Pablo Picasso


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Pablo Picasso

  1. 1. PABLO PICASSO By Analicia
  2. 2. WHY I PICKED PABLO PICASSO  Pablo Picasso loves to draw, like me.  I want to grow up to be like him, I’ll be an artist but I won’t make collages.  He was always determined of his work, like me! He is very interested in painting, just like me.  I want to study him because we have a lot in common.
  3. 3. EARLY LIFE  Pablo Picasso learned how to draw when he was 8.  When he went to school, Picasso only drew. He couldn’t concentrate.  He was born in Malaga, Spain on October 25, 1881.
  4. 4. ATTRIBUTES  He’s creative, friendly and talented.
  5. 5. GIFT AND TALENT  Pablo Picasso’s talent was in drawing and collages. We all see him as a terrific artist. This is what I am good at: drawing, singing, reading, spelling and piano.
  6. 6. CHALLENGES  Something difficult for Pablo to do was concentrate in school.  He would only draw.  Because of that, the teacher threw him into a blank room.  But he loved it… a whole bunch!
  7. 7. EPISODE OR STORY When he went to school, he would never listen. He would just draw. For punishment, his teacher put him in a blank room but he liked it. He could draw without the teacher even knowing!!!
  8. 8. CONTRIBUTIONS Pablo Picasso contributed unique pictures, bringing joy to everyone. “Why?” you say, because he worked so hard. He makes me proud because he can prove he was meant to be GREAT because he knew what to do and was VERY determined!
  9. 9. THE BLUE PERIOD The Blue Period lasted from 1901 to1904. Picasso started the Blue Period because his best friend died and none of his pictures were bought. Because of that, he painted all blue and everybody in his pictures looked very very sad!
  10. 10. THE ROSE PERIOD Then Picasso started painting with red and pink. He painted circus people or entertaining people. He draws them with their animals very often. He started painting with red and pink because he met a girl named Fernande. Fernande and him fell in Love. But the Rose Period didn’t last for long because Picasso found out a more fun way to draw.
  11. 11. CUBISM Cubism was taught to Pablo Picasso like any other type of art. Cubism is when art looks like it has been cracked. Surprising to hear, huh. What if you were cracked in real life?
  12. 12. References
  13. 13. This image was created at =dc3c2d3 (by me). It reminds me of Pablo Picasso.
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