Creative Commons Around The World 2008-07-31

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  • 1. Introduction to the Commons 2 2008-07-31 Sapporo Creative Commons Around the World Mike Linksvayer VP, Creative Commons Photo by BotheredByBees · Licensed under CC Attribution 2.0 ·
  • 2. Creative Commons Around the World 2008
  • 3. Global adoption and infrastructure
    • CC licenses ported to 47 jurisdictions
    • CC licenses used worldwide
    • Lower bound estimate of CC licensed works: 130 million
    • Witness global nature of CC at this conference
    • Example global content projects: OpenCourseWare and Wikimedia Commons
  • 4. Source:
  • 5.  
  • 6.  
  • 7. Uneven global infrastructure
    • Huge variation in general population ability to participate
    • ...
    • Some CC jurisdiction projects have funding, other committed resources, rich CC experience
    • Many do not
    • Gaps: Africa, Middle East, former Soviet Union
  • 8. Uneven global adoption
  • 9. Google Trends: visitors to
  • 10. Google Trends: searches for “creative commons”
  • 11. 2008 status
    • Large, global movement
    • Still an “alternative” in most fields
    • Not central to copyright debate
    • Beginning to influence norms and expectations more broadly – and to be influenced by expectations of related movements
    • Use case for some policy debates
  • 12. Creative Commons Around the World 2013
  • 13. CC infrastructure 2013
    • Truly global
    • Projects in many jurisdictions have substantial funding, other resources, experience
    • No geographic or cultural gaps
    • The network knows and exploits itself
    • Very successful and influential long-term collaborations with related movements and institutions worldwide
  • 14. CC in context 2013
    • Norms and expectations for openness predominate
    • CC a high profile case in copyright debate in every jurisdiction and internationally
    • Policymakers find success of commons’ impossible to ignore
    • Full promise of the global digital network much closer to realization due to thriving commons and beginning of resulting policy rationalization
    • It should be expected that in 2018 we will have ...
  • 15. 2018?
    • Global, universal access to and participation in creation of open educational resources
    • Rapid, globally produced innovation in drug development and more equitable access to medical technology
    • Sense that people’s relationship to culture has fundamentally flipped to the participatory
    • Commons innovations have produced many new categories of works the way Wikipedia blew up the encyclopedia category
  • 16.
    • Presentation License and Attribution
      • Author: Mike Linksvayer
      • Link: