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Restructuring Human Resources
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Restructuring Human Resources


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Published in: News & Politics, Business
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  • 1. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION VOL. 32 NO. 2 FEBRUARY 2009 INSIDE: PA TIMES PA TIMES IMMIGRATION: ISSUES IMPACTING ADMINISTRATION Local Immigration Policies Complicate Comprehensive Immigration Reform Efforts 3 32 Years • 1977-2009 A Powerful Voice for Public Service . . . Seemingly everyone agrees on the need for immigration reform. Democrats and Republicans, liberals President Obama Takes Historic Oath and conservatives, media pundits and scholars, those who want more open borders and those who advocate more restrictive policies have all January 20, 2009–Washington, identified shortcomings with current D.C.–During the Nation’s 56th federal policies and practices.–Nadia Presidential Inauguration, Barack Rubaii-Barrett Obama takes the oath of office as the 44th U.S. President with his Illegal Medical Care and wife, Michelle and daughters License Registration? 4 Malia and Sasha at his side. The change in administration in Michele Obama holds the Bible Washington will certainly be used by President Abraham confronted with the pressing issues Lincoln. Obama, America's first facing our nation: The economy, African-American resident, said in bailouts, jobless rates climbing, and his inaugural address that the the illegal immigration issues. Two of nation must choose 'hope over the areas of concern for public fear, unity of purpose over administrators will be focusing on conflict and discord' to overcome whether to provide health care benefits and license registrations to the worst economic crisis since illegal immigrants living in the the Great Depression. (J. Conrad United States.–David Milen Williams Jr./Newsday/ Immigration’s Moral Challenge 5 Unfortunately, when institutions are unjust, or worse, many people working within them fail to perceive what is happening. Unexamined prejudices squelch doubts, as does the deep-seated emotional stake that people, especially Americans, have in Experts Sound Alarm Over believing that the social order around Bergrud Wins them is morally defensible. –Christopher Daniel ASPA Election! America's Ability to Compete Some Personal Reflections on Immigration 6 I was born in San Diego, CA. My Recommendations Offered for Improving mother is from Mexico and my father is from Costa Rica, Central America. My parents immigrated to the United Competitiveness of U.S. Education System States in the 1960s. My father became a naturalized U.S. citizen while my Washington, DC–Underscoring the link action and outlines what states and the mother is a permanent resident with a between a world-class education and a federal government must do to ensure U.S. Green Card that serves as proof of her sound U.S. economy, leading education students receive a world-class education legal resident status in the United experts issued a report offering sweeping that provides expanded opportunities for States.–Abraham David Benavides recommendations to internationally college and career success. Insights on Perf. Mgmt. 7 benchmark educational performance. The Advisory Group was convened by three Solutions for Public Managers 9 The report, quot;Benchmarking for Success: of the nation’s leading education policy Ensuring U.S. Students Receive a World- organizations–the National Governors An Ethics Moment 12 class Educationquot; released by the Association, Council of Chief State School Where Things Stand 13 International Benchmarking Advisory Officers and Achieve, Inc.–and consists of Mayors Say Local Group,provides states a roadmap for governors, state commissioners of education, ASPA TIMES benchmarking their K-12 education systems representatives from the business community, against those of top-performing nations. Infrastructure Bergrud Elected The report explains the urgent need for See EDUCATION, pg. 2 ASPA Vice President 15 Projects are ASPA National Council Tips for Local Governments on Election Results 15 Ready-To-Go PRESIDENT’S COLUMN 16 How to Navigate Fiscal Crisis New Members 18 Action Urged on MainStreet ASPA in Brief 19 Economic Recovery Report Gives Strategies for Local Governments to Address Crisis Career Center 22-23 Washington, DC–The nation’s mayors today Washington, DC/Phoenix, AZ–Cities, towns, Leaders,” analyzes previous recessions and Congressional Testimony 24 released the third installment of their and counties throughout the United States highlights the actions local governments Ready-to-Go Jobs Report that inventories Recruiter 25 face the deepest and most severe economic have taken to alleviate such crises in the infrastructure projects from cities around the downturn in 50 years. For the first time in past. Commissioned by ICMA, the organiza- country that could be started and completed Commentary 26 in just two calendar years to create over a the postwar era, the crisis has dramatically tion that advances professional local govern- Conferences Calendar 28 million jobs with help from federal dollars. affected all levels of government, and ment management worldwide; and extraordinary action is required to maintain developed by researchers at the Alliance for Mayors are reporting that in 641 cities of critical public services in the face of Innovation (a partnership of ICMA, the all sizes in all regions of the country, a dwindling revenues. Innovation Groups, and Arizona State total of 15,221 local infrastructure projects For more information on how to be University), the report explains how many published in PA TIMES, please contact are quot;ready to go.quot; These projects represent A new report, “Navigating the Fiscal Crisis: Christine Jewett McCrehin at Tested Strategies for Local Government See LOCAL GOVERNMENT, pg. 12 See INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS, pg. 2
  • 2. PAGE 2 PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Report Calls for State and Federal Action on Education System Success is a call to action and provides a tional context to ensure that students are made progress on racial achievement gaps From EDUCATION, pg. 1 receiving the education they need to clear path to follow.quot; since 1999. compete in the 21st century economy. researchers, former federal officials and The Advisory Group identified five As recently as 1995, America still tied for current state and local officials. transformative steps American education quot;The world will always recognize talent, first in the percentage of college-age needs to undergo to produce more no matter where it resides. To be globally people who obtain a bachelor’s degree; International benchmarking will help state globally competitive students: competitive and ensure long term however, by 2006, the country had policymakers identify the qualities and economic growth, all U.S. students need dropped to 14th. That same year the characteristics of education systems that • Upgrade state standards by adopting a an internationally benchmarked college- United States had the highest college best prepare students for success in the common core of internationally and career-ready education,quot; said Craig dropout rate of 19 industrialized countries. global marketplace. Understanding these benchmarked standards in math and Barrett, Chairman of the Board at Intel intricacies will provide state leaders the language arts for grades K-12; In addition to the actions above, the report Corporation. quot;We must do better for our insights necessary to ensure U.S. students reiterates the importance of a strong state- • Leverage states’ collective influence to students. They need strong content are receiving a world-class education and federal partnership for improving U.S. ensure textbooks, digital media, curricula knowledge, especially in mathematics and provide students with expanded opportu- competitiveness and offers suggestions for and assessments are aligned to interna- science, critical thinking, problem solving nities for college and career success. how the federal government can support tionally benchmarked standards and draw and communications skills to innovate and incentivize states’ international on lessons from high-performing nations; quot;We are now living in a world without and create solutions for the complex benchmarking efforts. borders, and in order to maintain challenges of the 21st century.quot; • Revise state policies for recruiting, America’s competitive edge into the The Advisory Group’s expertise and preparing, developing and supporting International benchmarking is crucial for future we need students who are prepared experience helped identify the need for teachers and school leaders to reflect the the United States to remain competitive to compete not only with their American international comparisons and provided quot;human capitalquot; practices of top-perform- on a global scale. The U.S. is losing its peers, but with students from all across guidance for benchmarking state ing nations and states around the world; historic edge in educational attainment the globe for the jobs of tomorrow,quot; said education system practices in areas such and international assessments routinely • Hold schools and systems accountable Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, co-chair of as standards, accountability, educator show America behind other nations. through monitoring, interventions and the Advisory Group. workforce and assessments. The Advisory support to ensure consistently high In the most recent Trends in International Group is also co-chaired by Arizona Gov. quot;The time is now–we must ensure that our performance, drawing upon international Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) Janet Napolitano, Georgia Gov. Sonny students are prepared to compete and best practices; and released earlier this month, U.S. eighth Perdue and Craig Barrett, chair of the innovate in the 21st century,quot; said Arizona graders were significantly outscored by board at Intel Corporation. • Measure state-level education perform- Gov. Janet Napolitano, co-chair of the peers in five nations in mathematics and ance globally by examining student Advisory Group. quot;Benchmarking for For more information, visit nine nations in science. The U.S. has not achievement and attainment in an interna- Local Infrastructure Projects Could Provide Jobs for Over a Million As an organization that represents mayors • Green Jobs Community Development Block Grant, From INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS, pg. 1 and their cities–which have their own local which has been in place since the early • School Modernization process for determining which projects are 1970s and is considered to be a model for • Public Safety Jobs and Technology an infrastructure investment of needed for jobs and economic develop- effective delivery of federal funds. • Public Housing Modernization $96,638,419,313 that would be capable of ment–the United States Conference of • Water and Wastewater Infrastructure To view the entire report and individual producing an estimated 1,221,677 jobs in Mayors has accepted each city’s project • Amtrak city results, visit calendar years 2009 and 2010. These are submittal. Hence, each Mayor and City is • Airport Technology the cumulative totals of projects, required responsible for its justification for putting funding, and jobs to be created that have Mayors have stressed that investing in these projects forward. been reported in the three surveys of cities MainStreet metropolitan economies, The mayors' report combines the cumula- Want to subscribe conducted by the Conference of Mayors. which comprise 90 percent of our gross tive totals of projects, funding and jobs domestic product and drive the national Mayors believe their plan responds to from the two surveys previously released to PA TIMES? economy, is the most direct path to President Obama’s goal of creating 2.5 by the Conference with this survey creating jobs and stimulating the business million jobs to spur the national economy. information. Projects were sent to the that can begin to reverse the current A 16-mayor delegation from the Conference of Mayors from cities in all economic downturn. Mayors say metro regions of the country