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  • Intern Group Project By:
  • Objectives
    • Create awareness and exploit Finish Line’s key attributes to offer customers the best selection when compared to its competitors.
    • Maintain an ongoing relationship with the primary target audience encouraging brand loyalty with Finish Line.
    • Reinforcing our focus rather than targeting short term profits will add value to the Finish Line brand.
  • Strategy
    • With the marketing efforts of Finish Line and its vendors the same overall message of having the best selection of products will be spread consistently throughout a media plan as well as in store. Aided brand awareness will be used to create un-aided awareness for long term increases with the Finish Line brand.
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  • SWOT
    • Strength
    • Financially stable, no debt
    • Supply chain
      • 3.1 turnover
    • Reputation in the marketplace
    • Right product at the right time
      • DC has RF technology
      • Perpetual inventory system to review each item by class and SKU
    • Weakness
    • Low brand awareness
    • Little advertising
    • Opportunity
    • Invest 300M free cash flow
    • Well established premium position in a market niche
      • Leadership position in running and growing basketball
    • Retail market revamping after financial crisis
    • Online presence
    • Improve E Commerce sales
    • Threat
    • Supplier Power
      • Nike consisted of 61% of total purchases in 2011
      • 82% from five largest suppliers
    • Large athletic stores and large department stores as well as small customized athletic stores
    • Rise in commodity prices (i.e. cotton and oil)
    • Availability of attractive leased store locations due to economic volatility
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  • Competitive Analysis
  • Foot Locker Ad Spending In 2010 Foot Locker spent $114,000,000 on advertising In 2010 Dick’s spent $185,200,00 on advertising Opposed to Finish Lines $19,500,000 spent on advertising in 2011
  • Research Findings
  • Recommendations
    • Offer more incentive if the consumers shoe size is currently unavailiable,
      • Complimentary Finish Line gift (socks, sports band, laces)
    • Real time inventory check by scanning shoe first
  • Future Trends
  • Media Plan
  • Mobile Poster Generate traffic to the mobile site For roughly two-thirds for teens and twenty-something students, daydreaming is followed closely by “Texting” as a favored in-class distraction.
    • Game Banners
      • 46% of teens play games on their phones
  • Mobile Cont.
    • Text
    • Proximity
    • Radio Apps
    • Mobile Games
    • Groupon
  • Social media Sure, this generation says it’s open to brand presence in their social media spheres. But most aren’t doing anything with the brands that are there: The TRU Study confirms that relatively few respondents fan, friend, or follow brands they like online.
  • GE Case study Poster
  • Online 180 million US visitors watch videos every month. That comes to 85% of all Internet consumers, 200 videos per person and around 13 hours per month , reports Media Posts via Digital Trends
    • 81% of teens play online games on their computer
    • Ninety-seven percent of young respondents play video games
    http://www. slideshare .net/ coolstuff /the-brand-gap?type= powerpoint