WATEC ISRAEL 2013, Israeli water companies for Analysing & Measurement


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Israeli water companies for Analysing & Measurement

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WATEC ISRAEL 2013, Israeli water companies for Analysing & Measurement

  1. 1. www.export.gov.il www.israelnewtech.gov.il Measurement & analyzing Israeli water companies catalogue
  2. 2. Companies Index Analyzing Arad.............................................. 4 Blue I............................................. 5 CheckLight..................................... 6 Dorot............................................. 7 G.A.L Water Technologies................. 8 High Check Control .......................... 9 Hoffmann & Hoffmann .................... 10 IPnP.............................................. 11 Madei Taas.................................... 12 MTR - Wireless Communications................ 13 Measurment Hagihon........................................ 15 Mei-Raanana................................. 16 Miltel........................................... 17 Nisko............................................ 18 ommyx......................................... 19 PML.............................................20 SolidAT......................................... 21 TaKaDu.........................................22 Whitewater....................................23
  3. 3. Analyzing
  4. 4. Company profile When precise control, exact measurement and real time billing of water is critical, the Arad Group has the solution. Arad specializes in innovative water measurement technologies, developing, manufacturing, and marketing leading water metering and management systems. Founded in 1941, Arad has built up a worldwide reputation for quality and precision in measuring, reading, collecting and managing data from water metering to billing systems. Millions of meters with the unique, integrated Dialog 3G AMRAMI have been sold worldwide. Leveraging Arad’s years of expertise, Arad offers an extensive range of water meters for domestic (utilities), waterworks, and agricultural use with advanced, patented systems for automated meter reading and water management. Arad’s solutions provide any utilities with major financial, operational and customer care benefits! Year of establishment: 1941 No. of employees: 550 Background of the company Founded in 1941, Arad was a private company until 2004. In 2004 Arad became a public company and is now traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The Arad Group of affiliated companies and independent distributors around the world offers its customers a fully integrated solution for water metering and water meter data management. Examples of projects Southern Water, UK - One of the world’s largest and most advances AMR projects, with more than 500,000 AMR meters over a period of 5 years, in addition to meter reading services and data housing. Mekorot, Israel - One of the world’s largest water supply companies, Arad won the supply of the revolutionary Octave ultrasonic bulk water meter, and Dialog Cellular units that connect these remote meters to Mekorot’s system. Technologies & products Arad provides full water metering solutions, made of the most accurate water metering, efficient and reliable data collection, and feature-rich management and control MDM software. In addition Arad provides an array of professional services to assist utilities in implementing our solutions. Octave unique dual-beam ultrasonic bulk meter http://www.octavewatermeter.com Unique Dialogue 3G, AMRAMI system fully integrated within the meter. Objectives / Target companies Water utilities, water companies, water management consulting companies, Water management companies, Water management solution providers. Category: Water Metering www.arad.co.il 4Back to Index
  5. 5. Objectives / Target companies Distributors and Integrators providing water quality analysis and control solutions worldwide. Category: Water quality analyzers and controllers Sub Category: Industrial, Municipal and Swimming Pools www.blueitechnologies.com Blue IWater Technologies Company profile Headquartered near Tel Aviv, Israel, Blue I Technologies is a privately-owned company, operating since 2003. Blue I patented technologies provide innovative water quality analyzers and controllers for industrial and municipal applications as well as for public and private swimming pools. Combining in-depth technological expertise with extensive hands-on field experience, Blue I successfully handles challenges that others fail to solve. Our products offer complete analysis and control while ensuring low maintenance and costs. Year of establishment: 2003 No. of employees: 25 Background of the company Blue I Water Technologies develops, designs, manufactures and markets advanced state-of-the-art total water quality management systems. Our analyzers are based on revolutionary electro-optical IP technology and unique control algorithms. We have acquired the know-how and expertise through years of first-hand involvement in a variety of applications around the world, and together with input from our customers, engineers and creative designers, we have devised the best solutions in water quality control for municipal, industrial water and swimming pools. Success Stories Blue I’s products are successfully operating worldwide in various water analysis and control applications. Among Blue I’s clients are Coca Cola Israel, South Africa, Brazil and China. Total, GE Europe, Nestle South Africa, Nalco, Euro Disney, Israeli Refineries, Israel Electric Company, variety of municipalities including the Eastern Suburbs of Paris, France and thousands of public and private swimming pools, including the Olympic swimming pool in Beijing. Technologies & products Blue I Water Technologies designs and manufactures water quality analyzers and controllers. Blue I’s pioneering and patented analyzers and controllers enable reliable and cost-effective water quality solutions. Industrial water treatment product line ••HydroGuard 702 - an online, patented, colorimeter technology providing superior performance, multi parameter measurements and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). ••HydroGuard 602 - an online, amperometric technology providing versatile multi parameter measurements ••Private and public pools product line ••Prizma - a reliable, patented, electro-optic technology for private pools providing chemical monitoring and balancing while ensuring environmental and personal safety ••HydroGuard 302 - an online, patented, colorimeter technology for public pools providing a reliable and cost effective chemical monitoring as well as balancing while ensuring environmental and personal safety Standalone, battery operated analyzers for Water Distribution Networks A unique, patent pending, water quality analyzer for Water Distribution Networks, providing continuous monitoring of free chlorine, pH, and Temperature, Conductivity in remote area without power connection. 5Back to Index