and fall in ten Conference of Mayors, chaired by USCM infrastructure projects can start quickly different sectors: Vice President Greg Nickels of Seattle Click on PA TIMES because the funding for them can come met in Chicago recently with then • Community Development Block Grants directly to their cities through existing President-Elect Obama and his Senior • City Street/Metro Roads funding channels such as the Advisor Valerie Jarrett to discuss the plan. • Transit Advertise in PA TIMES PA TIMES Advertising: PA TIMES features several advertising avenues: Display Advertising is available to announce conferences, educational programs, publications, products, etc. and The Recruiter lists employment opportunities. ASPA reserves the right to edit text to conform with the layout and design of this newspaper. Editor-in-Chief: Antoinette Samuel, ASPA Executive Director Volume 32, Number 2 Display Advertising* Employment Advertising in The Recruiter** Editor: Christine Jewett McCrehin February 2009 Print Only Full page (10.2” x 13.75”) $1050 Editorial Board: Russell Williams (2004-09), chair; $1.45/word PA TIMES is a tabloid Half page vertical (5” x 13.75”) $660 $1.25/word (print only ad to run for 3 consecutive months) x 3 Timothy Clark (2008-10); Jonathan Justice (2003-11); Kathryn newspaper published 11 times a Half page horizontal (10.2” x 6.75”) $660 Print and Online Combo Kloby (2008-11); Saundra Reinke (2005-09); Michelle Sager (This charge is in addition to the $250 fee for online advertising) year by the American Society for Quarter page (5” x 6.75”) $440 (2008-10); William E. Solomon (2003-09); Becky Schergens $.99/word (for print version of ad running on web site) Eighth page (5” x 3.5”) $220 Public Administration (ASPA), a (2008-10); Dwight Vick (2007-09). $.86/word (for print version of ad running on web site) x 3 not-for-profit corporation. For Multiple-run Discount Rates, March International Online Only * Note: Board member terms listed in parentheses. $250.00 for three months with unlimited wording. Supplement Rates and October Education Supplement Advertising and subscription See: Subscriptions: Domestic subscriptions are available at Rates, email information appear in the box to $50 per year first class delivery. Foreign subscriptions Additional Print Advertising Fees the right. $10–logo • $10–border are $75 per year international air delivery. (Subscriptions must be prepaid, U.S. dollars). Contact Jeannie Jeffries at ©2009 American Society for *Display advertising rates apply to advertiser-provided, camera-ready art. A $100 typesetting fee occurs for Public Administration ads that are submitted as text only or in an nonreproducable form. Job advertisements may not be Single Copies: of PA TIMeS are available for $1.50 each submitted as display advertising. 1301 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, (1-10) and 75¢ each (over 10). Contact Jeannie Jeffries Ste. 840, Washington, DC 20004 **All job advertisements placed in The Recruiter must be text only and are billed at a minimum of 200 at (703) 209-0560 (phone) words. The Recruiter does not accept display advertising. All job advertisements must indicate that the Reprint Requests: Contact Christine Jewett McCrehin employers offer equal employment opportunity. (703) 991-4916 (fax) (e-mail) ASPA’s Advertising cancellation policy: Cancellations will be billed full price. Article Submission/Author Guidelines: Contact On the Internet: Send Display ads and insertion orders to: Christine Jewett McCrehin at Send Recruiter ads and insertion orders to:
  • 3. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 PAGE 3 Immigration: Issues Impacting Administration SPECIAL SECTION Local Immigration Policies Complicate Comprehensive Immigration Reform Efforts Nadia Rubaii-Barrett immigration, greater language and At one end of the continuum are those Issuing identification cards to anyone who cultural diversity among recent immigrant communities that have declared themselves wants one–including undocumented populations, and more divergent settle- a sanctuary for immigrants. Cities and immigrants–is a strategy that a small Seemingly everyone agrees on the need for ment patterns that extend outside of counties in more than 20 states have number of localities have adopted, most immigration reform. Democrats and traditional gateway cities combined to adopted policies that prioritize the human notably San Francisco, California, and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, place many local government officials in rights of individuals over their legal status. New Haven, Connecticut. These ID cards media pundits and scholars, those who a position where they could not wait any These policies prohibit local government have a photo and list the individual’s want more open borders and those who longer for the federal government to employees from identifying, reporting, or name, address, date of birth and a unique advocate more restrictive policies have all reform immigration policy. detaining immigrants or otherwise doing identifying number; notably, they do not identified shortcomings with current the work of federal immigration officials in indicate immigration status. federal policies and practices. While it was the absence of a warrant. not a central tenant of the Obama The ID cards are intended to benefit both Directly or indirectly they candidacy, the new president has expressed In sharp contrast, local ordinances in more the individuals and the community. support for comprehensive reform that [Obama Administration] will than a dozen states have adopted strong Individuals can use the cards to access reduces lengthy administrative backlogs anti-immigrant policies with aggressive city services and as proof of identity for have to respond to the and balances enforcement with an overhaul enforcement provisions. Officials in these opening bank accounts; in turn, the local of admission criteria and numerical limits communities express concerns about illegal government receives income from the fees tapestry of state and local to better reflect 21st century global politi- immigrants driving down wages and taking charged for the cards and is able to cal and economic realities. jobs from citizens, engaging in criminal immigration policies that document a more accurate population activity, overburdening public health In policy formulation the devil is in the count thereby making their communities have been adopted in the systems, and flaunting the rule of law by details, and immigration policy is no eligible for larger entitlement grants. entering or remaining in the country exception. There has been no shortage of intervening years while In many communities with large migrant illegally. Frustrated by inadequate federal immigration reform proposals, but or immigrant populations, local govern- enforcement, they have enacted policies crafting comprehensive policy changes Washington failed to act. ments collaborate with a network of intended to identify and drive out illegal that could secure sufficient bipartisan community support organizations to immigrants and to punish those who would support has proven to be politically address the needs and interests of new The challenges facing local governments infeasible in recent decades. provide them with housing or jobs. in responding to increasing numbers of arrivals through cultural and educational The election of President Obama along These local ordinances may impose fines immigrants have been exacerbated by activities, employment support, health with Democratic majorities in both the on landlords who rent to undocumented outdated federal policies, inconsistent services, and cultural competence House of Representatives and the Senate immigrants or deny business licenses to federal enforcement practices, and insuffi- training. Some communities have would appear to create a window of companies who employ them. They may cient redistribution of resources to local constructed, funded and/or operated day opportunity for successful passage of also prohibit the display of foreign flags governments. As towns, cities, villages labor centers or hiring halls, while others comprehensive reform. However, a number unless they are accompanied by U.S. and counties in all states have experienced have banned such facilities or the use of of recent changes regarding intergovern- flags, or encourage residents to report the challenges of immigration–both legal public funds to support the facilities. mental roles and responsibilities in the area their neighbors if they have suspicions and illegal–they have adopted a myriad of Some local governments have established immigration policy–specifically the about immigration status. Local officials local policies. Some local policies are their own agencies for immigration multitude of local policies that have been designed to protect immigrants from what are required to check immigration status services or immigrant relations; while enacted–will complicate this task. are perceived to be unfair federal laws before providing local services, and local other local governments have simply and assist them, regardless of their legal law enforcement are required to submit Immigration policy is widely recognized developed formal procedures for referring status, with assimilation and integration. the names of all persons arrested through to be a national government prerogative, immigrants to nonprofit and religious a federal database to determine citizenship but Washington has demonstrated an Other local policies vigorously seek to organizations for assistance. even in the absence of suspicion about inability to fully carry out these responsi- identify and remove those who lack immigration status. bilities. In the absence of effective federal In the current environment, neighboring proper documentation and are intended to policies many state and local governments communities often have strikingly differ- send a strong message to immigrants, In between these two extremes are a range have felt compelled to enact policies of ent policies regarding immigrants. Such particularly undocumented immigrants, of other local government policies. Many their own. Increasing rates and levels of inconsistencies make it difficult for that they are not welcome. local governments have stopped short of immigrants, both legal and undocu- adopting local immigration ordinances and mented, as well as businesses, both small have instead signed Memoranda of and large, whose activities may cross Understanding (MOUs) with the jurisdictional boundaries. These divergent Department of Homeland Security to local policies will also complicate the task receive immigration-related training and to of federal policy makers who seek to enforce immigration laws. Under these enact comprehensive immigration reform. federal 287(g) programs, local officials The MARCH 2009 PA TIMES may be authorized to interview inmates in As the Obama Administration works with city and county jails to determine probable special section is titled: congressional leaders to formulate new cause for violation of immigration laws immigration policies, they will do so and to begin the deportation process. within the complex and changing intergovernmental web of policies. Language barriers often create consider- Directly or indirectly they will have to able challenges for local governments respond to the tapestry of state and local dealing with new immigrant populations. immigration policies that have been The response of some local governments Diversity Revisited adopted in the intervening years while has been to adopt English-only policies, Washington failed to act. with or without corresponding investments in ESL or ESOL classes to help non- ASPA member Nadia Rubaii-Barrett is an English speakers improve their proficiency. associate professor and chair of the department of public administration in the Other local governments have provided College of Community and Public Affairs incentives to new and existing employees There is still space available for advertising and articles. at Binghamton University. email: to become bilingual or multilingual and some have gone so far as to guarantee Deadline for both is FEBRUARY 20, 2009 non-English speakers the right to Contact: access local services and programs in their native language as a way to facilitate greater and more meaningful participation in local government.
