New Technology, New Audiences, New Engagement

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Author: Jennifer Wilson at the Adknowledge event on social media …

Author: Jennifer Wilson at the Adknowledge event on social media
The world, technology and consumers are all changing. Sometimes, the impetus driving the change is not always apparent. Definitely the changes in technology are giving us new ways of talking to audiences and getting their attention, if we can determine how and when to use them.

This brief presentation will look at some of the more cutting edge development in technology, applications and the linking of these with brands (products and concepts) to see what they might mean and how they might be utilised as part of the process of getting engagement, interest and a bit of ‘wow’ buzz.

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  • 1. Innovation New technology New audiences New engagement (does the same old shit still work?)
  • 2. What’s changing? All of the world's trade conducted in 1949 now happens in a single day today All the foreign exchange deals done in 1979 now happen in a single day As do all the telephone calls made around the world in 1984 And we estimate that all of the internet traffic in the world in 2002 now happens in a single day (and YouTube is another matter…. scary!)
  • 3. Things change Over time Over a single day Source: Nielsen Internet and Technology Report
  • 4. Drivers of change
  • 5. Brands need help to be cool
  • 6. Where can you afford not to be? Increase interest More measurable Increase revenue More scalable Increase attention More repeatable Multi-platform Each action influences each environment Consistent Crossing Experience boundaries online mobile games social virtual
  • 7. Augmented Reality
  • 8. Adds a mobile (plotting) layer
  • 9. And becomes game play
  • 10. The things that get people talking Brief: New range of eco & organic products to be launched However retailer (ICA) seen as old school Requirement: Strong consumer engagement to recall the new products and reposition the retailer Outcome: ‘The Eco Dance’: an eco-symbiosis between you and Marius
  • 11. Users as content (not generated)
  • 12. Users making (and mashing) content
  • 13. Start them talking (and keep talking)
  • 14. Innovation It isn’t about what you’re selling It’s about getting them to buy the message +61 414 59 58 57 +61 409 901 607 @JenWilsonSydney @GGadney