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How the bubonic plague changed the world

How the bubonic plague changed the world



Check the last slide of the PowerPoint for sources.

Check the last slide of the PowerPoint for sources.



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How the bubonic plague changed the world How the bubonic plague changed the world Presentation Transcript

  • How the Bubonic Plague Changed the World? Melissa Motes 8 th Grade Social Studies 2006 © 1999 Insecta-Inspecta.com
  • Origins!!!!!!
    • No one knows why the Bubonic plague began
    • Historians do know that the disease originated in China
  • How did the Bubonic plague arrive in Europe?
    • Italian merchants carried the disease from the city of Kaffa in present-day Turkey.
    • Italians contracted the disease during the siege of Kaffa, through the first form of biological warfare
    © Eyewitnesstohistory.com 2001
  • Symptoms of the Bubonic Plague
    • Fever
    • Tingling feeling through the body
    • Boils on the body
    • Flesh decomposing while still alive
    • The disease lasted about 3-5 days
    © Insecta-Inspecta.com 1999
  • Despair in Europe
    • Anybody could contract the Bubonic Plague
    • No one knew the causes
    • People panic and try anything to prevent the plague
    • People pray, but prayers go unanswered and wonder if God is punishing them
    • People blame the Jews for the plague.
    • There was no cure for the plague
    • At least 30 million people in Europe die in a two year span
  • Effects of the Bubonic Plague
    • Population loss
    • End of Feudalism
    • Economic effects = workers wages rose
    • Church becomes less influential
    • People become more secular
  • Outcome of the Bubonic Plague
    • Because of the bubonic plague, people began to think differently about religion, art, life, and philosophy.
    • A new way of thought was called humanism, which led to the Renaissance.
    © Michelangelo.com
  • Effects of the Black Death - 50 years after
    • The use of quarantine is in usage in Venice. Quarantine is still used today.
    • Quarantine is when a person or vessel is isolated for others to prevent the spread of disease
  • Effects of the Black Death – 100 years after
    • The Renaissance is in full force (refer to slide 7)
    • The ideas of the Renaissance led to Johann Gutenberg to create the moveable type printing press in 1455.
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