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  • Read to them and then have them read again to analyse the structure. Half students one and half the other???

E10 may11 2011 E10 may11 2011 Presentation Transcript

  • Wednesday, May 11, 2011
    Literature: Introduction to the Novel
    Writing: Compare and Contrast
  • Housekeeping
    Study sheets
    Poetry Homework
  • Presentations
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  • Novel Study Introduction
    Choice of Three Novels
    Sign-up Sheet
    Novel Study Outline
    Novel Study Handouts
    Website Information
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  • Comparison and Contrast, p. 222-232
    Compare – show how things are similar
    Contrast – show how things are different
    In both cases, the things being compared or contrasted should be of the same type:
    two products,
    two jobs,
    two friends, etc.
  • Comparison and Contrast, p. 222-232
    There are two possible ways to organize a compare/contrast paragraph.
    Turn to p. 222 and 223.
  • Comparison and Contrast, p. 222-232
    How is each paragraph organized?
    My Senior Prom
    All about the dream
    All about the reality
    This type of organization is called “block” or “one side at a time”
  • Comparison and Contrast, p. 222-232
    Day versus Evening Students
    1. Characteristics of day students
    Characteristics of evening students
    2. Responsibilities of day students
    Responsibilities of evening students
    3. Attitude of day students
    Attitude of evening students.
    This type of organization is known as “point by point.”
  • Comparison and Contrast, p. 222-232
    Whether you chose “one side at a time”
    A – point 1, 2, and 3
    B – point 1, 2, and 3
    or “point by point”
    point 1 – A; B
    point 2 – A; B
    point 3 – A; B
    Make sure you keep the order of comparison consistent all the way through!
  • Comparison and Contrast, p. 222-232
    You can see this structure in detail if you turn to p. 224 and 225.
  • Individual Practice – Outline
    Read the topicsin Writing Assignment 1, p. 233.
    Choose a topic
    Decide to compare or contrast
    Create an outline ONLY for this topic. DO NOT WRITE A PARAGRAPH!!!!
    Write a topic sentence
    Brainstorm some points to support it
    Choose the strongest three points
    Jot downsome supporting details for each point
    Arrange all of this information in a rough outline
    one-side at a time
    Write your name on the top left corner.
    Hand in your outline.
  • Homework
    Grammar Quiz #4
    Poetry Exam
    Novel – by next Wednesday
    Read through the outline and handouts
    Read the links on the website (to be uploaded asap)
    Read the first section of your novel by next Wednesday!
    Take notes as you read