Teaching Web 2.0 Beyond the Library: Adventures in Social Media, the Class


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  • 12 week, 13 module course Library staff Social media hadn’t hit the Mayo scene at all—podcasts and some rudimentary accounts on some social media sites To get started, had to tell Public Affairs (social media expert) and lock down the blog w/password only access Covered Web 2.0, blogs, RSS, wikis, online collaboration tools, social bookmarking, social opacs, social networking, podcasts, pubmed mashups, and media sharing Required creation of own blog, recording progress on a InfoPath form discussed with the Library Advisory Subcommittee at Mayo in 2007 Subcommittee member was Dean of the Mayo School of Health Sciences She was interested in having her faculty learn about these tools
  • In 2008, released Web 2.0 for Mayo Faculty; invited MSHS faculty, MERG, LTDG 8 modules, 16 weeks, geared toward health sciences and health sciences education Required creating own blog, recording progress on Google Docs forms Bi-weekly intro emails From the Web 2.0 for Faculty class, web master for Department of Nursing asked us to develop course for nurse educators Same pattern as web 2.0 for faculty class, but focusing on nursing and nursing education
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/hojusaram/484731708/sizes/o/in/photostream/ Customization Personal help and attention With Regular jobs Burgeoning interest across institution Huge amount of time consumed, highly stressful
  • Questions kept coming in from all over the institution, wanting more classes for departments But wasn’t feasible to keep expanding http://www.flickr.com/photos/edenpictures/3773903548/sizes/l/
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/suthakamal/2799746255/sizes/l/
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/lydiat/4252562217/ We couldn’t really answer, had to keep referring people
  • HAD TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT took content from old Modules standardized, added policies, got rid of introduction to web 2.0 Added meebo Added quizzes, did not require tracking
  • Content was the easy part. Because getting to ALL mayo employees and students was the key, needed to establish buy-in and get feedback identified key staff in all affected depts ensure buy in    understand their perspective successful in widening the scope to appeal to fit the needs of mayo-wide staff
  • collaborated  Public Affairs’ Social Media Team Responsible for all social media use at Mayo and have created and manage  Mayo's presence able to  provide guidance in answering many of the types of questions M described Once approved, would also be partners in advertising and promoting the course
  • Graduate Medical Education - social media is mobile residents/students access it continuously.  perspective was from that of emphasis on providing guidelines for how patients and families might perceive this and possibly misunderstand the purpose  asked us to include guidelines and reminders for use in patient care areas, public spaces no venting, no social interaction, not in ER
  • Identify self as mayo Association – badge, facebook profile, every interaction and possible conflict of interest high priority, Discipline is possible,  consequences great http://www.flickr.com/photos/blmurch/2754681293/sizes/l/
  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/hansvanrijnberk/2598234846/sizes/l/ Legal Confidentiality Integrity – code of ethics Link to all applicable policy criteria (MANY)
  • many meetings, allowed us to develop relationships with depts that have a stake in developing the course content, providing the infrastructure and IT support or enforcing the policies that guide use of social media all the various groups we worked with
  • And of course had to enlist of the help of our wonderful library staff – used Google Docs to schedule chat support 8-5 during the 6 week run 
  • Once it was all mapped out, ready to bring the Adventures to Mayo http://www.flickr.com/photos/dunechaser/1721982928/sizes/l/
  • Released to Mayo Advertised on e-poster screens throughout Mayo
  • this week at mayo clinic announcements and links
  • In the Loop advertising with blog post and Flip cam video
  • Even went out on Yammer
  •   course was successful and well recieved, we had no technical issues or surprises
  • what did we learn?  what would we do differently or change?   monitoring participant comments and responses, we  found the policies module to be popular linked to relevant policies and summarized them;  created scenarios for discussion
  • participants were looking for concrete correct answers for scenarios  Provide answers (engage Public Affairs, Legal more to help answer)
  • Use HR to promote to managers who wonder themselves about how their staff are using social media or have difficulty answering questions about policy Better chat support   Short weekly polls/quizzes with answers to improve engagement and learning http://www.flickr.com/photos/michaelonthetrail/402810760/sizes/l/
  • Better placement within the institution Can easily create self-directed course using a blog Using meebo showed library staff and others in institution that IM can be used for good
  • Teaching Web 2.0 Beyond the Library: Adventures in Social Media, the Class

    1. 1. Teaching Web 2.0 Beyond the Library: Adventures in Social Media, the Class Melissa Rethlefsen, Ann Farrell, Susan Mayer Mayo Clinic
    2. 2. Long, long ago… (Summer 2007)
    3. 4. Slightly more recently… (Summer 2008)
    4. 6. Balancing Act
    5. 7. Me, too!
    6. 8. How do I start a blog Facebook page YouTube account Flickr page Wiki Delicious account for my Department Work group Students ?
    7. 9. And is it REALLY okay to…
    8. 11. The process begins… (Feb. 2009)
    9. 13. Location
    10. 14. Transparency
    11. 15. Confidentiality Integrity Ethics
    12. 19. Finally… (March 12, 2010)
    13. 25. Make policies crystal clear
    14. 27. Other ways to improve the Adventures?
    15. 29. Thanks to: Mark Wentz & Tara Brigham for their work on the course The Mayo Clinic Libraries staff who helped us monitor Meebo: Dana, Karen, Dawn, Marilyn, Vladana, Stephanie, Pat, Matt Lee, Hoyt, and the rest of the Mayo Clinic staff who helped us Flickr users: michaelonthetrail, dunechaser, hansvanrijnberk, blmurch, lydiat, suthakamal, edenpictures, hojusaram