  6. 6. Company profile Year of establishment: 2001 No. of employees: 10 Background of the company Founded in 2001 by Dr. Nirit Ulitzur, CheckLight Ltd. is a private company, based in Israel. Since its foundation CheckLight has engaged extensively in developing and marketing technologies for drinking water quality testing applications. In early 2008 WhiteWater (www.w-water.com), a leading Israeli water technologies company, has become a strategic investor in CheckLight. CheckLight’s products are being successfully used by China’s Environmental Protection Ministry, leading water labs in Europe and North America, the Israeli National Water company, and more. Technologies & products General description: CheckLight develops, manufactures and delivers innovative early warning solutions for rapid detection of chemical contamination in drinking water, through the use of sensitized luminescent bacteria. CheckLight technology has been verified by the US Environmental protection agency (EPA), and its products are marketed to water utilities / environmental monitoring agencies, through a global distribution network in Asia, Europe and America. Function of the product(s): AquaVerity is a revolutionary early warning biomonitoring system for municipalities, water utilities and related organizations that continuously detects and alerts events of water contamination. Composed of numerous units- located at monitoring stations throughout the water distribution system, and seamlessly integrated with the SCADA system- AquaVerity performs continuous monitoring of water at various points in the water distribution network, sending immediate alerts regarding dangerous changes in drinking water quality due to contamination. Enabling comprehensive coverage of large areas, the system is exceptionally sensitive to very low concentrations of a wide range of contaminants, and provides reliable and consistent results, and requires minimum set up time and maintenance and on-site visits. Deployment of AquaVerity can significantly reduce the threats associated with spills, accidents, equipment malfunctions and natural disasters, as well as those inflicted by security breach, sabotage and terror attacks. The company also provide field & lab kits for rapid determination of toxicity, AOC (Assimilable Organic Carbon) & BOD(Biochemical Oxygen Demand). Objectives / Target companies Meet with early adopters / innovators water utilities which are interested in new water quality monitoring technologies to be used as part of their early warning systems. Meet potential strategic marketing partners including Water Technologies related system integrators and VAR’s (Value added resellers). Category: Analyzers & control systems Sub Category: Drinking, Industrial & waste water www.checklight.biz 6Back to Index
  7. 7. Company profile Since its establishment in 1946, Dorot drives the water control valve market with continued innovation, uncompromising excellence and firm commitment to its customers. Through its unique water-management solutions, the company also contributes to the global efforts for environment protection. Hundreds of companies such as public and private water utility companies, construction and engineering companies, fire- suppression integrators, energy companies and many others around the world have selected the innovative and field-proven technologies developed by Dorot and benefit from Dorot’s expertise and professional services. Dorot is considered a true partner by its customers for overcoming challenges in R&D, design, customization, implementation, and maintenance of water-control valve products. Year of establishment: 1946 No. of employees: 300 Examples of projects ••London, Thames Water - Leakage reduction and hydraulic modulation PRV’s - daily consumption: 67800 m3 /day. ••Bangkok, Thailand - Hundreds units of time based modulation PRV’s. ••Bogota, Colombia - 32’’ Pump Control Valves, Surge Protection. ••Sofia, Bulgaria - Hundreds units of Leakage Reduction NRW PRVs. ••Monterrey, Mexico - 24” Booster Pump Control Valves. ••San Antonio res., Brazil -28” Water Level Control Valves. ••Barcelona, Spain - 12” Surge Anticipating Valves. ••Manila, Philippines - Hundreds of Flow / time based Pressure Reducing Valves. ••Larnaka, Cyprus 16’’ Altitude level Control,Valves. Technologies & products General description: Hydraulic Control Valves (PRVs, PSVs, FCVs etc) for automatic control of 2’’- 32’’. Regulation of water and waste-water systems. Electric control for water systems. Air release and anti-vacuum valves, surge protection, Water Hummer solutions. Water meters. Consulting, engineering and solutions provider of leakage reduction and pressure management solutions for municipal networks. Function of the product(s): Regulating pressure and flow-rate in water systems. Controlling air flow into and out of water filled systems. Prevention of water-hammer and surge risks. Reducing leakage in municipal distribution systems. Objectives / Target companies ••Municipal water supply companies ••Trading company ••Construction companies ••EPC Fire Protection Companies ••Irrigation systems design companies ••Civil engineering contractors ••Water-systems engineering & consultation firms Category: Hydraulic Control Valves and Air Release Valves. Control Valve Systems. Waterworks, Fire Protection, Irrigation, Environmental Projects Sub Category: Industrial Water & Waste-Water Control Valves, Waterworks, Civil Engineering, Construction, Water Systems Control & Management, Fire Protection, Agriculture & Turf Irrigation Contact: Sophie Tuviahu | sophiet@dorot.com www.dorot.com 7Back to Index
  8. 8. Company profile G. A. L. Water Technologies Ltd is backed by 20 years of experience in supplying water treatment systems for Industry, Agriculture and drinking water. The company has proven expertise in characterizing, planning, establishing, installing and operating water systems for cleantech. G. A. L. Water emphasizes the importance of the first stage in characterizing the project: the feasibility study, in technical, procedural and financial terms. To achieve this, and to ensure the satisfaction of the client, the company has developed special tools and dedicated simulations for the planning of projects in the field of water treatment. These tools facilitate detailed design to a realistic degree of precision so that already at the initial stage of design, it is possible to see in a realistic and substantive manner the entire solution, its configuration and mainly the exact cost to the client. Background of the company For the last 20 years or so, the founders of G. A. L. Water have been involved in supplying solutions in the field of water quality for the government and business sectors. By working with G. A. L. Water, the client benefits from the following advantages: ••Period of service—the significance is rapid operational capability, together with reliability and flexibility as a result of familiarity with the area, the regulations and requirements. ••Accessibility— as a modestly sized company, we pledge to our clients rapid and personal treatment with every call. ••Leverage—as part of the Gaon Holdings Company, G. A. L. Water enjoys economic and business stability. This framework is translated into an ability to leverage comprehensive and complex projects while complying with regulations, budget and schedules. Examples of projects Chemicals & Petrochemicals Haifa Bay Plants – Treatment and Recycling of concentration and exploitation of the Kishon River water, treated to a Ultra Pure water level, to be used for Cooling Towers and High Pressure Boilers instead of potable Water.800 m3 h. Vishay Semiconductors – Production of Ultra-Pure Water for Boilers and production process. 