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  • People had been coining their own money or creating state money

Fdr Fdr Presentation Transcript

  • January 6, 2012
    • Turn in your storyboard
    • Pick up TWO pages on the back table
    • Today we will
      • Analyze & categorize FDR’s solutions to the Great Depression
  • FDR and the New Deal
  • Herbert Hoover gets blamed
    • The Depression
    • Hawley-Smoot Tariff
    • Reconstruction Finance Corporation
    • Bonus Army
      • WW1 Veterans march on D.C. to demand their promised bonus.
      • Hoover sends MacArthur/ troops to get rid of the camps
  • Election of 1932
    • Landslide victory for Franklin Delano Roosevelt
      • Promised “A New Deal” for Americans
    • Charismatic, excellent speaker, a new hope.
      • Reporters and media downplayed his disability
      • Fireside chats-let people feel connected
  • FDR & 1 st Inaugural Address
  • Hundred Days
    • First three months FDR was in office, 1933
    • Rapid and intense burst of congressional legislation to address the problems of the legislation
    • Focused on Relief and Recovery
  • The First New Deal
    • 1933-1934
    • *First time the Federal government would have direct involvement in peoples’ everyday lives.
      • Political shift to the left
    • Focus on action, corporation and pragmatism
    • Bank Holiday
  • FDR and Alphabet Soup
  • Bank Holiday
    • March 1933
    • Closed banks for 8 days to reorganization
    • Restore confidence in banking
      • When opened again, more people were depositing than withdrawing
  • Fixing the Problems
    • Needed to repair the broken industry
    • Cuts production in half
      • Mills stood idle
    • NIRA/NRA (National Industrial Recovery Act:
      • Gov’t regulate and negotiates prices, productions, and wages with industry
      • Purpose- to try and end price cuts and worker layoffs
  • THREE Categories
    • Relief —help the people directly
    • Recovery —help industries hurt by the Great Depression
    • Reform —fix the problems that created the Great Depression
  • NRA
    • Cooperating companies displayed blue eagle
    • Help unionization movement
    • SC case found NRA unconstitutional in 1935
  • AAA
    • Failing Farms b/c producing too much and prices kept falling
    • Some farmers forced off their land
  • The Dust Bowl
    • Dust Bowl
      • Cattle/houses buried,
      • People packed up and headed west to California
      • Discrimination against the Mexican migrant workers
  • Images from Dorothea Lange
  • AAA
    • Agricultural Adjustment Act
    • Paid farmers to limit their productions
    • Objective to lift agricultural products to parity with industrial prices
      • Wheat, corn, cotton, and tobacco
    • First successful effort to support farm prices through a government program
    • Unconstitutional in 1936, reinstated in 1938
  • TVA
    • Tennessee valley Authority
    • Designed to develop and improve the whole region
    • Built a series of Damns on the Tennessee River to control flooding= Jobs
    • Constructed hydroelectric to attract more industry and provide power to homes
    • Private industries thought is was unfair
  • FERA
    • Federal Relief Emergency Administration
    • Federal money distributed to the sates to distribute locally
  • CCC
    • Civilian Conservation Corps
    • 1933- 13,600,000 unemployed
    • FDR employs 500,000 men 18-25
    • Worked in parks and forests, built roads
    • Favored this over handouts
      • Give a man a fish and you can feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you will feed him for life
  • CCC-”Boys at Work”
  • Eleanor Roosevelt
    • Eleanor Roosevelt was a tireless advocate of the poor and downtrodden
    • Campaigned for her husband and went out into the communities
      • Gave the public access to him through her.
  • Did he do enough?
    • Many of the New Deal Programs did not reach the African Americans
    • “ Blue eagle codes”- fired African Americans and replaced them with white workers
    • Many joked that the NRA was really the “Negro Removal Act”
    • Didn’t sign an anti-lynching law b/c afraid would shut down entire program (loose the southern lawmakers)