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Red Back Spiders Jake
Red Back Spiders Jake
Red Back Spiders Jake
Red Back Spiders Jake
Red Back Spiders Jake
Red Back Spiders Jake
Red Back Spiders Jake
Red Back Spiders Jake
Red Back Spiders Jake
Red Back Spiders Jake
Red Back Spiders Jake
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Red Back Spiders Jake


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. Redback Spiders By Jake
  • 2.  
  • 3. Description
    • The Redback is one of Australia’s most familiar spiders.
    • Adult female Redback spiders are black with a red stripe on the back of their spherical abdomen. It’s about 1cm long.
    • Male Redbacks aren’t commonly seen. They are small and brown with white marks. It’s about 4mm long.
  • 4. Food
    • Redback Spiders usually eat insects but they can eat any animal that becomes trapped in their web such as small lizards and crickets.
  • 5. Where They Live
    • Redback spiders live Australia wide.
    • They live in places where there is food, shelter for their web and it’s warm enough to breed.
  • 6. Their Web
    • The female Redback spider builds the web,the male spiders doesn’t help.
    • The web looks messy and it’s sticky.
    • It has oval egg sacks which are about 1cm in diameter attached to it.
  • 7. Their Life Cycle
    • Male spiders mature in 37 to 167 days.
    • Female spiders mature in 60 to 325 days.
    • Males live up to 6 or 7 mouths.
    • Female live up to 2 and 3 years.
    • Redback spiders can survive for about 100 days without food.
    • They spin an egg sack to lay their eggs in.
  • 8. Their Bite -Venom
    • The Redback Spider venom is poisonous but deaths from Redback spiders are not common.
    • Thousands of people are bitten each year across Australia but only 20% of the bite victims need medical help.
    • The adult female spider is responsible for the bites.
  • 9. Other Interesting Information
    • Predators to the Redback Spider are Daddy-long-legs Spiders and White-tailed Spiders.
    • The Redback Spider uses its 8 legs to move and uses the wind to help them move from place to place.
    • The female Redback Spider steels from other spiders webs.
  • 10. References
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