60 m3 h. Azrom, Ethiopia – Production of Irrigation Water from saline wells for large agriculture project, growing Geranium on detachable substrate. 40 m3 h. Equatorial Guinea Hospital – Feeding water for Vapor Boilers and Dialysis Dpt. 30 m3 h Technology G. A. L. Water implements diverse advanced technologies that facilitate precise adaptation to the requirements of the client and regulatory conditions in any country. Each of the following is supported by a dedicated control mechanism that ensures high reliability in the operation of the system: Media Filtration, Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration, Nano Filtration Membrane, Reverse Osmosis, Ion Exchange, Electro Deionization (EDI), Gas Disposal Membrane, UV Disinfection, Chemical Dispensing Systems. The significant advantage to working with G. A. L. Water is the extensive know-how that has been accumulated over the years, and is expressed in the capability to synchronize and integrate a wide variety of technologies. Category: Water Technologies Sub Category: Consulting and engineering services, Drinking water, Industrial waste treatment, Renewable energy, R&D, Solid waste treatment and Recycling, Waste water treatment, Desalination, Water resources management. Contact: Sigal Levi | sigal@gaon.com www.gal-water.com Objectives / Target companies At G. A. L. Water we regard the preservation of water sources and safeguarding the quality of the water the key to a prosperous future. G. A. L. Water Technologies aspires to provide a comprehensive solution regarding issues of water treatment and cleantech in Israel and in the world. Therefore the solutions we supply in every project emphasize the integral nature of the solution, including: Quality of the work Flexibility in the manner of finding a solution Aesthetics of the final product 8Back to Index
  9. 9. Category: Analyzers and control systems, Consulting and engineering services, Waste water treatment, Water security, Water resources management www.high-check.com Company profile Year of establishment: 2006 No. of employees: 4 Background of the company High Check Control Ltd. specializes in: 1. Water & Wastewater consulting services. High Check Control has an expert team familiar with cutting-edge water and wastewater technologies that serve the needs of today’s world. We offer to identify the best of Israeli innovation and technology in the water and wastewater treatment industry, suggesting the most efficient and cost effective solutions, including technology and equipment for each application. 2. Dynamic real-time measurement and control systems for wastewater treatment plants and other industries. Our product is an innovative and dynamic wireless monitoring system based on autonomous sensors. The system’s unique features enable it to continuously: •• detect the % of Dissolved Oxygen inside the water •• optimize the control of processes •• reduce the cost of energy whether in aeration basin, open reservoirs or in closed tanks - which results in substantial savings. The company was chosen to become a member of The Israeli Water Marketing Consortium, enabled by the Israeli Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor and organized by the Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute. Examples of projects ••Wastewater consulting services ••Water and Wastewater monitoring ••Liquids tanks monitoring Technologies & products General description: 1. Water & Wastewater consulting services - identifying the best of Israel’s innovative technologies and suggesting solutions per each application and its requirements. 2. Monitoring system - that makes use of horizontal motion across aeration basin and communicates with a programmable monitor to determine % of Dissolved Oxygen and other required parameters. 3. Compact gas station for automotive urea. Function of the product(s): Monitoring System - Enable better control of air inlets and water mixing. Objectives / Target companies ••Water purification and treatment facilities ••Fish and Algae growing farms ••Petroleum custody and points of sale ••Chemical & Petrochemical processing 9Back to Index
  10. 10. Category: Monitoring and Control systems Sub Category: Groundwater and Surface water www.hw-well.com Company profile Hoffmann & Hoffmann has more than 40 years of development, manufacturing and service experience. The company specializes in control and monitoring instrumentation and has patented products that target the water market. Hundreds of controllers are in service with major water utilities in the USA and the Middle East. Year of establishment: 1968 No. of employees: 5 Examples of projects Hoffmann & Hoffmann has equipped more than 450 MEKOROT water well sites in Israel with its Dripmaster oil lubrication controller for Vertical Turbine Pumps. The SandSense SWD-2 sand monitor has been installed at 60 MEKOROT well sites. In the USA, The Dripmaster is the standard oil lubrication controller for the cities of Las Vegas (NV), Tucson (AZ), Scottsdale (AZ), Eastern Municipal Water District (CA), Santa Fe (NM) and many others. More than 350 Dripmaster units have been installed in the South West USA. A first time SandSense SWD-2 application has recently been put into operation for managing a sand producing irrigation well owned by Paramount Citrus (CA), a major citrus producer. Technologies & products Dripmaster EDD-4 - General description: Automatically stabilizes the oil drip rate fed to the pump bearings to a preset value and eliminates the affect of: Oil viscosity variations, caused by temperature changes, Hydrostatic pressure variations, caused by oil level changes, Dirt particles in the oil. Function of the Product: The only automatic oil lubrication device designed for Vertical Turbine Pumps that: Protects the pump (automatic shutdown of pump in case of lack of oil), Saves operational costs, Increases the pump’s life span, Decreases