  • 4. PAGE 4 PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Immigration: Issues Impacting Administration SPECIAL SECTION Illegal Medical Care and License Registration? David Milen emergency rooms in particular are losing sell insurance to anyone who does not have driver’s certificate, but this legislation has a validated state driver’s license. failed on numerous occasions. millions of dollars each year due to this increasing issue. The change in administration in The moral and ethical dilemma arises once There are several states that do not require Washington will certainly be confronted again when motorists are involved in an proving legal status (Utah, Michigan, Future Implications and Solutions with the pressing issues facing our nation: accident, there is no insurance coverage by Hawaii, and Maine to name a few) in As this crisis increases, both hospital and The economy, bailouts, jobless rates one party, and the burden then falls on the order to obtain a driver’s license. The public administrators will have made some climbing, and the illegal immigration motorist who has been covered by a possible values of allowing illegal aliens moral and ethical choices surrounding issues. Two of the areas of concern for company’s policy. The question arises the opportunity to obtain a license are illegal immigrants, budgets, and overall public administrators will be focusing on regarding life safety and payment issues. safer highways and lower insurance rates survival of the health care system. Many whether to provide health care benefits due to fewer accidents. Opponents for the may pose the question, “How can we fix It is quite possible for the benefit of life and license registrations to illegal legalization of this action feel it entices this?” It may be in the best interest of safety and monetary issues that illegal immigrants living in the United States. undocumented immigrants to enter the public administrators to look at what the aliens should be permitted to obtain country and cause further stress and follow-up care costs may be after initially There has been much discussion insurance on a vehicle. This assists pressures upon the system and highways. surrounding these topics at all levels of motorists along in the process of hospital government, but the government has been visits and repairs that may be necessary to Suggestions and Solutions Homeland Security estimates dealing with cost issues surrounding refurbish the vehicle that was damaged. The newly elected administration will medical care and treatment of illegal On the other hand, there is an issue with have much to address in the next four there are 22 million illegal aliens throughout the nation. Homeland having illegal aliens behind the wheel of a years. The issues and policies surrounding Security estimates there are 22 million motor vehicle without proper state identi- immigration will need to be positively aliens in the United States illegal aliens in the United States and fication or licensure from the Bureau of influenced by the US government and billions of dollars are being spent on both and billions of dollars are Motor Vehicles. public policy developers. A common medical care/treatment and license policy for immigration reform, issuing Licensed to Drive? being spent on both medical registration infringements. licenses, and permitting insurance Although in some states the opportunity purchases are foundations to build upon care/treatment and license Priority Issues to purchase insurance may be available for future considerations for all stakehold- and allowed, there may be issues ers involved. The US needs to lead by Medical Care registration infringements. surrounding an illegal alien applying for a example and create stability to an increas- There are federal laws that provide states driver’s license. The State of Illinois, for ing issue and ongoing issue. with incentives to provide Medicaid example, does not allow illegal aliens to coverage to illegal immigrants. Many treating the patient, and creating a policy have a license nor operate a motor vehicle ASPA member David Milen is interim hospitals in America are not able to whereby other countries would accept legally under the current laws. Attempts program director at the School of Public absorb the costs included in the treatment medical transfers for their own citizens have been made to pass legislation Policy and Administration at Walden and care of illegal immigrants. Many based on the treatments at the U.S. hospital. allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a University. email: states and hospitals don’t check to see the It will take more than simple documenta- status of the patient (legal or illegal) tion and creation of public policy. The causing a strain on the system and forcing stakeholders that are involved in the many hospitals to close their doors due to system such as INS, families of those who the inability to sustain operations and lack were treated at the hospital, attorneys, and of finances. On the other hand, there are the foreign countries where the patient millions of legal immigrants and US may have traveled to the US. A common citizens that are not able to afford health Provost’s Fellowship at program and policy must be developed care coverage and must risk living that does not reflect such a variety of without these benefits. Florida Atlantic University acceptance or non-acceptance depending Some states are considering passing on state or region with the US. legislation to adopt a law allowing illegal Illegal Vehicle Insurance and Licensure immigrants to obtain health care coverage This $2,500 fellowship will be awarded to two and permit them to have necessary Vehicle Insurance of the leading applicants to the FAU doctoral operations, treatments, and procedures Another issue change advocates will have program for Fall 2009. To be eligible students done in hospitals. The concerns arise to address with policy and procedures is must apply for admission to the FAU Ph.D. when billions of dollars are being lost illegal aliens and vehicle insurance. The program in Public Administration. Fellowship within the health care industry, jobs are growing number of illegal aliens without is automatically renewable for a second year, being lost, and continual lack of available vehicle insurance, driving without proper facilities is becoming a pressing issue. and is on top of the normal doctoral fellowship identification, and becoming involved in which provides: motor vehicle accidents is increasing. Many emergency rooms are forced to close their doors due to the inability to There are some states, California, for $16,000 per year stipend afford the outlay of monies in an effort to example, that do not have a set policy or $22,000 in tuition and fees (approx. 90 provide medical treatment for illegal law in place indicating insurance percent of total) aliens. Most hospitals and facilities appear companies are not permitted to sell to have a budget set aside specifically for insurance to an illegal alien. Thus, the Florida Atlantic University the treatment of illegal immigrants, More information about the FAU Ph.D. pro- School of Public Administration opportunity exists for illegal aliens to have FAU/BCC Higher Education Complex however, the funds set aside for illegal gram, its faculty, and its emphases in Public motor vehicle insurance prior to getting 111 East Las Olas Boulevard immigrants are far above expectations and behind the wheel. On the hand, there are Policy, Organizational Studies, Budgeting & Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 the available funding. Hospitals and many insurance companies who will not Finance, and Public Administration Theory & Phone: (954) 762-5650 Inquiry are available at: Fax: (954) 762-5673 E-mail: To apply on-line, go on the Graduate College link at: Have you visited SCHOOL OF PUBLIC ASPA’s website lately? ADMINISTRATION
  • 5. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 PAGE 5 Immigration: Issues Impacting Administration SPECIAL SECTION Immigration’s Moral Challenge Christopher Daniel Meanwhile, social workers and public many beneficiaries of the DREAM Act states, by laws prohibiting unauthorized health professionals implement punitive would be Mexican-Americans. As the immigrants from obtaining licenses. Such directives that Congress imposed on English speaking products of U.S. school- laws have not eliminated states’ dependence The immigration conundrum is an immigrants in the mid-1990s. Following ing and poplar culture, many of those on those immigrants’ labor, nor have the extraordinarily multifaceted technical the law, professionals make care available youth have no memories of ever having measures obviated the need for those problem. Research organizations such as to immigrant children who are U.S. lived outside of the United States. workers to learn the rules of American the Migration Policy Institute Citizens while denying it to their slightly road. Instead, both immigrants and public ( publish high older siblings who are undocumented safety are harmed by the restrictions. quality studies and ASPA members can persons or Legal Permanent Residents. contribute expertise to on-going debates. The third challenge facing officials is the Just as the mid-twentieth The need for immigration reform also Economists acknowledge the contributions need for them to address expressions of presents ASPA with a moral challenge, century Black Civil Rights that immigrants, both legal and unautho- bigotry by U.S.-born people. Michigan however. Fortunately, this is not the first rized, make to America’s economy. State University scholars recently Movement led the nation time the United States have confronted Congress, however, has refused to create conducted an extensive study of how such difficulties. Both managers and ‘earned legalization’ arrangements for the Latino newcomers are received in rural through such a passage, scholars can learn a great deal by recall- unauthorized while failing to expand Indiana and Michigan. They found that ing past ethical struggles. avenues for legal immigration. almost all of the Latinos whom they today’s Immigrant Rights Congressional inaction occurs despite the interviewed, including some adults who Administrators sometimes confront gut- Movement seeks to fact that the need for foreign labor has long had spent their entire lives in the Midwest, wrenching dilemmas, situations in which been palpable. For decades there have not had received discriminatory messages. the institutions that they serve violate transform laws and attitudes. been enough U.S. citizens and legal Some were told “Go back to Mexico” fundamental human rights. With 20/20 immigrants available to meet the needs of while others were beaten by Anglo gangs. hindsight institutions flawed by racism or American agriculture, construction, janitor- ethnocentrism look grotesque. Managers Contemporary animosity is directed most ial services, hotels and restaurants. Instead Responding to their constituents’ thinking about apartheid, Jim Crow, or the strongly against Mexican immigrants, but of addressing those labor shortages in a prejudices, an anti-immigrant coalition Nazi era often take deep breaths and think it also affects others who are conflated humane and just manner, Congress has blocked passage of the DREAM Act in to themselves, “Thank heavens I didn’t with them. Anthropologist Leo Chavez expanded border enforcement, authorized late 2007. Senators opposed to the have to perform my job while upholding has recently documented that prejudicial construction of the ‘Great Wall of DREAM Act sent a powerful message to that system!” Unfortunately, when institu- stereotypes dominate contemporary mass Chihuahua,’ and quietly funded develop- immigrant youth that their individual tions are unjust, or worse, many people media discussions about immigration. A ment of an immigration gulag in the efforts and achievements do not matter working within them fail to perceive what xenophobic “Latino Threat Narrative” Southwest, a prison system capable of because other Americans perceive them to is happening. Unexamined prejudices simultaneously disparages undocumented holding 30,000 men, women and children. be ‘criminals’ not worthy of American squelch doubts, as does the deep-seated Mexican immigrants, U.S. born Mexican- futures. As they have in the past, unjust emotional stake that people, especially Comprehensive immigration bills are Americans, other Spanish speakers, and laws continue disillusioning young Americans, have in believing that the social complex, involving many contending people who simply happen to be Native people, pushing some of them into order around them is morally defensible. interests. However, other proposals American or mestizo in appearance. making unhealthy choices and then sometimes present legislators with simple, Current laws test peoples’ beliefs. Mexican bashing resonates because it has bringing children of their own into morally consequential choices. Consider, Idealistic individuals become Border deep roots. Widespread racism has been underclass cultures of despair. for example, the DREAM Act, a bill to Patrol officers to combat drug smuggling directed against Americans of Latin create earned legalization for immigrant This writer lives in central Kentucky, a and protect the nation from terrorists, but American origin since at least the 1840s youth who were brought into the U.S. as region whose blue-collar Latino many later burn out and leave the agency when the new states of Texas and children. By staying out of trouble with immigrant population has grown rapidly after realizing that their efforts are California denied suffrage and other rights the law for six years while successfully during the past twenty years. “Hispanics” primarily directed towards apprehending to their numerous Spanish-speaking completing two years of college or constituted 2.5 percent of the Bluegrass and incarcerating decent people whose inhabitants of mestizo and Native- military service those young people would state’s population in 2005, according to “crimes” are simply seeking to perform American ancestry. As late as the mid- be permitted to earn Legal Permanent the Census, but the group’s presence has America’s least desirable jobs, and/or twentieth century southwestern states Residence status. As a practical matter, been geographically uneven. Latino attempting to re-unite with loved ones. imposed de jure school segregation, immigrants have concentrated in places residential segregation, and anti- where their labor has been needed to miscegenation laws on Latinos. Today under gird expanding local economies, an restrictive immigration laws both reflect, arrangement that has disproportionately and also reinforce, public prejudices. affected some urban neighborhoods and Public Administration with an Announcing... Recognizing institutional racism can be small towns. Public officials and adminis- Attitude brings together some difficult, requiring people to critically trators in those communities, and of H. George Frederickson’s examine personal beliefs, history, and the most penetrating and thought- elsewhere, face three types of immigra- a new publication from ASPA operation of current laws. Although stress- provoking columns from the tion-related challenges. pages of PA TIMeS. In the ful to undertake, this process eventually First, public servants sometimes have book, Frederickson takes on the issues facing enables people to confront injustices and difficulty interacting effectively with Public today’s public administrators with the reestablish respect for themselves and their immigrant clients/constituents. Many intellectual integrity that established him as a communities. Just as the mid-twentieth public missions (education, law enforce- leader in the field. If there is something century Black Civil Rights Movement led Administration ment, health provision, tax collection, wrong or right with the way public policy is the nation through such a passage, today’s social work) cannot be accomplished being administered, Frederickson lets you Immigrant Rights Movement seeks to effectively without language know. Like his column, Public transform laws and attitudes. capabilities/accommodations and related Administration with an Attitude is easy to withan The degree to which the Immigrant Rights cultural competency. Both legal and read and jargon-free, and, of course, it is Movement achieves its objectives will often witty. unauthorized immigration contribute to determine how successful the nation is, this challenge, which is, however, transi- Students preparing for public service careers over the course of the next 30 years, in tory in character. Members of immigrant will benefit not only from the wisdom and integrating (assimilating and accepting) its second generations (including Mexican- insight in Public Administration with an rapidly growing non-white, foreign-born Americans) speak English and effectively Attitude, but from the pervading theme of the laboring class. For both moral and practi- come to terms with the national culture. honor and dignity of public service. cal reasons ASPA, and the practitioners Practicing public servants will enjoy the rich The second type of challenge that officials by H. George Frederickson and scholars whom it inspires, should use of examples, the telling of great public experience stems from people not possess- support that endeavor. administration stories, and especially the ing legal status. Sometimes individuals descriptions of public administration heroes Christopher Daniel teaches MPA classes are literally “undocumented”, making it Availableforadoptioninclasses. and heroic moments. at Kentucky State University. In 2005 he difficult or impossible for street level This book is a lot more interesting than a co-founded “educating Latinos for bureaucrats to verify their identities. On spreadsheet (...and more accurate)! Kentucky’s Future,” a small service, other occasions anti-immigrant laws professional networking and advocacy complicate public service. Public Administration with an Attitude organization. email: approx. 220 pages — $14.95 softcover For example, efforts to promote traffic © 2005 American Society for Public Administration safety by training and licensing drivers are undermined in Kentucky, and in many other
