Hands on with various Image Editing softwares  Photoshop  Aperture  Lightroom  Capture-one  Digital Cameras  Mobile Phone Camera
  • 15.  Visibility  Builds Credibility  Encourages Interaction  Allows Viral Growth  Opportunities  Instant Feedback
  • 16.  Its all about who you follow  Use relevant hashtags ”#” (e.g. #healthjournalism, #Pakistanhealth)  Engage by using the “@”  Do not delay the story  While posting include where, when & who  Engage your Viewers/Readers  Retweet similar stories
  • 17. Facebook Page  Creates business opportunity  Free space for online portfolio  Provides a detailed analytics of your page
  • 18.  Upload frequently-Make sure you constantly keep updating your facebook page in-order to be visible.  Create Albums-Keep your Images organized under albums  Engagement-Reply to your followers appropriately  Timeliness-Update images relevant to the a prevailing story in other media forms  Share Similar Stories
  • 19.  Connect with other photographers  Help your SEO  Show your work via apps  Connect other Social media networks
  • 20.  Like minded professional photographer’s community  Rich content on every subject  Storage space  Store High Quality Images  Secure Data in original quality  Restrict download  Categorized Groups according to the industry  Relevant Tags  Flickr Creative Commons
  • 21.  Provides free legal to share creativity and Knowledge  It uses terms like “some rights reserved”  Content can be copied, distributed, edited, remixed, and built up  Creative Commons has six variant licenses  Largest pool of Creative Common Images can be found on Flickr
  • 22.  By Attribution  Attribution-ShareAlike/Copyleft  Attribution-NoDerivs  Attribution-NonCommercial  Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike  Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike  Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs
  • 23.  Mobile Phone Application  Easy to use  Built specifically for Images  Update your assignments instantly
  • 24. Thank you @mudabbirmaajid