well contamination, Reports oil status to SCADA room. SandSense SWD-2 - General description: The only automatic, real time, inline, stand alone solution for monitoring sand and other particulate concentration in water lines. Sand producing wells cause excessive wear and tear to the pumping equipment. Utilizing the SWD-2, this issue is now managed in a routine manner. Function of the Product: Traces and monitors sand levels of each well continuously and in real time, Shuts down well pump if sand level exceeds pre defined threshold, Reduces erosion of pump impellers and valves by 40%, Controls well flushing during well restart, Saves energy when utilizing a sand separator (hydro cyclone), Prevents well avalanche, Reports sand results to SCADA room. SandSense SWD-3 - General description: The first patented automatic and portable sand measurement device. Continuously measures sand content in real time, eliminates the need for time consuming and inaccurate human calculations. Function of the Product: Provides a true picture of the well’s condition, Ensures meeting regulatory requirements for well acceptance tests, Facilitates well rehabilitation planning. Objectives / Target companies Municipalities, Engineering Companies, Municipal Well Drillers, Food & Beverage Companies. Seeking manufacturer reps and dealers. 10Back to Index
  11. 11. Category: Control Systems Sub Category: SCADA, Decision Support Systems, Web services www.ipnp.co.il Company profile IPnP’s Smart Grid Water Management solution. ••Water Systems”Models” that automatically generates graphical human interface and decision support system for water and energy optimization. ••Communications layer brings together sensor readings from a diversity of water infrastructure equipment in a standardized, object-oriented format. ••A SaaS offering, there is no risk nor capital cost for a utility to try IPnP and gauge its benefits With hundreds of installations, the system provides dramatic savings on water infrastructure, electricity and water. Year of establishment: 2000 No. of employees: 10 Examples of projects Hardware and Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that provides remote monitoring, data management and decision support system for water and wastewater infrastructure. In real time, through instant messaging, IPnP receives information from the field and builds real-time views of the overall water management system. Objectives / Target companies Water & waste water integrators, water utility. 11Back to Index
  12. 12. Category: Renewable energy- Landfill gas and bio gas utilization www.madeitaas.co.il Company profile Year of establishment: 1975 Number of employees: 18 Background of the company Madei Taas Ltd. Is an Israeli base privately owned company, founded in 1975. Our main field of activity is executing Waste-to-Energy Projects by utilizing Landfill gas and Biogas for electricity production. Our unique knowhow enable us to accurately forecast the landfill gas potential for a 20 years projection, and offer a turnkey project solutions combined of engineering, supply of equipments, installation, commissioning and after sales service. Examples of projects ••Dudaim Landfill Gas Project- Israel: gas extracting and flaring system, 2.2 MW power plant synchronizing to the national grid ••Talia Landfill Gas Project- Israel: gas extracting and flaring system, 1.2 MW power plant synchronizing to the national grid ••Jerusalem WWTP Project- Israel: bio gas utilization for 1.8MW cogeneration system ••Emek Hefer- cow manure project- Israel: bio gas utilization for 2.2MW cogeneration system Technologies & products General description: Landfill-gas and bio-gas utilization for electricity production and cogeneration. Function of the product(s): Main contractor (EPC): unique consulting, engineering. Turn key projects services. Objectives / Target companies: Municipalities Engineering companies Owners and operators of landfill sites Distributors 12Back to Index
  13. 13. Objectives / Target companies MTR technology & products now offer the water & gas industry all the Smart grid functionality that has previously only been available to the energy industry with current PLC technology. MTR is seeking to License its technology to global market leaders in the meter and control application industry, for integration in Smart Grid, water/gas/electric meter and control applications. Company profile MTR, is the developer of two-way wireless communications, and software solutions for “Last-Mile” Smart Meter/Grid connectivity. MTR Smart Grid, bi-directional communication systems connect a public or private utilities remotely located Administrative [command, control and management] Center - to each & every Client End Point [CEP] - water/gas/electrical meters and multi type sensors etc’ in the grid enabling two-way communication with each individual CEP. Two way wireless communications with each individual CEP of a utilities distribution grid, enables a Utilities administrative center, using MTR SmartNet© Software applications, to collect, analyze and react to current operational data in real time. Year of establishment: 2009 No. of employees: 6 Background of the company MTR has succeeded in: ••Developing its proprietary smart communication protocols & two-way wireless technology delivering an unequalled “Last-Mile” communications link budget. ••Producing a range of products delivering an end-to-end Smart Meter/Grid solution making 100% grid coverage [two-way communication with every end point/meter in a utility grid] a reality. ••Developing its core SmartNet software application for the management and control of utility grid networks. Examples of projects Israel: +300 end point pilot project operational in Holon. Total project estimated 80k end points Holland: +200 end point agricultural project deployed and operational Technologies & products General description: MTR solutions deliver: ••Scale 10x that of competitive MESH systems ••Range 8x that of competitive MESH systems ••Power consumption 1/10th of competitive MESH systems Function of the product(s): We have developed a flexible product range of hardware and a core software application delivering the best cost benefit ratios in the industry: ••Remote Monitoring and control of every end point in a grid ••Pre-Paid service all remotely managed in software ••Tiered Pricing/Time/quantity of service all remotely managed in software ••In-home display with 8 available registers for consumer engagement ••12 to 20 year battery life dependant only on service usage Category: Analyzers and control systems, Water resources management www.mtrcom.com 13Back to Index
  14. 14. Measurment