  • 6. PAGE 6 PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Immigration: Issues Impacting Administration SPECIAL SECTION Some Personal Reflections on Immigration Abraham David Benavides care of some other business. I remember Fast forward a number of years. I was us as U.S. citizens? (I think this happened cutting the grass in the front yard late last once before in history, but they were calling our first dog Citizen because we summer dressed in my old Levis with yellow stars). Will I constantly need to brought him from Mexico into the United I am currently writing a paper on immigra- holes in them, a t-shirt, sweating, hot and affirm my legal status (above and beyond States (I guess we did it illegally). tion and its impact on local government just trying to get done the normal chores the normal I-9 process) before someone that I will present at an upcoming confer- on a Saturday. I noticed, as cars drove by, decides to do business with me? There are ence. My original intention was to that drivers looked at me with distrust. a number of other questions, but this will summarize my findings and share some My loyalty to this country Although I don’t know what they were suffice for now. interesting information. However, the more thinking, I suspected they murmured: “It and my citizenship I wrote about facts and figures the more I Immigration reform or the lack there of, looks like the neighbors got an “illegal” to was inclined to share some personal was attempted most recently in 2005, do their yard work,” “There is another are now in doubt by those feelings about immigration. 2006 and 2007. Its failure has caused a one, taking the job someone else could number of unintended consequences–ICE who do not know me I was born in San Diego, CA. My mother do.” To add to my suspicion when my raids, detention center abuses, state, is from Mexico and my father is from wife came home from the store (by the county and local government regulations because my skin tone is Costa Rica, Central America. My parents way, she is a naturalized citizen from the and ordinances against illegal immigrants, immigrated to the United States in the country of Guatemala), she thought to darker. etc. I perhaps do not know the solution to 1960s. My father became a naturalized herself “who is that Mexican cutting our the immigration issues that affect our U.S. citizen while my mother is a grass–I wonder who Abraham got to help country today, but I do know that in our permanent resident with a Green Card that him in the yard.” Maybe I need to dress attempt to devise a workable solution, we As I became older I realized that there serves as proof of her legal resident status up when I cut the grass from now on. must not forget the civil and human rights was a border and that to get back home I in the United States. Growing-up I was The fact that I am a hard working member of the people that are at the center of the had to say, “U.S. citizen” to the customs unaware of the labels that are used to of my community, that fact that I pay immigration debate. I have learned that and immigration agent. I witnessed a categorize people–Hispanic, Latino, taxes and serve on boards and commis- sooner or later we will all be affected by number of people crossing illegally into Brown, Immigrant, etc. I credit my parents sions, the fact that I have a pretty good what we decide to do. My days of simply the United States by simply lifting the and the San Diego community for allowing job and serve in my church is now all saying “U.S. citizen” are long gone and fence and crawling under. I eventually me to develop a personality un- tinged by brought into question, because of the my daughter’s days of identifying herself understood, at least to a small degree, the race, discrimination, intolerance and the color of my skin. My loyalty to this as a U.S. Citizen are now in question. difference between me and others that other prejudices that separate humankind. country and my citizenship are now in looked exactly like me and my ability to ASPA member Abraham David Benavides doubt by those who do not know me I remember going to Tijuana, Mexico cross the border legally. is associate professor of public adminis- because my skin tone is darker. almost on a weekly basis. My father tration and co-MPA program coordinator It was an interesting time and despite their would take my brother and I to get our Will I and others like me need to resort to in the department of public administration being “illegal aliens” in the United States, hair cut, we would buy fruits and vegeta- name tags with bar codes hung around our at the University of North Texas. email: I never really felt it was an issue that bles that were not available in the United necks with matching lanyards that identify would affect me personally. States and we would visit friends or take Presidential Fellowship at Florida Atlantic University This $5,000 award will be awarded to the two top applicants to the FAU doctoral program for What do we Expect Fall 2009. To be eligible students must apply for admission to the FAU Ph.D. program in from our Government? Public Administration. Fellowship is automati- cally renewable for a second year, and is on A conference celebrating top of the normal doctoral fellowship which provides: 75 years of scholarship and service 1934-2009 $16,000 per year stipend March 26 - March 27, 2009 $22,000 in tuition and fees (approx. 90 percent of total) American University Florida Atlantic University Katzen Arts Center More information about the FAU Ph.D. pro- School of Public Administration FAU/BCC Higher Education Complex gram, its faculty, and its emphases in Public 111 East Las Olas Boulevard Friday March 27th ursday March 26th Policy, Organizational Studies, Budgeting Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 Finance, and Public Administration Theory PLENARY (2:00 pm) PANELS Phone: (954) 762-5650 Inquiry are available at: Fax: (954) 762-5673 Discussions with practitioners and scholars: Session topics include: E-mail: Oversight (9:00am) Reflecions by deans present and past Immigration (9:00am) FDR’s legacy To apply on-line, go on the Graduate College Campaign and Elections (10:30 am) Issues facing the new administration link at: Climate Change (10:30am) and Congress Regulation (1:30pm) DINNER AND GUEST SPEAKER Terrorism (1:30pm) SCHOOL OF PUBLIC Speaker from the Obama administration. Seating is limited; reservations are required. RECEPTION ADMINISTRATION Please register for Conference by March 10, 2009. For more information: e-mail: or call: 202-885-6390 eo/aa
  • 7. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 PAGE 7 INSIGHTS ONPERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT by JOHN KAMENSKY Advice to Obama’s New Chief Performance Officer John Kamensky This means she’ll have the • Too much attention has Recommendations institutional leverage of been devoted to communicat- Based on the findings from her interviews OMB and be a Senate- ing the “percentage of targets and the guiding principles she developed, In both his campaign and in his inaugural confirmed appointee, not just met” as the primary indicator Metzenbaum created a set of fairly discrete address, President Barack Obama placed a White House staffer. of overall performance. Too recommendations for the new administra- an emphasis on government performance little attention has been paid tion. She targeted her recommendations to and results. One commentator said that he Since the role is a new one, to communicating informa- the key actors on performance manage- will govern less through ideology and she’ll have plenty of opportu- tion about performance ment in the executive branch: more through the pragmatic use of fact- nity to shape its direction. targets and trends. based decision processes. This came The President should: A new report by Shelley through clearly in his inaugural address: • The program review process Metzenbaum to the IBM • Clearly identify presidential and cabinet has been overly subjective and “The question we ask today is not whether Center for The Business of priority targets, assign responsibility for created frustrating disputes over what our government is too big or too small, but Government offers a framework them, and meet at least quarterly with constitutes appropriate measures, targets, whether it works–whether it helps families for shaping the role of the chief cabinet members to assess progress. and evaluation methods. find jobs at a decent wage, care they can performance officer. • Create a Chief Performance Officer and a afford, a retirement that is dignified. Where In “Performance Management White House performance unit. the answer is yes, we intend to move “The question we ask today is Recommendations for the New forward. Where the answer is no, programs • Run goal-focused, data-driven meetings, Administration,” Metzenbaum examines will end. And those of us who manage the similar to those used in “performance- not whether our government the evolution of the development and use public's dollars will be held to account–to stats” run by states and localities. of performance goals and measures over spend wisely, reform bad habits and do our is too big or too small, but the past two presidential administrations The Office of Management and business in the light of day–because only and offers insights and recommendations Budget should: whether it works– then can we restore the vital trust between a to the Obama Administration. These people and their government.” • Direct agencies and programs to set whether it helps families find insights and recommendations are based targets and the direction of performance To act on this, he said he would appoint the on extensive interviews with key trends for key indicators. jobs at a decent wage, care government’s first “chief performance stakeholders in agencies, Congress, OMB, officer” who would report directly to him. and outside interest groups, as well as her • Continue, but revise the Program they can afford, a retirement He named Nancy Killefer to this role in own experience as a federal executive. Assessment Rating Tool (PART). The early January. Killefer’s background is well- new Obama White House website retains that is dignified. Results of Interviews suited to the role. She served as an assistant the PART rating reports from the Bush Metzenbaum’s interviews revealed that even secretary for management in the Clinton Where the answer is yes, we Administration. after 16 years of efforts, there still is no Administration and was most recently in comprehensive way for the public or charge of McKinsey Consulting’s federal • Re-design the existing federal perform- intend to move forward. Congress to see how the federal government initiatives. She was also dual-hatted with the ance portal to make it easier to find is performing and what agency goals and Where the answer is no, job of deputy director for management at the performance trends, targets, and other program targets are. In addition, she found: Office of Management and Budget (OMB). related information. programs will end. • Facilitate cross-agency learning about And those of us who manage performance improvement and analysis. Cabinet secretaries and agency the public's dollars will be The Second Annual heads should: Keynote Speakers held to account…” Public Performance • Review the performance trends and existing targets and revise to reflect the Measurement and • And, interviewees felt that too much new Administration’s priorities. David N. Ammons – National attention has been given to program Reporting Conference Performance Advisory Commission • Run their own goal-focused, data-driven reviews, assessments, and control, and Dr. Ammons specializes in productivity im- meetings. too little to providing expert advice and provement, performance measurement, and improvement. benchmarking in local government, and is a • Create agency web-based performance member of the National Performance Manage- portals and link them to their agency’s She concludes that despite reams of ment Advisory Commission. home pages. performance material produced in response Jeffrey A. Kay – Director of New to federal requirements, “it is still remark- The Performance Improvement ably difficult to find meaningful govern- York City Mayor's Office of Operations Council–comprised largely of career agency ment performance information…because officials–should lead a process to revise the Kay oversees the publication of the Mayor's too little attention has been paid to Management Report, a twice-annual report PART so as to shift the emphasis from communicating targets and trends and too card on the delivery of city services. The program rating to performance improvement. Mayor's Office of Operations also helps man- much to communicating the ‘percentage of Rutgers University-Newark Metzenbaum observes that two simple age the daily operations of city agencies and targets met’ as the primary indicator of January 23-24, 2009 tools–goals and measurement–are among coordinates initiatives and special projects to overall performance.” the most powerful mechanisms available to improve the delivery of city services. Guiding Principles a President to influence the vast scope of For the latest information on schedules, presentations, and to register for the conference: Metzenbaum identified a set of guiding federal agencies and programs. However, principles that she believe should inform they are useless unless used. Her the design of the Obama Administration’s recommendations should provide a performance management improvement roadmap to the new Administration and the initiatives. These principles are based on new chief performance office on how to Conference presentations will Sponsored by: the notion that performance information cover performance measurement, leverage the existing plentiful supply of management, budgeting, and citizen should be used to improve performance, goals and performance information in new engagement. Samples from the not just report performance for accounta- ways that get results Americans care about. upcoming conference include: bility purposes. Given this premise, federal ASPA member John Kamensky is a senior leaders should: -Performance measurement and management fellow with the IBM Center for The presentations from: • Communicate performance trends and New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Business of Government, an associate City County of San Francisco, among others targets, not target attainment and ratings. partner with IBM Global Business Services -Utilization of 311 Systems to enhance citizen and and a fellow of the National Academy for • Encourage performance improvement government linkages Public Administration. email: with increased diagnostic analysis, practi- -Performance measurement in Virginia’s Public cal experiments, and knowledge sharing. Mental Health System Shelley Metzenbaum’s report, -Using Baldridge Criteria to improve your • Present information in ways that meet the performance measures “Performance Management needs of specific audiences. Recommendations for the New -Citizen engagement and performance measurement • Structure accountability mechanisms to Administration” (January 2009) is -Findings from the Trailblazers Program encourage and inspire, not embarrass, available for free at: www.businessofgov- -And much more! reprimand, or punish.
