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Cross-Country Connections: Implementing Learning 2.0 in a Multistate Medical Library System
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Cross-Country Connections: Implementing Learning 2.0 in a Multistate Medical Library System


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presentation from MLA 2008 Bridging the Gaps session

presentation from MLA 2008 Bridging the Gaps session

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Cross-Country Connections: Implementing Learning 2.0 in a Multistate Medical Library System Melissa L. Rethlefsen Mayo Clinic Libraries, Rochester, MN Ann M. Farrell Mayo Clinic Libraries, Jacksonville, FL
    • 2. Purpose To assess satisfaction with a 13-week Learning 2.0 course and to determine whether knowledge and use of Library 2.0/Web 2.0 concepts and tools by library staff increased
    • 3. Hypothesis Knowledge and use of Web 2.0 tools will increase
    • 4. Program Description
    • 5.  
    • 6.  
    • 7. Methodology Retrospective pre-test/post test design 4-month post-program follow-up survey Weekly progress logs measured satisfaction
    • 8. Program Completion
    • 9. Completion by Job and Locale
    • 10. Reasons for Not Finishing
    • 11. Too Busy
    • 12. Average Level of Knowledge 1 is no knowledge, 5 is expert level knowledge 3.24 After 1.98 Before
    • 13. Mean Knowledge: Before and After 1 is no knowledge 5 is expert level knowledge
    • 14. Knowledge: Mean Change and Wilcoxon Signed-Rank p -Values p<.0001 0.73 YouTube p<.0001 1.56 Social Bookmarking p<.0001 1.07 Flickr p<.0001 1.69 Online Collaboration Tools p<.0001 1.52 Mash-ups p<.0001 0.82 Wikis p<.0001 0.86 Podcasts p<.0001 1.42 RSS Readers p<.0001 0.90 Social Networking p<.0001 1.33 RSS Feeds p<.0001 1.61 Tagging p<.0001 1.61 Creating Blogs p<.0001 1.70 Social OPACs p<.0001 1.03 Blogs p Value Mean Change p Value Mean Change
    • 15. Perceived Amount Learned
    • 16. Amount Learned by Overall Satisfaction
    • 17. Overall Satisfaction: Completers vs. Non-completers Average Satisfaction Completers: 1.3 Non-completers: 2.4 All responders: 1.6
    • 18. Weekly Satisfaction Levels
    • 19. Perceived Easiest and Hardest Weeks
    • 20.  
    • 21. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It was a fantastic opportunity It was a pain finding the time to devote to the activities but it was really worth it!
    • 22. I find it interesting that we are being &quot;forced&quot; to create a blog when Mayo does not approve of their use. Our Library runs on minimal staff and I feel that my time at work is better spent helping the patrons and performing my job responsibilities. I became overwhelmed on the second program when we had to do our own blog. I work at night, alone and there was no one to ask for help .
    • 23. Mean Perceived Usefulness to Mayo Libraries 1 is most useful, 5 is least useful
    • 24. Perceived Most Useful 2.0 Tool for Mayo Libraries
    • 25. Continued 2.0 Tool Use by Program Completers
    • 26. Tool Use after 4 Months
    • 27.  
    • 28. Community and Sharing
    • 29. Significant Increase in Knowledge Use of Web 2.0 Tools by Staff and Libraries Increased Positive Experience That Built Community
    • 30.
      • Lessons Learned:
      • Keep the lessons simple and short
      • Offer comprehensive instructions, liaisons for tech newbies
      • Consider hands-on classes or meetings
      • Participants need to take responsibility for their own learning
    • 31. Learning 2.0 Programs Require Time
    • 32. And a Positive Attitude to Learning
    • 33. Thank You! All images are Creative Commons licensed on Flickr.