  15. 15. Category: Municipal Water & Wastewater Services, Wastewater treatment, Solid waste treatment and Recycling, Industrial waste treatment, Renewable energy, Biogas, NRW reduction, water security, water management methodologies, hydroelectricity www.hagihon.co.il Objectives / Target companies ••Water & Wastewater Infrastructure projects / companies looking for O&M consulting / partners ••Water & Wastewater Solutions / Technology Companies looking for strategic partners / technology validation sites Mavti The Jerusalem Wastewater and Purification Enterprise Company profile MAVTI is a subsidiary of Hagihon Company Ltd., The Jerusalem Area Water & Wastewater municipal utility, the largest municipal water and wastewater company in Israel with annual revenues of over 120 million Euros. The Hagihon Group is responsible for planning constructing, operating and maintaining municipal water services and wastewater treatment for the almost 1 million residents of the Greater Jerusalem area. The company’s policy combines professionalism and experience together with employing cutting edge technologies in the field of water services, sewage removal and wastewater treatment. Year of establishment: 1969 No. of company employees: 20 ; No. of group employees: 220 Background of the company MAVTI was established in 1969 in order to provide solutions for the treatment of Jerusalem’s wastewater. Over the years, MAVTI has built and operated two wastewater treatment plants, which today treat 40 million M3 /year of wastewater, serving a population of about one million people in the city of Jerusalem and its environs. MAVTI provides a broad range of quality O&M consulting services regarding municipal water and wastewater facilities and is known for its utilization of innovative technologies employing the highest standards of environmental requirements. The Hagihon Group, established in 1996, services an area of 32,000 dunam, ranging in altitude from 400 to 900 meters above sea level, in desert and alpine climates, maintaining a 1,200 km water supply network, 950 km sewage network and 500 km drainage network. In-house government licensed laboratories perform daily and monthly chemical and microbiological tests of drinking water and wastewater effluent. Examples of projects Following are some examples of leading projects: ••Operation and management of an activated sludge treatment plant with a capacity of 100K M3 /day. The plant, which began operating in 1999 with an investment of 70 million Euros, has a “Bio-Gas Energy Recovery” center, supplying 2 MW to the national electric; the effluent and sludge from the plant is reused for agricultural purposes. This WWTP is presently in planning stage of upgrading to Tertiary technology and increasing capacity to 120K M3 /day. ••Planning and operation of an extended aeration treatment plant with a capacity of 20K M3 /day. ••Planning and construction of Tertiary WWTP employing MBR technology, with capacity of 5.6K M3 /day. ••Planning and construction of network to bring the Tertiary treated effluent to irrigate Jerusalem’s public parks and gardens. ••Construction of a 2km sewage tunnel with a diameter of 5 meters, at a cost of 5 million Euros. ••Employing a mix of technologies and practices to decrease NRW (water loss). 15Back to Index
  16. 16. Objectives / Target companies Mei Raanana Water Company will gladly share its technological and managerial experience with other water companies, including presenting our own ways of achieving goals for “being a better water company”. We are interested in learning from other water technology companies and water service companies, and are looking for more promising technologies. We believe that using technologies the best possible way will always be concerned with our workers and managers that activate those technologies and that they all have to believe in the benefit. If we will not have the correct procedures to maintain this technology on an everyday basis - the company and its customers will lose all benefits of the technology and the potential improvement that it carries. category: Drinking water, Waste water treatment, Water security, Water resources management www.mei-raanana.co.il/ Company profile MEI-RAANANA water co. sets an example to water services in Israel. Ten water wells pump 5 million c.m. of water a year. Together with an additional 1.5 million c.m. of water supplied by “Mekorot” we provide water to 80,000 people trough more than 220 km. of pipes. Insuring high water quality is top priority, achieved by a sophisticated computerized control system. Average pipe age is 15 years, and annual water loss is under 7%. Many efforts are taken to save water. A Distance Meter Reading System identifies possible water leakages for the customers and automatically sends them a message. 5 million c.m. of sewage a year are treated at our Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR) WWTF. The tertiary effluent are used for irrigation. A well advanced Geographical Information System is used to document all water and sewage infrastructure, and is a base for many other uses. The main goals of MEI-RAANANA are to continuously upgrade the use of smart technologies and to be energy efficient. Our most important goal is to constantly improve service to our customers. Reliable supply of high quality and proper pressurized water, quick notification of leakages, minimum water loss, and a quick response from our team, all work together to make our customers satisfied. The MEI-RAANANA water company encourages experimental technologies to be initiated, developed and tested by allowing use of its infrastructure with the involvement of its professional team of technicians, engineers, and management. Although small in size, MEI-RAANANA is certain that this entrepreneurial spirit will insure that we, and other water companies around the world, will make better use of water resources around the globe. Projects in Water and Sewage are done every day on a routine base, such as 20,000 cubic meters per day SBR treatment facility, Pressure filter for treated effluent, activated carbon drinking water purification facility, distance meter reading system, GIS system, Scada control systems, water and sewage pipes and much more. Mei Raanana Water Company uses many new state-of-the art technologies for many benefits, such as water quality on line monitoring, alternate water distribution methods during water crisis, and management of crisis incidents, energy efficient management and technologies, water sources redundancy and more. Year of establishment: 2009 No. of employees: 33 16Back to Index
  17. 17. Category: Water Resources Management, Water Security, Analysis and Control Systems Sub Category: Intelligent Water Management, AMR/ AMI, Analytics, Sewer Level Monitoring, Fire Hydrant Locking-Monitoring-Management, Pressure Monitoring Contact: David Passentin | david@miltelcom.com www.miltelcom.com Objectives / Target companies 1. Establish contact with appropriate person(s) dealing with telemetry solutions for various applications in municipal or investor-owned utilities. 2. Establish contact with integrators providing IT and infrastructure solutions to municipalities and utilities. 3. Establish contact with meter manufacturers serving international and local markets. Company profile Miltel Communications is a leading company in the field of wireless telemetry systems with significant experience in advanced water management, automatic meter reading and other smarter city solutions. Miltel Communications’ Data Acquisition and Transport system is a wireless enabling technology for collecting data from sensors. With more than 1,500 installations around the world Miltel has a proven, robust solution for utility, municipal, agricultural and many other applications. Year of establishment: 1991 No. of employees: 40 Background of the company Miltel Communications Ltd. is a privately held, Israel-based company that develops, manufactures, and sells Telemetry RF Solutions. The proprietary technology that Miltel has developed has been adapted to meet the regulations of many countries around the world, and, for certain applications, such as Automatic Meter Reading, Miltel possesses one of the few solutions that can provide a common solution for a global market. To date, Miltel’s primary business area has been wireless Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems for the remote reading of water, gas, heat energy and electric meters. Examples of projects ••City-wide installation of a Heat Energy Management system in Riga, Latvia. ••More than 1,200 sub-metering sites in the U.S. connected to 500,000 utility meters. ••City-wide Intelligent Water Management system in Ra’anana and several other towns in Israel. Technologies & products General description: Miltel’s system is based on a wireless fixed network architecture that collects data from a wide variety of sensors and transports the data to control center systems. Digital and analog interfaces are supported with multiple channels of data accessible per endpoint. Miltel’s infrastructure is general purpose and multiple end-to-end solutions can be implemented over the same Miltel network. Miltel’s extensive experience is based on a large number of sites in the United States, Europe, the Far East and the Middle East. Function of the product(s): Miltel’s core technology is a fixed radio network (one-way and two-way) that comprises transmitting end-points (that interface to meters, sensors, and other devices), repeaters, gateways, and control center software. Miltel’s radio technology operates in the 150 - 470 MHz. range, is easily adaptable to many different local standards, and has been installed in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. Miltel system gateways act as interface points to a number of different public networks such as WiFi/WiMax, GPRS, LAN/WAN, etc. 17Back to Index
  18. 18. Company profile ••Nisko Telematics Systems - daughter company of Nisko Ardan - http://www.niskoardan.com/ ••Nisko’s solution provides state of the art functionality, 802.11 world standard,performance and reliability at a very reasonable cost. It provides specific benefits in the following area: ••Grid malfunction monitoring and exception alerts. The system receives usage and outage information and provides alerts on malfunctions. ••Load balancing -With its bi-directional communications, the system can be instructed to change consumption activities. ••Grid leaks and by pass -The system alerts on leakage and provides immediate alert if a meter is by passed in real time. ••Theft immunity - The system is immured to ANY magnet attached. ••Advanced Water Management for consists of multiple network layers - each can be independently implemented - yet all utilize the same network infrastructure. ••AMR/AMI, Data Analytics, Leak Detection, Waste Water Management, Non-Revenue Water ••Data from and to all network layers are managed by the Nisko Control Center ••Monitoring and management of all aspects of the water delivery and collection system ••Advanced capabilities including event detection, tamper alerts, etc. ••Data and alerts transmitted over Nisko Wi-Fi network and onto public networks ••Back office database management and analysis applications ••Fixed network AMR/AMI systems generate huge volumes of data (example: 5 years of daily data from 10,000 meters = more than 15 million data points) ••AMR/AMI control systems provide rudimentary reporting and analysis based upon the limited ability of the utility to classify its consumers Today - you can sign with an AMI provider and get a proprietary solution based on the vendor RF solution: that is to say, from now on you are handcuff to this vendor meters, its repeaters, base stations and all service involved. Year of establishment: 2011 No. of employees: 5 Background of the company Nisko is one of the leading industrial and Hi-Tech groups in Israel active in Europe, Asia and the U.S with more than 1000 employees and revenues over 400 million USD in 2010. Over 20 years of proven experience in the electricity metering, communication, security, and home Automation. Business partner of Siemens, Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric, Infineon, Xilinx, TDK, Etc. Technologies & product(s) ••Nisko UMS unlocks the value in physical assets ••Endpoints that can connect to almost any kind of sensor ••and relay the information back to where it can be used ••Starting with meters at the consumption point throughout section meters all the way to the distribution meters we measure the consumption with the most advanced meters. ••We forward large amount of information backward to a WEB based data center. ••We analyze the information in real time and forward it to you with the most advanced user friendly information system that includes different settings of alarms in accordance with your presetting parameter setting! Objectives / Target companies Water Electricity and Gas Utilities, Water meter manufacturers, Billing companies. Category: AMR for Water Electricity & Gas Sub Category: Analyzers and control systems, Renewable energy, R&D, Water resources management Contact: Danny Chrust | danny.chrust@niskotelematics.com www.niskotelematics.com 18Back to Index