  • 8. PAGE 8 PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Mecklenburg County’s Focus on Citizens Transforms Government, Positions County for Tough Economy The Balanced Scorecard Institute Honors County’s Success with Award for Excellence Cary, NC–In 2001, Mecklenburg County, “Our goal is to achieve real results that The balanced scorecard approach has About Mecklenburg County: Mecklenburg helped the county prepare for tough improve the lives of all of the residents of the largest county in North Carolina, faced County is the largest county in North economic times. In past downturns, the Mecklenburg County, said Jones. “Our numerous challenges. Rapid population Carolina and the most urban. The county, county had implemented cuts across-the- balanced scorecard keeps us focused on growth meant a continuously growing which includes the city of Charlotte, has board and eliminated vacant positions, our customers and improving our results.” demand for new infrastructure which made approximately 880,000 residents and often with unintended consequences. One debt service one of the county’s fastest continues to grow at about 3 percent a year. For example: year, several vacant positions in the growing expenses. At the same time, there Other transformation awards received by county’s Tax Collector’s Office were were debilitating reductions in state funding • In 2008, the county met its 2015 goal on Mecklenburg County: eliminated, leaving the county without which resulted in radical across-the-board a mental health index designed to enough staff to handle an increase in cuts in county spending and programs. measure increased access to and use of • 2007 NACIO Awards of Excellence for questions from tax payers or to process mental health services. Mecklenburg County’s 2006 Annual Complicating matters, the county’s tax payments. Performance Report (National Association • End of grade math scores for strategy and funding decisions swung “Now, any decisions about budget and of County Information Officers) Mecklenburg County students jumped back and forth between widely divergent funding will be made with a full from 66 percent performing at or above ends of the political spectrum every two • 2005 City County Performance understanding of the impact that they will grade level in 2007 to 82 percent in 2008. years. The county was struggling with two Management Award (The Performance have on our service to Mecklenburg diametrically opposed ideologies: that the Institute) • Citizens’ level of satisfaction with County residents and on our long-term county should be all things to all people county recreational opportunities goals for the county,” said County • 2004 Achievement Award for and, yet, should not raise taxes. improved from 86 percent in 2007 to 92 Manager Jones. “Using the balanced Mecklenburg County’s Program Review percent in 2008. scorecard has helped us identify our priori- It was within this climate that Mecklenburg (National Association of Counties) ties and any reductions in spending will be County Manager, Harry Jones, sought a • Public awareness of the county’s responsi- made in the context of those priorities.” • 2003 Achievement Award for way to make planning, budgeting, and bilities, services and results increased in Mecklenburg County’s Managing for performance more transparent, responsible, Given the current economic climate, Jones 2008 and, in fact, exceeded the 2015 goal. Results Initiative (National Association sustainable and affordable for county was asked if the county will be able to Complete results are outlined in the residents. As part of this process, the Board of Counties) achieve all of its ambitious goals for 2015. county’s recently released 2008 of County Commissioners set a bold and “We feel very good about what we’ve For more information about the Balanced Performance Report to the public. The unifying vision for Mecklenburg County, accomplished so far, and we’re realistically Scorecard Institute, visit www.balanced- county is now a model of transparency, “By 2015, we will be a community of optimistic,” said Jones. “We’re optimistic releasing its annual performance results pride and choice for people to live, work, that we’ll achieve our goals, but realistic on its Web site, at county offices and and recreate.” that it’s going to be a difficult task.” libraries, and in local media. To date, Mecklenburg County has In announcing this winner of the achieved nearly 60 percent of its goals for institute’s highest honor, Balanced 2015 and has improved performance in Scorecard Institute President and CEO nearly 20 percent of remaining goals, Howard Rohm recognized “the exemplary thanks to a customer-focused management passion and involvement of the many approach driven by results and implemen- dedicated employees of Mecklenburg tation of a balanced scorecard to measure County who implemented the Balanced those results. Scorecard Institute’s unique strategic The county’s profound transformation and planning and management system.” success has earned Mecklenburg County The Balanced Scorecard Institute chose the Award for Excellence from the Mecklenburg County as an award recipi- Balanced Scorecard Institute in Cary, NC. Executive ent because, said Rohm, “in translating “The balanced scorecard and our plans for the future into actions for today, MPA Program Managing for Results approach have this organization has done everything transformed the way Mecklenburg County right. Using our balanced scorecard Nine operates,” said County Manager Harry Steps to Success Planning and Jones. “They have helped us be more Management System™, Mecklenburg Congratulations to our Northern Virginia transparent in how public funds are used, County built an enduring framework for and more accountable for the results we Public Service Fellows profound transformation, guaranteeing achieve with those funds. future success.” Graduates -Class of 2009- Karla Bruce Andrea Jones Tanya Burrell Monty Lowe James Chandler Lauren Meister 1 Job Ad, 3 Options: Janelle Downes Patrick Moore Scot Ferris Allison Mulligan Jennifer Fioretti Bonnie Parker Print Only • Web Only • Print and Web Dianne Gittins Judith Risdon Nicole Hankin Janet Romanchyk Dawn Harman Shelly Santos Catherine Heritage Wil Slaughter William Hoff Stephen Thompson Contact:
  • 9. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 PAGE 9 Solutions for Public Managers Spring Cleaning for HR Michelle Lewis-Blossman challenging decisions, you have a choice short-term cost-cutting reduction that million to perform the same tasks it was in how you view your human resources. yields higher costs in the longer term. doing internally because “it had always been that way.” Should more than one Some people clean house and organize Start with a function-by-function budget internal group be performing the same regularly because it is a small thing they review. From compensation and benefits to task, look for opportunities to consolidate. can control in an otherwise uncontrollable Whether evaluating your HR recruiting and talent development, you’ll world. Others “spring clean” once or twice need to understand the primary sources and Review contracts. Evaluate each a year. Whatever their schedule, most department to identify uses of revenue for each department. Take contract–not only the return on investment people recognize the value of cleaning and it function by function until you know how on each contract, but also the potential immediate cost savings or getting their house in order. Given the every dollar that comes in and every dollar leverage points in the clauses. Public current economic downturn, now is a that goes out is accounted for in your sector organizations may include a “most preparing for more positive perfect time to get the HR house in order department. With your organizational favored customer” clause, which guaran- and prepare for the seasons to come. economic times, there is a knowledge, your HR strategy and your tees the organization the lowest rate that detailed understanding of the budget, it is the vendor has offered its most favored Whether evaluating your HR department productive way to “spring now time to build a budget from the customer. If so, performing an to identify immediate cost savings or bottom up that aligns the business and HR audit/review to ascertain whether or not preparing for more positive economic clean” an HR department. strategy with the HR operating strategy. you have received the rate, as guaranteed times, there is a productive way to “spring by the contract, may allow you to seek clean” an HR department. Building this budget from the bottom up retroactive adjustments if you have not will help you plan how you should be Plan Some companies think of their employees received the most favored rates. What using the budget to execute on your HR First and foremost, it is essential to as costs to be increased and decreased on leverage do you have as a purveyor of a strategy to support company strategy. It actually understand your budget before an as needed basis, others take a resource- large contract to decrease your cost with also helps you define that relationship and you can start making decisions that based approach and view them as assets your existing vendor or by changing delineate the type of return that can be impact the bottom line. While more and that increase in value with development. vendors? Can you cancel non-core expected from organizational investments more HR professionals have an MBA or How you view your resources may contracts, and renegotiate others? in HR. And, if you have enough detail, come from the finance department, not all influence the alternatives that you your budget will increase your credibility Knowing which tasks are integral to your HR directors love numbers. It doesn’t consider. Be prepared to not only develop with the departments that are generally success, you can now benchmark your mean you can’t learn or aren’t learning creative alternatives of what to do with determining those financial investments. performance against competitors to see the skill set; it just means that you may your resources, but also to justify those As you build the budget, align it with how your function today compares to have to partner with someone from decisions to the CFO, Board or a larger your prior year’s budget and spend, and similar companies in your industry, region finance or budget to help you with this community. We have all seen positions compare the two. Ask yourself why they and size–which may or may not reflect until you do. At the same time that you eliminated only to have those terminated vary and begin to challenge the historical optimal efficiency or effectiveness. Do are deepening your understanding of your employees hired back in consulting roles assumptions that have traditionally been you have a larger or smaller HR staff? Are budget and preparing to make potentially that increase operational costs–the classic built into those numbers. For example, if you getting half of the work done with the training budget for your HR depart- twice as many people? How do you ment was $220,000 last year, but you compare to the national average? If you spent $368,000, why did you overspend are larger, does your staff level provide that significantly? What were the results you with the flexibility to redeploy staff of the programs that you offered? Which in times of crisis? of those programs had the greatest ROI? In comparing your function to a competi- Once you know how and where your tor, you need to look at why a given target budget is being spent, you can determine benchmark is appropriate, and develop a NEWARK which services that you offer are core and hard business case to justify the similarities non-core. Core services are the services or variances. Should the benchmarking that the HR department must provide in ratios suggest that you are not performing order to ensure alignment and support of core tasks satisfactorily, ranking your the business strategy. Services that do not organization against other organizations fall under this umbrella are more likely to provides you with an excellent platform to The Ph.D. Progr am-Newark Designed for prospective faculty, researchers, be severed when budgets begin to dictate. review processes and see where any and public leaders How do you know which services are at hidden, indirect costs may lie. Nationally recognized faculty your core? If the organization would put Highly diverse student body Are there key departmental processes and 48 credits of coursework beyond Master’s itself at strategic, regulatory or legal risk controls that are undefined, limited or by not providing the service, it is core. For missing altogether and have indirect costs On-Campus MPA-Newark example, the quality and quantity of 42 credit hours associated with them? Is there a lengthy teachers is crucial to the success of a General and specialized tracks termination process that encourages Evening classes at Newark campus school system. Could the school system workarounds? One educational system NASPAA accredited save money by outsourcing those services? Transfer or professional credits possible with a challenging termination process Maybe. Would they lose control of one of saw senior staff use paid administrative one their core resources? Definitely. Executive MPA-Newark and leave for underperformers, rather than 1st in Diversity - Most Diverse Trenton Area When comparing budgets: terminate them, increasing payroll costs National University Prepares managers for executive leadership Pay close attention to potential redundan- and decreasing efficiency. 9 th Two year program in Information and Technology cies across departments. Are any lines of Students study with other experienced With a firm grasp of how the function 10th in Public Management professionals business (LOBs) providing some of the works, it is now time to increase the Significant work experience earns and Administration same services as HR? If so, you may be advanced standing involvement of the HR department. 11th in Public Finance and Budgeting paying two different providers, internally or NASPAA accredited People who work “in the trenches” can Trenton program begins each January externally, to provide the same service. If 14th in City Management save the organization limitless time and Newark program begins each June this appears to be the case, can you either and Urban Policy One-week summer residency money by identifying potential pitfalls decrease the costs associated with that 18th in Nonprofit Management and process issues or by uncovering “dead Certificate Progr ams service by bundling with that LOB or 20th bodies” that you might not be able to see. in Campus/Faculty Research Public Performance Measurement (on-line) eliminate the need for one of the providers? A staffing manager at a New Orleans Business District Management (on-line) among Small Doctoral-granting Non-Profit Management company not only helped identify a list of Universities If you choose the latter, you will not only Urban Educational Leadership employees on undocumented leave for 32nd need to evaluate both providers and in Public Policy Analysis (NJ Principal Certification) several years, but also helped redesign the Advanced Training in Public Administration determine which is producing the greatest 32nd in Public Affairs Certified Public Manager leave of absence policies and procedures ROI in support of the HR strategy, but (with Federal Graduate School/USDA) to decrease the number of employees on also provide some guarantees to the LOB unnecessary or unapproved leaves. that it will receive the same level of Moreover, without contribution and buy-in service that it had when it was the direct from HR staff, the knowledge and skill buyer. Without this evaluation, you could end up like a one public sector organiza- tion, which paid another city agency $1.2 See HR SPRING CLEANING, pg. 11
