Quick Start Guide   Conversion Only Analytics V2
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  • 1. QUICK START GUIDE Conversion Only Analytics Presented By: PRESENTER NAME Presented For: CLIENT NAME
  • 2. Step 1 : Log In
    • http:// login.marketingsolutions.yahoo.com
  • 3. Step 2 : Select
    • ‘Administration’ Tab
    • ‘Analytics’
    • ‘Enable Analytics’
  • 4. Step 3 : Select
    • ‘Conversion Only Analytics’
    • ‘Activate’
  • 5. Step 3 Notes : Select ‘ Conversion Only Analytics’
    • 1. Conversion Only Analytics records conversion events and revenue associated with a transaction (a sale or a lead).
    • 2. A ‘conversion’ occurs when a visitor reaches a confirmation page. For example, when a visitor completes a purchase they reach a ‘Thank You For Purchasing’ page, or after filling out a lead form they reach a ‘Thank You for Submitting Your Information’ page.
    • 3. By tracking conversions, you are able to see how successful your ads are at generating leads or sales for your online business. This information can then be used to help better optimize your ads.
  • 6. Step 4 : Copy and Paste ‘Conversion Only Tag’
  • 7. Step 4 Notes : Copy and Paste ‘Conversion Only’ Tag
    • Copy the ‘ Conversion Only ’ HTML tag and paste it between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> tags on your site's confirmation page(s).
    • Example of a Conversion Only tag (not for use):
    Note: Be sure to copy everything between the opening <Script> and closing </Script> tags when copying the code to your pages. Everything in the red box above should be included on your HTML page:
  • 8. Step 4 Notes : Copy and Paste ‘Conversion Only’ Tag
    • Do you want to pass a revenue amount with each conversion?
    • If the revenue is the same for every conversion:
    • Go to the ‘ Conversion Only ’ tab
    • Select ‘ Constant Average Value ’
    • Enter the amount and press ‘ Save ’
    This revenue amount is stored in the database and applied when a conversion happens on your site. If your conversion amount changes, just come back to this screen, enter the new amount and press ‘Save.’
  • 9.
    • Do you want to pass a revenue amount with each conversion?
    • If the revenue amount varies with each conversion:
    • 1. Select ‘ Dynamic Value ’
    Step 4 Notes : Copy and Paste ‘Conversion Only’ Tag 2. Insert code into tag after the ‘amount=‘ variable that will dynamically populate the revenue for each conversion. Dynamically populating a unique transaction ID for each conversion will allow the system to capture multiple conversions in a session. Use ‘transid=‘ for this: Note: Do not populate a value for ‘currency=‘ This will be used by future functionality, anything entered now will be ignored by the system.
  • 10. Step 5 Notes : Select ‘Reports’ Tab Confirm & Review Data
    • Step 1:
      • Create a test conversion. Click on a live ad on a Yahoo! search results page to start the session on your site. Navigate through your site until you are able to test your conversion page (e.g. run a test order or form completion).
    • Step 2:
      • Once you arrive at your transaction (Confirmation or Thank You) page, look at the HTML source code to verify that the proper ‘Conversion Only’ tag exists within the source code.
    • Step 3:
      • Select the ‘Reports’ tab in your Yahoo! Marketing Solutions console and look for data under the ‘Conv’ heading.
    • * Note: It may take up to 24 hours for analytics data to appear in your reports. Check the Data Source Date to know when your data was last updated.
  • 11. Contact : [email_address] THANK YOU Q u e s t i o n s ?