  19. 19. Objectives / Target companies Our customers are municipal and governmental entities. We would like to meet with integrators to help up distribute the products and solutions. Category: Analyzers and control systems, R&D, Water resources management, Water security www.ommyx.com Company profile Year of establishment: 2007 No. of employees: 7 Background of the company ommyx Ltd. aims to be a world leader of flexible end-to-end supervisory control and data acquisition systems for the management of water and effluent systems. ommyx offers the Software as a Service (SaaS) business model for the ommyx management system, along a multi-protocol remote unit, capable of connecting any telemetry and sensing equipment to the system. ommyx offers advanced real-time data analysis and decision support systems that will assist the decision makers within the municipal environment and result in more informed decisions. ommyx’s initial target is the small and medium-size utility and municipality markets. Examples of projects ••Early flood monitoring system in the Chicago area ••Cathodic protection monitoring for PEI in Israel ••Fuel tank monitoring in Afghanistan Technologies & products ommyx provides a flexible, real time water management system for remote monitoring and analysis of data. The ommyx platform consists of a remote unit that interfaces with any sensor, a communication device that sends that data registered by the sensor via wireless network and a management SaaS application that collects the data, analyzes it and presents it in an easy to understand, friendly way. The system is also capable of sending processed information via the web in the form of online, e-mail and SMS alerts. The ommyx management system (OMS) is a comprehensive SaaS package. It is a powerful web-based application that efficiently processes and analyzes data. The application consists of the main program and measuring instrument modules, as well as a built-in database and a flexible and user-friendly report generator. The OMS gathers information received from multiple sensors and devices, analyzes the data, and delivers the information to decision makers and on-site staff members via cell phones, PDAs, hand- held devices, SMS and e-mail, as well as by direct web-access from any device. At the other end of the system is the omni 247 remote unit an embedded hardware assembly with multiple and flexible communication capabilities, that comes as a stand-alone unit that connects to any sensor already on site, or with a sensor integrated into the unit, depending on the customers’ needs. Put together, the OMS and omni 247 provide a highly flexible, extremely cost effective end-to-end solution for organizations looking to instate or upgrade a supervisory control and data acquisition system with decision support system components. SCADA and DSS systems are generally considered high-end expensive solutions, and are therefore not widely prevalent among the large market segment of small size water utilities, municipalities and water and wastewater service providers. ommyx is turning these critical systems into an affordable option for these segments. 19Back to Index
  20. 20. Category: Analyzers and control systems Sub Category: Drinking water, Industrial waste treatment, Waste water treatment, Desalination, Water security www.pml.co.il Company profile Year of establishment: 2004 No. of employees: 16 in Israel and Canada Background of the company PML is an electro optical start-up company, that aims at becoming a leader in ON-LINE, IN-PROCESS particle-monitoring, in Cleantech, water applications, and other specific industries. The PML’s technology is based upon a patented method of interaction between particles and structured laser light beam. Examples of projects PML has successfully completed a 2 years project with one of the world’s largest company for the development of a special nano-particle sizing of the slurry being used for chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) of wafers. It also successfully completed a project with FIAT and another company that dealt with the development of nano sensors to monitor engine pollutant emission. Technologies & products A unique structured, “dark” laser beam, interacting with the particles. The technology enables automatic, continuous on-line monitoring of particle sizes (including nano-particles) and concentrations, in air and water before and after filtration. The system also automatically differentiates between particles categories, such as clay, carbon, algae, germs, parasites, submicron viruses and more, according to their optical properties, by employing machine learning tools on the laser-particle interaction signal. The system is compact; offers high sensitivity and resolution in a wide particle size and concentration range. Unique competitive advantages of the pml technology: ••Detects particle size range down to the nano level ••Provides satisfactory resolution & concentration range ••Discriminates among groups of particles ••Measures particle in liquid & gas (wet and dry) ••Has only a small foot-print ••Robust for harsh conditions Objectives / Target companies A company that deals with air and / or water on- line monitoring or search for an on-line particle monitoring technologies of air and / or water (potable, industrial, waste, desalination, ultra-pure water, oiland gas and CMP slurries). Specific area of activity of the partner: Water and /or air filtration, water and/or air monitoring, waste water treatment and recycling. Lakes and river quality control. Water security, and recycled water that is used for oil and oil sand extraction. 20Back to Index
  21. 21. Company profile SolidAT is a leading manufacturer of advanced level sensors and wireless level measurement solutions to major industrial customers and organizations world-wide. SolidAT’s core competency is derived from developing, manufacturing and marketing Ultrasonic level transmitters based on its patented technology. Our level sensors are employed for continuous measurement in process tanks, storage vessels, rivers and outdoor water pools in factory plants and unattended sites. Some of our level meters are specially designed for open channel flow applications with a predefined list of flumes and totalization calculation. SolidAT focuses on cellular based wireless level monitoring solutions (M2M) for applications such as River flood alert, water reservoir management, municipal sewer monitoring and flood control as well as remote site fuel tank management. Year of establishment: 2000 Number of employees: 20 Background of the company privately owned. Member of the Solidgroup. Examples of projects flood alert and water reservoir management in India and north America, municipal sewer monitoring in Israel, water treatment plants, pumping stations, sewer facilities etc.- globally. Technologies & products General description: Ultrasonic continuous level sensors for measuring liquids, open channel flow, and dust free solids Wireless remote level measurement. Function of the product(s): SolidScan® family of Products supports a full range of process monitoring and storage level measurement applications. From Short range 2-wire blind units (up to 5 meters measuring range) to long range 4-wire 2-part systems (up to 40 meters measuring range) with Relays for pump operation, alarm, Flow Totalization counting and more. GSM wireless monitoring based on SMS messaging or GPRS for monitoring and alert from remote locations such as water reservoirs, rivers, dams, municipal sewer pits and remote fuel tanks. Objectives / Target companies: System integrators, OEM partners, Distributors, Municipalities, Manufacturing Plants. Category: Water resources management Sub Category: Analyzers and control systems, Waste water treatment, Desalination www.solidat.com 21Back to Index
