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Powerpoint on the digital marketing franchaise opportunity.

Powerpoint on the digital marketing franchaise opportunity.



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Zack Bizzibiz Ppt Zack Bizzibiz Ppt Presentation Transcript

  • Oh now this is going to be fun.
  • Agenda
    The Actual Services
    Engagement Process
    Reporting System
    BizziBiz Labs
    BizziBiz Customer HQ
    Project Teams
    Customer Experience
  • The Goals
    Educate you on how to sell the BizziBiz products and services
    Create understanding of our dedication to creating a great customer experience
    Give you a brief understanding of how the team will fulfill on the projects
    Create awareness of our product and service offerings
    Have some FUN!
  • For the geeks in the audience.
    The Actual Services
  • The Buckets
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    Social Media Optimization (SMO)
    User Experience (UX) and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
    Email Marketing and List Building
    Mobile and SMS Marketing
    Website design and development
  • Derivative Products
    Marketing Strategy
    Campaign design
    Conversion Tracking
    Content Creation
  • Dashboard Add-On Tools
    Local Listing Monitor- Yelp Reviews
    Alerts- Google Alerts for Trends/Company Updates
    Twitter Listing and Mentions
    Access to our HQ Email Marketing System
    Ranking Listings- Press a button see where u are ranked on google, tracking
    Text Massage Blasts- Platform in HQ
    1-800 System Platform-Asterik Server
    Anlaytics-Advanced Analytics, Funnel Visualizations
    HeatMaps, UX Conversion Fold
    Content Distribution Tool- One Place to do it all, API
    Leightweight CRM
    ROI Tracking
    *May not be available in phase one
  • Custom Solutions
    Complicated stuff
    People don’t KNOW what they want
    No out of the box solutions
    Makes pricing and packages difficult
    Selling services, not products
  • What we sell, how we sell it, and why.
    Engagement Process
  • The Actors
    The Do’ers
    The Franchisee
    The Catalyst
    The Biz Owner
  • The BizziBiz Sales Process
    WOW! Holy S%&T
    Get Paid
    Get Paid
  • Step 1 - Quick Assessment (QA)
    What is it?
    Online form
    Around 30 easy questions
    Questions about business and digital presence
    No long answers
  • Step 1 - Quick Assessment (QA)
    How is it done?
    Franchisee can do this with client directly
    Done in web browser (iPad, laptop)
    Requires internet
    20-30 Minutes
  • Step 1 - Quick Assessment (QA)
    Questions about your business
    Questions about your customers
    Questions about your marketing
    In-House Skill Evaluations
  • Step 1 - Quick Assessment (QA)
    Why do we need it?
    Asks questions needed to build QR
    Build relationship
    Establish credibility with good questions
    Business owners like being quizzed on their business
  • Step 2 – Quick Report (QR)
    What is it?
    Digital marketing grade card
    Grade, tips, graphs, charts, metrics
    Automatically generated from QA
    Educate the customer a little
    3 pages maximum
  • Step 2 – Quick Report (QR)
    How is it done?
    Automatically generated from the quick assessment input data and website URL
    Requires internet
    Utilizes the BizziBiz website analyzer tool
    Available online within a minute or so
    Automatically emailed to client and franchisee
    Available in Franchisee HQ
  • Step 2 – Quick Report (QR)
    Digital marketing grade
    Social media reputation
    Online mentions
    Mobile friendliness score
    Areas for improvement
    Threats and opportunities
  • Step 2 – Quick Report (QR)
    Why do we need it?
    Shows an immediate WOW!
    Help determine which PIF to give them
    Recommended budget range
    Delivers some value even if they DON’T go with us
    Gathering competitive data for business intelligence
  • Sell Roadmap
    Cost - $177 (SRP)
    Have sample roadmaps available
    Shortens the initial close
    Shows they are committed
    Gets them in the door
    Better prospects with higher close rate
  • Step 3 – Project Intake Form (PIF)
    What is it?
    Longer form of detailed questions
    1½ hours to complete
    Based on their recommended services
    Long answer questions about business
  • Step 3 – Project Intake Form (PIF)
    How is it done?
    QR determines which PIF question set to give them
    Go through the printed or digital version of the form with them and fill it out
    After completion it needs to be entered into the HQ system digitally
    PIF is sent to catalyst for approval, verification, review, roadmap, and pricing
  • Step 3 – Project Intake Form (PIF)
    Products and services
    Marketing strategies
    Target Market
    Brand and Culture
    Current online and offline marketing situation
  • Step 3 – Project Intake Form (PIF)
    Why do we need it?
    Used to build their custom digital marketing strategy (Roadmap)
    Build relationship
    Establish credibility with good questions
    Can be taken to another provider (value added regardless)
  • Step 4 – The Roadmap
    What is it?
    Customized digital marketing strategy for small business
    Between 6-12 pages generally
    Content and length varies based on project
    6 month plan
  • Step 4 – The Roadmap
    How is it done?
    Built by selecting catalyst and project team
    Based on the input from the QA and PIF
    Takes 1-5 business days to prepare
    Catalyst may contact business owner directly with additional questions
  • Step 4 – The Roadmap
    Why do we need it?
    Digital marketing needs a sound strategy
    Delivering results
    Delivers some value even if they DON’T go with us
    Price quotes
  • Step 4 – The Roadmap
    Provide initial 6 month plan
    Roadmap will contain THREE actual packages (slow, med, fast)
    Recommended time allocation percentages for each of the BizziBiz service offerings
  • Sell Plan
    Franchisee and catalyst review roadmap
    Franchisee visits customer and calls in catalyst to help close
    Month-by-month contract
    Cancel upgrade/downgrade anytime
    Prices ranging from $250/mo - $10,000/mo
  • Contract Close
  • The Outcomes
    Streamlined and tested process
    Customer Experience
    Results focused
    Your own digital marketing partner
    Conversion definition and tracking
    Variable pricing models
  • The BizziBiz Sales Process
    WOW! Holy S%&T
    Get Paid
    Get Paid
  • Show me the numbers baby!
    Reporting System
  • Components
    Progress of campaign
    User Experience and CRO
    Email Marketing and List Building
    Mobile and SMS Marketing
    *Will vary based on the size and type of the contract
  • Components
    Overall areas for improvement
    Work completed in previous month
    What we are going to do next month (reallocation)
  • Monthly Reports
    Reports available on client and franchisee CRM on a specific date each month (typically first week of the month)
    Review sessions scheduled with catalyst (and preferably the franchisee as well so they can continue to foster the relationship and provide positive advice)
    Conference call in - Limited to 1HR (typically)
    Agility of the program
    Every six months the actual roadmap document is updated
    Opportunity for upsell/cross-sell
    Catalyst should make the Franchisee the hero by providing recommendations to Franchisee for cross and upsell.
  • Einstein ain’t got s%#t on us!
    BizziBiz Labs
  • Philosophy
    Rapidly changing technologies and best practices
    Being ‘real’
    Blackhat/Whitehat and ethical marketing
    Being leaders in the space
  • Process Development
    Continue to develop systems to increase productivity for each service offering
    Create a better customer experience
    Reduce the workloads where possible
    Increase scalability
    Find new ways to leverage lower-cost labor
    Quality products – always.
  • Product Development
    Monitoring for new tools and competitor products
    Creating new tools and products
    Staying ahead of the curve with new digital marketing trends
    Exploring new and innovative digital marketing techniques
    Embracing new communication channels and devices
    Research and test new concepts
  • Compliance
    FCC Regulations
    Mobile Marketing Association best practices
    Industry best practices
  • We grow with you.
    Project Teams
  • Traditional Model
  • Our Model
  • Our Model
  • Who’s on a team?
  • Team Development
    Each week team members will meet with their expertise group and the respective R&D member
    Team members are encouraged to learn about other expertise areas
    Rewarded based on how successful the team is at delivering results to their customers
  • Why do it this way?
    Aligned with our open team culture
    Innovative and collaborative ecosystem
    Agile model
    Can contract and expand
  • Be real. Be helpful. Be accountable. Be fun.
    Customer Experience
  • Customer Experience
    Our customers should feel our culture
    Help them even if it doesn’t benefit us
    Be friendly all the time by keeping our employees happy
    Go that extra mile
    Do random things for customers
    Care about the success of YOUR customers
    Be a little different
    Be real, be helpful, be accountable, be fun
  • Customer Education
    Access to digital marketing training online
    BizziBiz Digital Marketing Conference
    Local educational events
    Free Webinars
    Coaching services
  • I’m tired of hearing myself talk.
  • Concluding Notes
    Focus on driving more business for the customer
    Industry leading products and services
    Built on strong personal relationship between the franchisee and business owner
    Consultative sales model with a focus on the customer’s bottom line
    Access to a vast array of resources and knowledge
    Dedicated Catalyst
    Great customer experience through the process
    Well defined, easy, and intuitive process
    Measurable, repeatable results
  • Wrap-Up
    Engagement Process
    Reporting System
    The Actual Services
    BizziBiz Labs
    BizziBiz Customer HQ
    Project Teams
    Customer Experience
  • Now let’s go get lunch!
    Thank you for your time!