  • 10. PAGE 10 PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Federal Government Ideal Employer for Young Job-Seekers Government/Public Service Top Choice for Students According to New Report Washington, DC–Despite the nation's grim Students Want in an Employer and How agencies. Jobs with the Department of what they do and what they offer. economy, the federal government is Federal Agencies Can Deliver It,” is based State, the National Aeronautics and Space • Adjust their strategic and tactical recruit- hiring, and according to Great on Universum’s 2008 survey of 43,000 Administration, the Peace Corps, the ing plans to meet students’ preferences Expectations, a report released by the undergraduates that identifies qualities Central Intelligence Agency and the and needs. Partnership for Public Service and young people seek in employers. Key Federal Bureau of Investigation are all Universum USA, federal jobs are an report findings from 32,000 American highly coveted, among students surveyed. • Meet students online and on campus excellent match for young job seekers respondents include: (including at career fairs), and provide • Government offers the main qualities interested in doing good–and doing well. them with the information and meaning- • Among students surveyed, undergraduates seek. A healthy work/life ful human contact they seek. quot;With the slumping economy, a lot of job “Government/public service” is the most balance is undergraduates’ number one seekers are giving our federal government popular industry choice out of 46 options. career goal, with 66 percent of students According to the report, “while the a second look. This poll suggests young Seventeen percent of undergraduates citing this as a priority. Serving the economic downturn creates more applicants will like what they see,” said selected the government/public service greater good and job stability are tied as favorable conditions for agencies to bring Max Stier, president and CEO of the industry as one in which they would the second most desirable traits. in top workers, government will need to Partnership for Public Service. “ideally want to work when choosing be smart to take advantage of this To help federal agencies put the survey their first employment after graduation.” opportunity. Our federal government “The conditions are right for federal results to use, the report recommends that The next most popular are health care (13 needs the very best talent our country has agencies to bring in top talent,” Stier agency recruiters: percent), education (12 percent), and to offer and those individuals will have continued. “The question is, ‘will they marketing/advertising (11 percent). • Understand the preferences and interests choices even in a down market.” take advantage of this opportunity or of the new generation of students they let it pass?’” • Five of students’ top 15 “ideal” employ- For more information, visit seek to hire and distinctly brand their ers–from a list of 260–are federal The report, “Great Expectations: What agencies so that those students understand ICF Announces Top Seven Communities of 2009 Top Seven are Finalists in Intelligent Community of the Year Award Process Honolulu, HI New York City–The city a 70 percent penetration rate at Science City, housing more than 1,400 Public Service Intelligent Community Forum recentlyan- speeds of up to 18 Mbps. The next step companies, plus a support program for nounced its list of the Top Seven was the Fred-eZone wireless network, start-up and early-stage companies. Recognition Week Communities of 2009. One of the Top which provides free WiFi service across • Tallinn, estonia. Three-time Top Seven Seven will succeed the Gangnam District 65 percent of the city. The combination community Tallinn has risen from post- May 4-10, 2009 of Seoul, South Korea as Intelligent of broadband, entrepreneurship and Soviet economic ruin to become an Community of the Year. Fredericton's universities has powered the economic tiger largely on the strength of creation of over 12,000 jobs. The Top Seven of 2009 ICT. Making creative use of people and The following communities, drawn from • Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. Issy-les- funding, Tallinn computerized its schools the Smart21 of 2009, were named to the Moulineax (a 2006 Top Seven) became and deployed widespread WiFi as well as Top Seven: nearly 700 public access kiosks. The city the industrial zone of Paris in the early also developed a large-scale digital skills 20th Century only to suffer de-industrial- • Bristol, Virginia, USA. As a first time training program, extensive e-government, ization in the post-war years. Beginning in honoree, Bristol made an impact after and an award-winning smart ID card. 1980, a visionary mayor focused policy on taking on incumbent telcos in court and Through partnerships, it developed high- creating an innovative, IT-based the state legislature to win the right to Chapters/Sections: tech parks including Ulemiste City, Tallinn knowledge economy, implementing e- deploy a fiber network called OptiNet. Technology Park and Cooperative Cyber government, outsourcing IT needs and Conceived as a backbone serving govern- E-mail your PSRW Defence Center. Rated #2 worldwide for taking advantage of liberalization to attract ment and schools, OptiNet has grown economic potential by the Financial competitive fiber carriers deploying cost- into a fiber-to-the-premises network for event article to Times, Tallinn is home to half of Estonia's effective broadband. Public-private business and residents in Bristol and four companies, which receive 77 percent of innovation includes a cyber-kindergarten neighboring counties. It has also attracted the country's foreign direct investment. for children, cyber tearooms for older more than $50 million in private invest- citizens, citizen e-participation in decision- ment, including the region's first technol- Profiles of the communities are available making, a successful business incubator ogy employers, and improved rural at and ICT-based real estate projects. education and healthcare by connecting local providers to leading institutions. • Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Twenty years ago, the Moncton region • eindhoven, Netherlands. The Eindhoven was a former railroad and industrial hub metropolitan area (a 2008 Smart21) has facing a doubtful future. Since then, this long been the industrial heart of the bilingual community has become a major Netherlands. Through a public-private Canadian customer contact and back collaboration called Brainport, the region Stay Current with ASPA News Online office center, and built a quot;near-shorequot; IT is ramping up its knowledge economy to outsourcing industry. Private-sector maintain and accelerate growth in a with The Bridge e-newsletter carriers have collaborated in the city's hyper-competitive global market, while at growth as a telecom-centric economy, the same time coping with an aging and helped power the addition of 20,000 population and shrinking workforce. new jobs since the early 1990s. Among more than 40 public-private projects are an award-winning coop that • Stockholm, Sweden. In the mid-90s, has brought FTTP and a broadband Stockholm, the economic and political culture of use to the suburb of Neunen, capital of Sweden, established a company and the SKOOL outsourced IT manage- called Stokab to build an open-access ment system for public schools. fiber network. Today, the 4,500 km network connects more than 90 compet- • Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. email ing service providers to government and For most of its history, government and business customers. Though the city education were the economic mainstays to subscribe already has a 98 percent broadband of Fredericton (a 2008 Top Seven). When penetration rate, Stokab will also provide it could not get broadband from the private sector, Fredericton founded the e- FTTP access to over 95,000 low-income Novations coop, which deployed a fiber households in public housing by the end ring that spurred competition, giving the of 2009. Stockholm also manages KISTA
  • 11. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 PAGE 11 Federal Human Capital Survey Released Federal Employees Say Their Work is Important and They are Held Accountable for Results Washington, DC–Federal employees W. Hager. quot;Overall, the Federal Human Talent Management; and, Job Satisfaction. across America say the work they do is Capital Survey continues to demonstrate Survey takers were not reluctant to important and their bosses hold their feet federal employees are motivated and express concerns or indicate changes they to the fire for achieving results, according committed to the roles they play and the would like to see. quot;Although progress has to a large majority of government workers missions they accomplish.quot; been achieved and sustained in many who participated in a survey administered The survey found that 91 percent of areas, the survey tells us improvement is by the U.S. Office of Personnel respondents say the work they do is needed in others,quot; said Hager. For Management. important (up 1 percent from 2006) and example, only 26 percent of employees The Federal Human Capital Survey 84 percent like what they do in the see a link between pay and performance, (FHCS), released today, gauges the workplace (up 1 percent). In addition, 82 while 30 percent say steps have been attitudes and impressions of employees in percent believe they are held accountable taken against co-workers who cannot or four areas related to their overall work for achieving results (up 3 percent). will not improve their performance. experience. The survey is conducted More than 210,000 federal Survey findings also may shed light on Want to submit an every two years and was born of the Bush employees–from a survey sample of more agency operations in ways that will assist Administration's commitment to improve than 417,000 employees–responded. in the recruitment and retention of high- article to PA TIMES? the management of federal employees and quality individuals. delivery of agency services. The first This year's survey also provides a direct survey was administered in 2002. comparison of findings for 2008 with Governmentwide survey findings are findings from previous surveys, where available to the public at quot;President George W. Bush, at the applicable. The findings are grouped into Agency-specific beginning of his Administration, made it a four categories: findings are available to managers and priority to improve the strategic manage- human resources officials designated by ment of people within the federal govern- Leadership and Knowledge Management; their agency. ment,quot; said OPM Acting Director Michael Results-Oriented Performance Culture; HR Spring Cleaning Must Be Productive neither an end-to-end understanding of their abilities or the potential for the role? From HR SPRING CLEANING, pg. 9 the employee life-cycle nor an apprecia- Once the required talent level matches the tion of what the experience for an needs, you have to make sure you have transfers necessary to make a restructuring employee was like in that company. The enough pieces to finish the puzzle. successful will be much harder. lack of coordination among the HR functions caused frustration, work and re- Do • Do you have the right number of work for both the employees and the staff. No matter how close or far your HR people? Too many or too few? department appears to be from your goal, Systems and processes–This is where the • What succession and replacement plans you must remember to connect the dots. rubber hits the road. The strategy is are in place in anticipation of staff The question to ask is, “Given what I formed and the structure to support it has transitions in turbulent times? have today, what needs to be done to get been put in place; now it is time to see the desired results?” The following steps • What retention plans are in place to what the processes actually deliver. A will help ensure you develop a solid plan retain key staff in key roles when and if great starting point is to evaluate the email on which you can execute: the market changes? performance evaluation system. Does it support the revised strategy and structure? Strategy–With a solid understanding of Review How aligned is the compensation and your budget and functionality of