  22. 22. Company profile TaKaDu is the global leader in Water Network Monitoring, providing a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for water utilities. TaKaDu’s solution detects, classifies, alerts and provides real-time insight on leaks, bursts, network breaches, faulty meters and other inefficiencies. The solution is based on complex statistical and mathematical algorithms which analyze online data from existing meters within the network (flow, pressure, etc) in conjunction with external data (weather, holidays, etc). TaKaDu’s patented technology is easy to deploy, requiring no network changes, no additional devices and no capital expenditure. The service is in commercial use by leading water utilities worldwide, served through a global network of partners and resellers. The TaKaDu team is comprised of top-notch scientists with vast data analytics experience, alongside seasoned executives from global software leaders. TaKaDu is a founding member of SWAN (Smart Water Networks forum). The company is the winner of many industry awards, including the prestigious Technology Pioneer 2011 award from the World Economic Forum. Year of establishment: January 2009 No. of employees: 35 Background of the company Based in Israel, TaKaDu was founded by Amir Peleg, an experienced high-tech entrepreneur and a top-notch team of Computer Science and Math Ph.Ds, as well as software market veterans. Prior to founding TaKaDu, Amir’s previous company, YaData, was acquired by Microsoft in 2008. Solution General Description TaKaDu’s solution takes SCADA readings (flow, pressure, quality and other measurements) and GIS data about the water network, cleans them of “noise” and constructs a model of how the water network behaves, adjusting for the day of the week, hour, seasonality and operations and maintenance activity. It then monitors the network to detect anomalies based on that model and alerts when they happen. This lets water utilities “see” the network and detect leaks and other anomalies before they become much larger operational issues. ••The solution requires no network changes and uses existing historical and real-time online data ••Leaks are detected before they become bursts, since the solution is sensitive to relatively small changes ••Alerts are also provided when sensors, meters and operations malfunction ••The solution can monitor “blind spots” where sector or DMA water balance methods cannot work ••The solution is provided as a Software-as-a-Service: no installation or IT support is required. After the data is securely passed to TaKaDu, TaKaDu presents water utility staff with web-based reports showing water network behaviour and alerts upon anomalies or leaks. TaKaDu’s monitoring service is used by utilities worldwide, from Australia to Latin America, providing real alerts about leaks, bursts and other issues, such as faulty meters and network configuration problems. Solution Benefits and Value TaKaDu’s unique approach helps monitor the network’s “blind spots” more effectively, control water loss, find more leak events and identify many small leaks before they become large. TaKaDu’s ability to find faulty meters is in and of itself a major benefit. Most importantly, TaKaDu’s system doesn’t require any physical network or equipment investment on the utility side. Benefits include the ability to: ••Reduce and mitigate the need to replace network infrastructure ••Save water lost to network issues through leaks and bursts ••Save energy and other inputs wasted by producing water that is then lost to network inefficiencies ••Prevent “Network Events”, e.g. energy wasted without water loss in pressure zone boundary breaches ••Reduce dependence on new water sources, as current sources will be more effectively utilized. Even with well-established active leakage control practices, TaKaDu is proven increase water networks’ efficiency through detection ofmany network events, water loss events and other issues, often without prior notification by existing monitoring methods. Category: Water Network Monitoring www.takadu.com Objectives / Target companies Water utilities that are interested in TaKaDu’s solution. 22Back to Index
  23. 23. Category: Analyzers and control systems, Drinking water, Industrial waste treatment, Water security, Water resources management www.w-water.com Company profile Whitewater Technologies is a leading provider of smart water network management solutions to utilities and industrials. Year of establishment: 2007 No. of employees: 62 Background of the company Our offerings focus on unlocking available capital through increasing operating efficiency. The technology serves the needs of the entire organization through knowledge sharing, managing workflows, optimizing plant and distribution operations, enabling total management of water quality, and critical security awareness. The principal is simple, we use data that already exists in utilities information and operational technology environments to increase network efficiency. Our team of leading scientists and solution experts, combined with a strong partnership network, will help your organization monetize existing data. Examples of projects ••Akron - WaterWallTM ••Philadelphia Water Department - BlueBoxTM ••Hgihon, Jerusalem - WaterwallTM Technologies & products General description: ••WaterWallTM Water Network Management Solution - A platform based software solution for smart water network management. By focusing on the synchronization of relevant discrete and continuous data feeds, the solution’s configurable application packages enable knowledge sharing, workflow management, optimization and automation of operations, and the assurance of water quality and security. ••BlueBoxTM Intelligent Water Analytics System - A sophisticated self-learning water analytics software tool which supplements SCADA’s ability to analyze continuous data streams in real-time. Through a unique process of learning how combinations of water quality parameters interact with operational and mechanical parameters, the system provides insights on distribution network behavior. ••CheckLight Online - An online continuous toxicity analyzer, using non-pathogenic luminescent bacteria as living sensors. Objectives / Target companies We would like to find more opportunities for commercial engagement with water utilities and industrials from around the world. As a sales strategy we prefer to work indirectly in most markets, and as such are looking to open new strategic channels with business partners, with which we will be able to join forces and go to market together. 23Back to Index
  24. 24. www.israelnewtech.gov.il | www.trade.gov.il | www.investinisrael.gov.il | www.export.gov.il