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Nord FX is an international brokerage house providing to individuals and corporations a complete complex of trading services in the international foreign exchange market and opportunities to make contracts for price spread on shares, precious metals and commodity and energy futures.

Nord FX is authorized by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius to manage, under a mandate, portfolios of securities and give advice on securities transactions. Nord FX is also authorized by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of Panama to conduct activities of currency exchange merchant and brokerage, asset management, financial advisory and other associated activities.

Nord FX always keeps abreast of modern technology, regularly expands the range of trade currencies and financial instruments and uses up-to-date software. We currently offer the most popular programs for internet trading at option - Integral NFX Trades, MetaTrader 5, MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader Mobile to help our clients to access their personal accounts and quotes from anywhere around the world. Along with advanced information technologies and qualitative software, we provide our clients with high-level brokerage services.

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Forex mlm

  1. 1. Forex & MLM – Profitable Venture
  2. 2. Forex Market Introduction:• Globally decentralized financial market for trading currencies round the world round the clock• A particular quantity(lot) of one currency pair is purchased/sold in the speculation on changes in the value of them.• Speculate the relative gap in the values of different currencies by comparing them
  3. 3. HistoryThe modern foreign exchange market began forming duringthe 1970s after three decades of government restrictions onforeign exchange transactions.The Forex Market, often considered to be the playground ofgovernmental institutions operating under the agency ofcentral banks.
  4. 4. Modern Forex Features• Expanded its horizons in recent years to include Corporations, Hedge Funds, Speculators and Private Investors• Number of ways for investors to get in: o Spot o Swaps o Spread Betting o Options o Contracts For Difference o Futures and o ForwardsModest portfolio with high potential
  5. 5. Modern Forex Uniqueness:• Huge trading volume• Average daily turnover : $4 trillion• High liquidity• Geographical dispersion round the globe• Continuous operation: 24 X 5• Use of leverage to enhance profit and loss margins• Investors can respond to currency fluctuations caused by Economic, Political And Social Events at the time they occur, without having to wait for respective exchange to open
  6. 6. Forex & MLM FOREX MLM Professionals are: Investors are : Team Player, Hardworking, Stimulating, Calculated, Ambitious, Challenging Presentable, Good Communicators Dynamic, Passionate, Enthusiastic Direct Sales Direct Sales Direct Profit Direct Profit Team Game Large number of Individual involved Chain Venture Long Term Venture Profits increased with increase no. ofProfits Increased with Globalisation & members Economic Strength Require communication & Presenting Require knowledge, learning, set of skills, social networking skills, patience & experience Leverage (High involvement of people)Leverage (High involvement of money)
  7. 7. Uniting ThemCombination of Forex and MLM is one of the most fruitful jointventure, which provides many benefits to all the parties involved.By joining Forex and MLM, company could get the word spreadquickly about their offerings.MLM Professionals have hot selling program through which theycan involve their clients in Forex trading and earn commissionson clients’ trading.Forex Matrix is a genuine MLM business opportunity and asound proposition to make money.
  8. 8. Way to Forex• Become an Introducing Broker of a Globalized Forex Broker• Get the Online 15 Min Training to trade• Keep yourself updated with the world economy• Undertake Fundamental & Technical Analysis• Practice on Demo Trading• Do the Online Trading on your own• Have full control of your funds• Enjoy the profits on your fingertips
  9. 9. NordFX & MLM• NordFX, a SBU of Nord Group of Investment Inc.• a Non-dealing Desk Broker• regulated by Financial Services Commission of Mauritius• offers a Professional, Organised And Well Experienced Currency Trading Services round the globe• offers the Latest Technical Support Services at its best• deposit amount and charges are least from the others of its kind.• offers very user friendly trading terminals for all type of investorsAs the products and benefits with NordFX are so many, it willmake earning profits easy for MLM through their networking.
  10. 10. Contact UsTo have an association with us & to getmore details : Call us @ 18001023340 Mail us @ Visit us @