your The point of this exercise is to help you incentive-based pay structure to support department, the first key decision to make restructure your HR department so that the for submission the use of the new systems and processes? is whether your current HR strategy next time change is in order, the function supported and positively impacts the will be ready for it and wholesale changes If there are gaps, then how can systems guidelines business strategy? Does your strategy and processes have a greater impact? will not be necessary for HR to remain a make the best use of the core resources and What kinds of revisions and investments key contributor to organizational success. assets that you have, or are you trying to are in order? Return on investment is the To make sure that your newly streamlined force a square peg into a round hole? If key question in this situation. Essentially, HR function does not fall back onto old there is a gap between present and needed will the cost of improvements amount to problems, review budgets and contracts on resources, how will you develop or acquire more or less than the potential savings a regular basis to make sure that they them? Be sure to consider future business generated from implementing them? reflect the truth. Take a pragmatic look at needs, as well. For example, if the business your core services and the processes strategy is to double in revenue in three While answering these questions, behind them to ensure that, as the market years, the organization will also be increas- remember the discussion of core and non- changes, they still support the overall ing the number of staff. Does the current core activities. Ensure that the full effect strategy. Finally, create feedback loops to HR strategy place the same emphasis on of eliminating an item, as it relates to ensure that your people are heard and that the ability to support this increased growth your strategy, has been evaluated. you are alerted to potential issues before in head count on a global basis? People–The process comes full circle they become problems. Structure–Does the departmental structure with a final assessment of your people. Michelle Lewis-Blossman is a principal support the new departmental strategy and Do you have the right people, with the and market representative for Mercer’s the overall operating model? Is there a right skills, in the right roles at the right HR effectiveness consulting practice in harmony between the functional and time? Some questions to consider: the Americas. Her primary focus is corporate/overhead functions? If you are • To what degree are your current personnel moving to a customer-facing strategy, helping organizations improve their professionally and technically proficient? does a hierarchical functional structure performance, primarily through improv- help or hinder you in providing service to ing in strategy, structure, systems and • What is the gap between where they are that customer? The best structural results processes. She is based in Mercer’s today and where they need to be? come from a shared understanding and Houston,TX, office. email: michelle.lewis- • What kind of training is in order to not agreement for the supporting structure. only keep pace with the market, but to The difficulty is getting everyone to not become leaders in it? only understand, but also to agree. One • How many people are in positions that organization in this situation had a deep, fill a gap instead of ones that maximize functionally driven structure. There was
  • 12. PAGE 12 PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Is Real Estate a Good Investment? No, don’t jump to conclusions that this A fourth commissioner adds: “Is it a sad and pathetic day when we have to amend column will provide wise financial invest- the county manager’s contract to include a ment advice. But, there may be a lesson requirement that he be ethical?” learned from the case that is wise. Bottom line: the board voted unanimously Presume that you have been the county to have the county administrator and the administrator for 15 years in a rapidly county attorney draft ethics guidelines to growing county and have a stellar reputa- include a policy about land investments tion for getting things done. One day your for county workers. daughter, a local TV news celebrity, calls and says: “Dad, can you loan me $120,000 Do professional associations address the to help my husband invest in a condo in question of a city or county manager the county. We will repay you with owning property in her jurisdiction? interest.” Innocent enough? So it seems. ASPA—no. ICMA—yes. The International City/County Management Alas, the plot thickens–it turns out that Association offers this advice: “Restrict your daughter’s husband is indicted on 12 real property ownership in your city or federal fraud charges involving two land county to your own house. Be careful deals and it appears that your money may about making real property investments have been involved in three different real outside of your city or county, especially estate investments that would benefit from when the properties are contiguous or the extension of a county road. You claim adjacent to the city or county boundaries.” to have no knowledge of money launder- ing or any other misdeed. Do appearances matter? You bet! As the situation evolves, the county Sources: Story based on commission decides to order an independ- real case. See August 2, ent investigation into your account of the September 4 and September 30, 2008. investments to determine whether you are ASPA member Donald C. Menzel is a covering something up and may have lied. former ASPA president and professor The investigation finds that you are not emeritus of Northern Illinois University. invested in the property that your son-in- email: law owns. The investigation also concludes that you did not lie or tell any untruths. The county commission is relieved but somewhat dismayed. One commissioner says to you in public: “Did you lie? No. Did you engage in activities that brought about the appearance of indiscretion? I know you did. You’re guilty of that. Actions that reflect poorly on your representation of county government? I An find you guilty of that.” Another claims the “board is whitewashing the county manager’s involvement.” Still another Ethics asserts “I have determined you have not violated your contract to the point you should be terminated and beg you to not Moment invest in land in the county again. There should be an ethics requirement added to your employment contract.” Strategies for Surviving Fiscal Crisis ICMA Executive Director Robert J. O’Neill, From LOCAL GOVERNMENT, pg. 1 Jr. “Jurisdictions are experiencing the current recession differently, with some jurisdictions achieve excellence in the face parts of the country already implementing of adversity and identifies strategies local mitigation strategies while others are only leaders can use to navigate the current beginning to feel the impact. This report challenge and turn crisis into opportunity. will help local governments address this issue proactively regardless of where they Navigating the Fiscal Crisis examines are on the continuum.” O'Neill stressed that five key questions concerning local the Alliance will continue to collect data on government’s role in the current the crisis and responses from local govern- economic situation: ments through an ongoing Wiki and a series • What are the dimensions of the current of regional meetings throughout 2009. crisis? What defines it? To underscore the importance of providing • What has worked for local governments direct funding to local governments, during previous fiscal cutbacks? greater access to capital markets, and assistance to individuals as part of the • What characterizes organizations that economic stimulus package, ICMA, the cope best with fiscal stress? National League of Cities, and the • Why is innovation critical in hard times National Association of Counties and how can positive action be taken? presented a white paper, Local Governments’ Vital Role in National • How can local government action Economic Recovery, to the Obama contribute to the economic recovery? Presidential Transition Team in December. “The research summarized in Navigating To download that paper, visit the Fiscal Crisis puts valuable ammunition in the hands of local governments during a time of unprecedented challenge,” said
  • 13. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 PAGE 13 WTSWhereThingsStand Reports on the Web Featured Report: “State of America's Cities 2008: Annual Opinion Survey of Municipal Officials” As economic conditions continue to worsen, so do sentiments of city officials about the total U.S. private sector by broad industrial broken way of budgeting head-on. Even Data Highlight Importance of direction of the country. More local officials sector, firm size, firm age and state. in the most extreme case of denial, no one are pessimistic now than during the first Business Startups to Job can argue the current process is working.” year of the previous recessions of the early Further information about the BDS can be 1990s and 2000s. Additionally, healthcare, found at Creation in the U.S. transportation, and education top the list of Wilder School Accepting /index.php/bds/bds_home. issues that city officials feel are the most important for the next presidential adminis- Business Dynamic Statistics Also Nominations for Social Equity tration and Congress to address. Peterson, Pew and Indicate That Business Startups and Public Policy Analysis Remain Robust Even in the Most Severe Committee for a Responsible GAO Reports: Scholarship Recession Federal Budget Partner to • High-Risk Series: An Update. Kansas City, MO–In the midst of record The L. Douglas Wilder School of • Bankruptcy: Judiciary Should Take Further Drive Budget Reform unemployment, a new Kauffman Government and Public Affairs at Steps to Make Bankruptcy Data More Foundation-funded U.S. Census Bureau Virginia Commonwealth University is Accessible. Washington, DC–To modernize an outdated study reports that startup companies are a pleased to announce the 2009 Wilder • International Taxation: Large U.S. Congressional budget process in light of major contributor to job creation. The School Award for Scholarship in Social Corporations and Federal Contractors with the daunting economic challenges facing Subsidiaries in Jurisdictions Listed as Tax Business Dynamic Statistics (BDS) also Equity and Public Policy Analysis. A the nation, the Peter G. Peterson Havens or Financial Privacy Jurisdictions. indicate that while business startups prestigious honor, the award is given to Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trusts and • Citizens' Report: Fiscal Year 2008 decline slightly in most of the cyclical the author(s) of an exemplary published the Committee for a Responsible Federal Summary of GAO's Performance and downturns, startups remain robust even in article that advances the understanding Budget (CRFB) recently announced a Financial Results. the most severe recession over the sample and consequences of social equity. The landmark partnership to build bipartisan • Medical Devices: FDA Should Take Steps period (in the early 1980s). author of the selected article will receive consensus for a core set of reforms. to Ensure That High-Risk Device Types Are recognition at the National Academy of quot;Job growth is essential for our economy to Approved through the Most Stringent Public Administration’s annual Social The Peterson-Pew Commission on Premarket Review Process. rebound, and this study shows that new Equity Leadership Conference held on Budget Reform will convene the nation’s firms have historically been an important • Tax Administration: IRS's 2008 Filing June 17-19, 2009 at Rutgers University in preeminent experts to make recommenda- Season Generally Successful Despite source of new jobs in the United States,quot; Newark. Nominations for the third annual tions for how best to strengthen the Challenges, although IRS Could Expand said Robert E. Litan, vice president of awards will be accepted February 1 - budget process used by federal lawmak- Enforcement during Returns Processing. Research and Policy at the Kauffman March 16, 2009. All submissions must be ers. CRFB will manage and staff the • Defense Inventory: Army Needs to Foundation, which funded the BDS. quot;Our received by Monday, March 16, 2009. commission under the leadership of its Evaluate Impact of Recent Actions to research into the early years of business Self nominations are welcome. Improve Demand Forecasts for Spare Parts. prestigious board of directors. “The need formation consistently shows how vital for this effort could not be more urgent,” • Defense Logistics: Lack of Key new firms are to our economy, and this data Initiated in 2006, the Wilder Award Information May Impede DOD's Ability to said David M. Walker, president and CEO should give policymakers and budding recognizes excellence in research that Improve Supply Chain Management. of the Peter G. Peterson Foundation. “The entrepreneurs alike great hope for how we addresses the critical issues of justice, • Information Security: Continued Efforts budget process lacks transparency and our can solve our current crisis -- create and fairness and access in the administration Needed to Address Significant Weaknesses federal budget path itself is unsustainable. grow jobs through entrepreneurship.quot; and formulation of public policy. Previous at IRS. recipients of the award have included The Peterson Foundation was established • Research and Development: DOE Could The BDS data show that employment professors H. George Frederickson and the to address the nation’s growing fiscal Enhance the Project Selection Process for accounted for by U.S. private-sector late Phillip J. Rutledge. Government Oil and Natural Gas Research. challenges, and this commission will be business startups over the 1980-2005 central to achieving this goal.” “The • Financial Regulation: A Framework for period was about 3 percent per year. While Nominations may examine a broad array Crafting and Assessing Proposals