November 13th 2009 Es Baluard Outing
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November 13th 2009 Es Baluard Outing






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November 13th 2009 Es Baluard Outing November 13th 2009 Es Baluard Outing Presentation Transcript

  • 13 th November Es Baluard outing
    • Which exhibition was advertised in the vertical red banner on the right?
    • Did you like it?
    • What did you think of the room where the Garden of Eden was exhibited?
    • Think of an adjective to describe the atmosphere of the room.
  • Going inside the building
    • Do you like the way the new building is integrated in the old walls?
    • What kind of materials did the architects use?
  • Up the ramp on our way to the roof
    • What are the buildings you can see in the background like?
    • What did you learn about the city walls and how they were preserved?
    • Why was part of the wall destroyed and then rebuilt?
  • Enjoying the view and listening to the story of the city walls
    • What can you see in the background of this picture?
    • What was the purpose of walls in old cities?
    • What new uses can we give to those walls?
    • One of the busiest circular streets in Palma follows the outline of the old walls, which street is it?
  • Panoramic view from the roof: towards the west. I n the background you can see the Bellver castle.
    • What is the name of the green wooded area that surrounds it?
    • What is the name of the bird standing on top of the bastion tower?
    • What are the buildings in the western part of the sea front like?
  • From the roof, towards the east.
      In the background you can see the cathedral. Well, in fact the cathedral is partially covered by 5 iron cubes that obstruct its view.
    • Do you know the name of the sculpture?
    • Who made it?
    • Do you like it?
    • Do you think it is a good idea to alter the facade of the historic city this way?
  • Listening attentively to the explanations
    • How do you say these words in Catalan and in Spanish?
    • canvas,
    • Oil painting
    • landscape
    • What was the name of the painting the guide was presenting?
  • Some of the artworks
      Museums have changed a lot in recent years, now you can visit museums on line, as Emili told you to do in his post. You can also find out more about an artist you like. If you liked this brush building, you can visit Dennis Oppenhein website:
  • These are some of the abstract concepts you had to match with artworks. Can you think of any others? Tension Violence Identity Ritual Memory Power Paradox
  • Is this up side down church in Palma?
    • This sculpture is by the same artist who made the building brush.
    • Did you see a similar one in the street on your way to the museum?
    • Do you like the idea of having artworks displayed in the city?
    • Who should pay for that?
    • Are they in a public or in a private space?
  • Learning: bollard,norai, noray, scaffold, bastida, andamio.
    • Walking in the city we all learnt new things: look at the beautiful blue bollard in the photo. Rafel and Nuria told you why there were bollards in a square by the Consolat del Mar.
    • Do you remember the name of that square?
    • What did Rafel tell you about the sculpture in the fountain?
    • We could not see La Llotja, it was covered by scaffolds. Did you see any other scaffolds in other buildings?