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Christopher Columbus
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Christopher Columbus



Published in Education , Sports
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  • 1. Questions we have.
    • Why did Columbus tell Isabella that the world was round?
    • What island did they bump into first?
    • What was the “big mistake”?
    • Were they surprised when they bumped into America?
    • Who was Isabella?
    • When did Columbus realize he was in America instead of India?
  • 2.  
  • 3. Explorer
    • Christopher Columbus wanted to sail to India.
    • He wanted to explore.
    • He also wanted to find rare spices, gold and other treasures.
  • 4. Adventures Ahoy!
    • Christopher Columbus believed he could arrive in the east by sailing west because he believed the world was round.
    Most people did not believe him. Most people believed that the world was flat.
  • 5. Flat Planet?
    • What would happen to Columbus’ ships if the earth was flat?
  • 6. Show him the money!
    • He needed money to get
    • ships to sail on.
    • He needed money to hire sailors.
    • He asked King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain to give him money for his voyage.
  • 7. Say Cheese, Ferdinand and Isabella!
  • 8. Sailing, Sailing Over the Ocean Blue.
    • Christopher Columbus set sail in 1492.
    • He had three ships to sail across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • 9. Columbus believed he could reach the east by sailing west. North South West East
  • 10. Oops!
    • He was right. Since the world IS round, he could reach the east by sailing west,
    • but…
    • the world was much bigger than he thought and he made a mistake.
  • 11. Columbus arrived in the Americas. He thought he was in India. He called the people he found there Indians .
  • 12. Welcome to America, Mr. Columbus! Columbus and his crew arrived in San Salvador. He sailed to the America’s 3 more times, but never made it to Asia.
  • 13. Click the Ship for a Story.