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  • 1. Monday, May 2, 2011
    Vocal Work: Expression
    Presentation Practice / First Presentation
    Writing: Cause and Effect Paragraphs
  • 2. Housekeeping
    pink slips
    exam marks – average =
  • 3. Vocal Work - Expression
    Expression or “inflection” is the emphasis that gives meaning to your words
    Expression is affected by
  • 4. Vocal Work - Expression
    Let’s see how our inflection can affect the meaning in this sample sentence.
    Ex: I can’t tell you not to go.
  • 5. Vocal Work - Expression
    I can’t tell you not to go.
    I can’t tell you not to go.
    I can’t tell you not to go.
    I can’t tell you not to go.
    I can’t tell you not to go.
    I can’t tell you not to go.
  • 6. Vocal Work - Expression
    With a partner, take turns saying the following sentences on the handout aloud, experimenting with your inflection.
  • 7. Practice Presentations – 20 min
    In groups of 3 or 4, each student will take a turn standing up and giving a short “practice” presentation on the topic on the handout.
    You have 2 or 3 minutes right now to think about what you are going to say and/or make a few notes.
  • 8. Practice Presentations – 20 min
    Before you begin, take a few deep belly breaths and focus on speaking from speaking from there
    After each person has finished, the group should give 1 star (something done well) and 1 wish (something to improve on)
    See the back of the handout for suggestions on what kind of feedback to give.
  • 9. Today’s Presentations
  • 10. BREAK
  • 11. Cause and Effect Homework
    Many of you did not really understand the instructions
    Part 1: Write a topic sentence that indicates wither causes or effects will be discussed
    Part 2: Brainstorm supporting points for one of the topic sentences
  • 12. Topic Sentences should[for a single paragraph]
    be the first sentence in the paragraph
    state one main idea or opinion that could be supported with specific evidence
    have two main parts
    the limited topic (“narrowed” or “more specific” topic)
    the writer’s attitude about the topic (general opinion or impression)
    Ex: Topic: “Your car”
    Topic Sentence: My Ford Escort is the worst car I’ve ever owned.
    limited topic writer’s attitude
  • 13. Topic Sentences should not
    be too narrow
    Ex: My car is a Ford Escort.
  • 14. Example, Activity 8, p. 64
    I do push-ups and sit-ups each morning.
    Exercising every morning has positive effects on my health.
  • 15. Student Examples
    These are all too narrow (“dead-end”)
    Employers hire new immigrants as they can pay them the minimum wage. (This is just one cause – Try: “Employers hire new immigrants because they can take advantage of them.” Then you can list several reasons.)
    The biggest effect(only one effect) of cheating is it can damage the confidence between people. (Try: “Cheating can damage a relationship in several ways.”)
    The result(only one effect)of cheating is losing self confidence. (What kind of cheating? Who loses self confidence? Try: “Cheating at school can lead to negative consequences for the cheater.”)
  • 16. Topic Sentences should not
    be too broad
    Ex: Many people have problems with their cars.
  • 17. Example, Activity 9, p. 64
    Professional football is a dangerous sport.
    Professional sports are violent.
  • 18. Student Examples
    These are all too broad (general)
    Some people (Canadians? Vancouverites? Who?)always have lots of reasons for racial discrimination (In what situation? The workplace? School? Sports?).
    In my life I have gone through some turning points which made me who I am today. (This would be good for an essay; for a paragraph, ust pick one turning point, and name it.)
    Since I have made a major decision (What is it?), I have noticed several negative effects on my life.
  • 19. In-class Cause and Effect Paragraph
    Review my comments on your homework and follow my instructions to complete the final draft of your paragraph now (in-class only).
    Refer to Chapter 10, p. 208-213 if necessary.
    Review the FOUR BASES marking criteria on p. 215 of the text and revise your paragraph as needed before you hand it in.
    Please staple your final draft to the front of the homework and hand it all in with your name on it.
    /20 marks
  • 20. Homework
    Work on preparing your presentations!