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  • 1. Too Many / Too Much / Not Enough BY Mª LUISA GUZMÁN
  • 2.
    • “ Too many” and “Too much” are
    • phrases that we use to say that there is more of something than is wanted.
    • I’ve got too many CDs . (=I don’t have a
    • place to put all the CDs that I’ve got.)
    • There are too many people in this room. (=the room is small and I think the number of people in it is too high.)
    • There is too much traffic in my town.
    • (=I think the number of cars, buses and lorries is too high.)
    • I can’t come out – I’ve got too much work . (=I’ve got a lot of work – so much that I cannot come out.)
  • 3.
    • We use “too many” before plural
    • countable nouns .
    • There are too many cars on the street.
    • There are too many sports programmes on television.
    • The exam had too many questions .
    • I think we’ve got too many tests .
    • I ate too much food .
  • 4.
    • We use “too much” before uncontable
    • nouns .
    • Don’t put too much water on the plants.
    • Don’t spend too much money in that shop.
    • My leg hurts – I did too much exercise yesterday.
    • It isn’t a good idea to eat too much fast food .
  • 5.
    • “ Not Enough” is the opposite of too
    • much / too many . We use this phrase to say that more is needed.
    • We have n’t got enough food (=we need
    • more food.)
    • There is n’t enough time to answer all the questions. (=more time is needed.)
    • There are n’t enough people here to play a football match (=we need more people.)
  • 6. 5) “Not enough” is used with plural countable nouns , or with uncountable nouns . We put not with the verb, and enough before the noun.