Inverness Royal Academy Presentation - 20th September 2012


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Inverness Royal Academy Presentation - 20th September 2012

  1. 1. Inverness Royal Academy 20th September 2012 Marketing
  2. 2. What is marketing???
  3. 3. • Marketing - Creating, communicating, and delivering value to the customer.• Marketing is not sales! Marketing is everything you do to reach and persuade customers. The sales process is everything you do to close the sale. Marketing creates opportunities, and sales brings about outcomes. Marketing focuses on long term concerns while sales is related with short term focus. • Marketing will make your business seen and help identify your customers.
  4. 4. Marketing – What’s Included:• Branding• Advertising• Printed Materials – Leaflets, business cards, etc• Signage/livery• Public Relations (PR)• Website• Research• Feedback/Reviews• Social Media• And much more…
  5. 5. BRANDINGWhat’s it all about?
  6. 6. In 1970 you would see on average 500marketing messages every day
  7. 7. Today, we arebombarded with over 5,000marketing messages… EVERY DAY!
  8. 8. Strong Local Branding
  9. 9. What is a logo?• A logo is a design symbolising a business.• It’s a tool for instant recognition, a visual identity.• It distinguishes businesses from competitors.• It should reflect the essence/feel of the business through the use of shape, font and colour.• It can either be a graphic (symbol or icon) or a piece of typography where the name is the logo.
  10. 10. Why a business needs a logo…• It’s a way of your customers instantly recognising them.• It shows that it’s a legitimate, trustworthy and credible business.• A logo can ‘say’ what the business is and does without actually describing it.• A logo is a valuable symbol and it can add value to a business.• It allows the business to stand out from competition.• A professionally designed logo will grab peoples attention.
  11. 11. What makes a good logo?• Simple – Keeping it simple with a logo is the key; you want it to be easily recognised. Don’t try to use too many colours and make sure it remains eye-catching.• Describable – If you can’t describe your logo then it’s too complicated! This comes back to keeping it ‘simple’.• Memorable – Goes hand in hand with ‘simple’ and ‘describable’, you want your logo to be remembered, it needs to have impact but doesn’t need to be over the top.• Versatile – Your logo needs to be recognisable across various mediums and applications. You should be able to use it in black and white and also be able to scale it down and still see it.• Relevant – Your logo must be relevant to your business and your target market. This requires research into your industry, including making sure it won’t be too similar to close competitors.• Timeless – You need to make sure your logo is still going to be relevant in the future and can cope with growth of your business. Avoid following trends and remember rebranding can be costly!
  12. 12. Straplines…
  13. 13. Strapline (Slogan) Quiz• Just Do It• Sail the Loch, live the Legend• Every little helps• Simples!• Because I’m worth it• Finger lickin’ good• It’s good to talk• The ultimate driving machine• Let your fingers do the walking• Snap, crackle, pop!• Probably the best lager in the world• The best a man can get• Think different• Vorsprung durch technik• The happiest place on earth
  14. 14. Why have a strapline?• Increase brand awareness• Instant recognition• Show customers your aims and qualities• Differentiate you from competitors• Highlight benefits of your product• Helps communicate to a new market• Adds another dimension to marketing materials
  15. 15. Consistency ConsistencyConsistency
  16. 16. COCA-COLA
  17. 17. APPLE
  18. 18. INNOCENT
  19. 19. Getting it right online… P.S. Consistency, consistency, consistency!
  20. 20. NIKEFacebook Twitter
  21. 21. Coca-ColaFacebook Twitter
  22. 22. FINDOCHTY HOLIDAY COTTAGEFacebook Twitter
  23. 23. HYPER ARTSFacebook Twitter
  24. 24. AMSTERDAM PRINTINGFacebook Twitter
  25. 25. Social MediaUsing social media for business has a lot of benefits but it must be done in acontrolled, professional and consistentmanner! It must also tie in very closely with all other marketing undertaken within the business.
  26. 26. Why use social media for business?• Raise brand awareness• Increase traffic to website• Its cheap and its fast• SEO (search engine optimisation)• Your customers are using it!• To find new customers• Widen your target market and potential reach• Build strong relationships with customers• Build strong relationships with local businesses• Market research• And much more…
  27. 27. Letting customers know you are using social media…• Icons/links on website• Icons/links within your blog• Links from other social media accounts• Icons on printed marketing materials• Links within email newsletters• Links on email signatures• Tent cards within your business premises• Window stickers within your business premises• Mention it to customers in conversation
  28. 28. Find us on…