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Evaluating Web Sites
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Evaluating Web Sites


from June 2002 class for Capacity Building for Health Promotion workshop - MN Dept of Health

from June 2002 class for Capacity Building for Health Promotion workshop - MN Dept of Health

Published in Economy & Finance , Education
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  • 1. Evaluating the Internet Melissa Rethlefsen, MDH Library 6 th Annual Capacity Building Conference College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, MN June 13 th , 2002
  • 2. Agenda
    • Introduction
    • Basics of Website Evaluation
    • Searching Google and Finding Great Results
    • Evaluating Health Websites: the JAMA Benchmarks
    • Hands-on Practice – Searching
    • Hands-on Practice – Evaluating
  • 3. Evaluating Basics
    • Authority
    • Accuracy and Coverage
    • Currency
  • 4. What Is Authority?
    • Who is the author?
    • Is the author objective or biased?
    • Does the author have a stake in the
    • information?
    • What kind of website is it? Commercial?
    • Educational? Governmental?
  • 5. How Can I Determine Accuracy and Coverage?
    • Who is the intended audience?
    • Are there links to other websites?
    • Are references given for source material (a
    • bibliography)?
    • What are the sources for the information given? What
    • methods did those sources use to obtain the information?
    • How much information is given?
    • How well does the website’s information mesh with
    • other sources?
  • 6. How Can I Determine Currency?
    • Is there a creation date on the website?
    • Is there information about updates to the website?
    • Are links active or broken?
    • Is there more recent information elsewhere?
  • 7. The JAMA Benchmarks
    • Authorship : proper identification of authors and
    • contributors
    • Attribution for all sources of information
    • Disclosures of site ownership, financing, advertising, and
    • conflicts of interest
    • Curr ency : indication of the dates content is posted and
    • updated
  • 8. Search #1 Professional information on preventing tuberculosis
  • 9. Search #2 Consumer-oriented information on treating Crohn’s Disease
  • 10. Search #3 Spanish-language, consumer-oriented educational materials on Pap tests