ZeekRewards - And Now?
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ZeekRewards - And Now?



SEC says that ZeekRewards is a $ 600 million dollar ponzi scheme. And now? This you can do...

SEC says that ZeekRewards is a $ 600 million dollar ponzi scheme. And now? This you can do...



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ZeekRewards - And Now? ZeekRewards - And Now? Document Transcript

  • ZeekRewardsZeekRewards - And Now? –by Pedro de LemosThe popular ZeekRewards website was closed a few days ago by the USAgency SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission - authority to regulate themarket and protect investors ...). The reason is that for the SEC ZeekRewardsis a 600 million dollars ponzi scheme. Does it mean now that all auctionmultilevel does not work? Nobody said that. It means that ZeekRewards wasclassified as a fraud. We all have to wait what happens now.ZeekRewards - Why Im Not Happy!First let me clarify that I am not a business partner of ZeekRewards. Ourindustry is always under observation and what happens here are bad news forall of us. Now all the critics who said that network marketing is a pyramidscheme and it is not legal came back... My friend, if you belong to this group,you should know that (even when you say more than 1000 times that networkmarketing is a pyramid scheme), Network Marketing is one of the best, if notthe best business opportunity that we have. Here you are able to generate anextra income or a new business career from home. Thats a fact!Second reason why Im not happy with this situation: What is the nextphenomenon that appears when a network marketing company is underinvestigation like ZeekRewards? Now, many distributors from othercompanies, starts to SPAM the ZeekRewards distributors social media sites. Iread on Facebook and other social networking sites, messages like "I´m sosorry what happened..." and in the same moment, these people post a linkfrom their opportunity on the pinnwall... Does this method work? No! Why?People follow people, not products or companies. Later I will give somemarketing tips...Think about it: are you waiting for a stranger that sends you a link throw Skypeor post it on your Facebook pinnwall? Are you going to work with someonewho does that? What are other people thinking about it? Do you think that theyare waiting for some affiliate links?ZeekRewards - Believe In Our Industry
  • Ok, let´s look forward. Continue to believe in our industry. Do not lose yourfaith in something that can give you the most wonderful thing that we all canhave = Freedom. The freedom to decide how we use our time. The freedom tochoose what you want to do in the next 24 hours and 7 days a week. Its worthfighting for it? YES it is!Stay active and if you want to use the internet to build your network marketingbusiness, learn some principles of online attraction marketing. Use thissituation to start a new career (if you were a ZeekRewards rep and don´t wantto wait anymore).How can you learn some principles of online attraction marketing for yournetwork marketing business? Click HERE for a 7 free video training onattraction marketing.Learn exactly how to be a top network marketing online leader, generate morecontacts and additional commissions. Everything on autopilot. follows a simplestep-by-step system that will lead you to success. Click HERE and start yourtraining!To your successPedrowww.pedrodelemos.com