to federal budgeting process lays the founda- still a small fraction of overall employ- of policy subjects. In 2008, the honor was Modernize the Outdated U.S. Financial tion and should establish the rules of the ment, these jobs from startups reflect new presented to three co-authors and faculty Regulatory System. game for all policy decisions,” said jobs, which is a large percentage compared members at the Robert F. Wagner School • National Marine Fisheries Service: Rebecca W. Rimel, president and CEO of to the average annual net employment of Public Service at New York University; Improvements Are Needed in the Federal The Pew Charitable Trusts. “Pew is proud growth of the U.S. private sector for the Leanna Stiefel, Amy Ellen Schwartz and Process Used to Protect Marine Mammals to partner with a prominent group of same period (about 1.8 percent). This from Commercial Fishing. Ingrid Gould Ellen. Their work, budget experts from both sides of the aisle pattern implies that, if you exclude the jobs “Disentangling the Racial Test Score Gap: • Information Technology: Demand for the to address these critical reforms.” The from new firms, the U.S. net employment Social Security Administration's Electronic Probing the Evidence in a Large Urban commission will meet over the next two Data Exchanges Is Growing and Presents growth rate is negative on average. District,” utilized comprehensive studies years to address a number of shortcomings Future Challenges. of primary and secondary schools in the Micro firms (firms with one to four in current budget rules, concepts and Chicago and New York City public school employees) accounted for a large percent- processes. Among these shortcomings: systems. Originally published in the Other Reports/Online Resources: age of new jobs in any given year–about Journal of Policy Analyses and • Congress routinely fails to pass a • Bob Behn's Public Management Report 20 percent on average. Although substan- Management, the article examines racial budget. tially larger startup firms (those with 250 test score gaps by exploring disparities ary2009.pdf to 499 employees) created a considerably • The existing process tends to ignore within schools and classrooms and • Public Entity Risk Institute smaller percentage of jobs in any given long-term obligations. attempts to determine the school level year–about 1.3 percent of employment in factors that create them. • Most of the budget is on automatic pilot • State and Local IT Report this firm-size class–their numbers still are and lacks adequate oversight. substantial relative to net growth. For more information on the 2009 Wilder • Center for State and Local Government School Award for Scholarship in Social • Accounting standards are outdated and Although the overall business startup rate Excellence equity and Public Policy Analysis or to inconsistent–including those used to in the BDS does not exhibit much of a submit a nomination, visit track the costs of the current economic trend, the data do reveal a declining trend • International Public Management stabilization policies. in the micro-firm business startup rate. Association for Human Resources This may reflect compositional changes • Congress routinely uses gimmicks to in sectors such as retail trade, where there • International City/County Management circumvent the rules and enforcement If you have a press release for “Where Association is ample evidence of substantial shifts mechanisms that are in place. Things Stand,” contact Christine away from small, single-establishment McCrehin at Significant emphasis on budget reform • Institute for Local Government firms to large, national firms. over the next few years is imperative This report is the first of three study briefs given the current economic conditions, • The Kaiser Family Foundation to be released that highlight BDS data; the the tremendous amount of borrowing next reports will be released in January taking place to help stabilize the • The PEW Charitable Trusts and February 2009. BDS includes economy, and the large and growing measures of business startups, establish- promises for Social Security, Medicare • Markle Foundation ment openings and closings, and establish- and Medicaid benefits. ment expansions and contractions in both • Governing Magazine “This commission is long overdue,” said the number of establishments and the Maya MacGuineas, president of CRFB. number of jobs. The BDS data provide “The budget process is basically on life Send a report for this column to Christine these new statistics on an annual basis for McCrehin at support and it is time to confront our 1977-2005, with classifications for the
  • 14. ASPA 2009 ANNUAL CONFERENCE MIAMI, FLORIDA MARCH 20-24 The Most Comprehensive Public Administration Conference Of The Year… The Hyatt Regency Miami is the place to be March 20-24, Who 2009 for the American Society for Public Administration's Should (ASPA) Annual Conference. ASPA will host over 1,100 federal, Attend? state and local government officials and employees, scholars, practitioners, new professionals and students who Professionals will come together for training, networking, exchanging ideas involved in all and learning about current practices in the field. aspects of public service; This year’s theme, Governance in Public service experts will be on hand administrators, the Midst of Diversity: Bridging to offer creative solutions to problems academics, senior Opportunity and Challenge, will you encounter in the workplace. focus on exploring and developing Through keynote presentations, and mid-level innovative practices for public workshops, panels, posters and managers, new administration to address the discussion circles, attendees will professionals and growing diversity of communities experience leadership skills to elevate students. around the country and the world. the public service profession. GOVERNANCE IN THE MIDST OF DIVERSITY ASPA ASPA 2009 ANNUAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE BRIDGING OPPORTUNITY AND CHALLENGE MIAMI, FLORIDA FLORIDA MARCH 20-24 REGISTER ONLINE TODAY! WWW.ASPANET.ORG/2009CONFERENCE .ORG/2009CONFERENCE 70th 70
  • 15. ASPA TIMES INSIDE: President’s Column 16 Section/Chapter News 20 Career Center 22-23 Advancing excellence in public ser vice. . . Recruiter 24-25 Bergrud Elected ASPA Vice President National Council Representative Christine McCrehin Bergrud has served the society on local and national levels and was a member of ASPA staff for seven years prior to accept- Erik Bergrud, special assistant to the District Winners ing his positions at Park University. president for university projects on civic engagement and director of the After receiving the news of his election, International Center for Civic Engagement Bergrud agreed to take a few moments to at Park University, has been elected ASPA tell PA TIMeS readers a bit about the goals vice president and will become president District 1 he has for his tenure as an ASPA officer. of the organization in 2011. Bergrud will George How does it feel to be elected vice officially assume the office of vice Dougherty president of ASPA? I am humbled on president at ASPA’s Annual Conference in multiple levels. On a personal level, I find Miami, FL, March 20-24, 2009. University of it humbling to think that the son of a Pittsburgh, At that time, Paul Posner, professor at schoolteacher and a Norwegian immigrant GSPIA George Mason University, will become with an eighth-grade education could president replacing Donald Klingner, a become president of a prestigious profes- professor at the University of Colorado at sional society dedicated for seven decades ASPA member Erik Bergrud, special assistant Colorado Springs, who will become to promoting the values and practice of immediate past president. Meredith to the president for university projects on civic public service. Newman, professor and director of the engagement and director of the International Like many others of my generation and School of Public Administration at Florida Center for Civic Engagement at Park previous generations, I joined ASPA as a International University will become University, will officially accept his elected graduate student. I volunteered to serve as president-elect. Newly elected National District 2 position during ASPA’s Annual Conference in Council members will also assume their Miami, FL, March 20-24, 2009. Jennifer See BERGRUD, pg. 21 seats at the conference (see list at left). Alexander CSU College of ASPA to Provide Professional Development Urban Affairs for New, Future Public Servants ASPA Annual Conference to Host Student and New Professional Summit District 3 Matt Rankin Kendra Stewart College of ASPA’s mission calls for providing Charleston networking and professional development opportunities to those committed to public service values. Furthermore, one of our strategic imperatives is to implement services specifically designed to attract, serve, and maintain student and new profes- sional members. The 2009 ASPA Annual Conference, March 20-24, in Miami, FL, will again feature one of our most success- ful program expansions for new and future public service professionals–the ASPA District 4 Attendees of the Student and New Professional Summit during ASPA's 2008 Conference. Student and New Professional Summit. Dwight Vick opportunities that will benefit participants have always been able to attend the The Summit is a weekend-long event with West Texas at their current career stage and help them conference at a reduced rate. Now, ASPA an interesting and engaging array of AM become more effective leaders. Students panels, workshops and networking University See STUDENT SUMMIT, pg. 17 PA TIMES Announces Best Article of 2008 Winner Washington, DC–The PA TIMeS is pleased We are humbled because while we are time articulating the story. Our account, like to announce that the January 2008 article proud, we know the PA TIMeS has many so many articles in the PA TIMeS, promotes “Dalton, Georgia’s Response to informative, useful and thought provoking positive thinking and can aid in sound Immigration,” by William E. Baker Paul articles in each issue. We use these articles policymaking. The award is a motivator to District 5 A. Harris, has been selected as the winner of regularly in our teaching as concise continue honing our craft and contributing to its 2008 Best Article Award. examples of issues within our variegated the field of public administration. Catherine field. We know the PA TIMeS is read by Horiuchi When informed of their win, Baker and This year’s award will be presented the membership and is usually kept in Harris had this to say, “We accept this honor Monday, March 23rd, during the annual University of close reach for quick reference. We also with satisfaction, humbleness and inspira- Awards Ceremony at ASPA’s National San Francisco know that the membership is composed of tion. We are satisfied, of course, because an Conference in Miami, FL. academics and practitioners alike and is award such as this in a competitive field is a The 2007 winner was Carol Becker for “Is valuable for both areas. good feeling. We spent much time in the Public Administration Dead.” All winning research of the Dalton experience and felt We are inspired because the acknowledge- articles are on the ASPA website at strongly that their story should be told. ment tells us we were right in spending our
  • 16. PAGE 16 PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Donald Klingner PRESIDENT’S COLUMN Governance in the Midst of Diversity: Bridging Opportunity and Challenge Donald Klingner Welcoming Diversity and ethnic groups so that agencies are the past 30 years, most Miami residents have learned to enjoy a mélange of representative of the citizens they serve is at Home and Abroad cultures, languages, cuisines and rhythms an operational test of applied democracy. Beyond its political and social signifi- ASPA’s Annual Conference is next month that makes less diverse cities seem less In practical terms, agencies have also cance, President Obama’s election reflects in Miami. By focusing on “Governance in interesting. Native-born Americans learned that they can best meet the demographic realities. We are one of the the Midst of Diversity,” we will reaffirm unwilling to accept Miami’s cultural demands of constituencies with unique most diverse nations in the world. One in ASPA’s and America’s core values, link ambiguity or unable to learn enough service needs by recruiting ethnic minori- three U.S. residents is an ethnic minority. them to diversity, and use Miami as a Spanish to access bilingual labor markets ties. For example, the City of Baltimore In 2006, our population was 12 percent model for bridging governance opportuni- often feel dispossessed here, like refugees made a special effort to hire and train African-American, 15 percent Hispanic ties and challenges. in the place they were born. Many leave Spanish-speaking officers. When efforts and 5 percent Asian-American or Pacific for cities that feel less foreign or seem to Reaffirming ASPA’s and to recruit in the local community proved Islander. In 2006, 13 percent of the U.S. offer greater economic opportunity for America’s Core Values difficult, the City extended its efforts to population was foreign born, up from 11 non-Spanish speakers. the territory of Puerto Rico, where many ASPA has supported professional public percent in 2000. residents speak both Spanish and English, administration and public service for 70 Miami’s diversity raises governance In 1960, foreign-born Americans came and are also U.S. citizens. years, in good times and bad. Now, our challenges and opportunities, particularly mostly from Europe; today they come core values are once again resurgent, from when combined with the financial issues Miami is a Model for Bridging mainly from Latin America and Asia. They the Middle East to Main Street. Americans that affect public service delivery Governance Opportunities and come for the same reasons immigrants realize we must boost our economy, renew throughout the United States today. The Challenges have always come here: to escape bitter our infrastructure, and make the invest- challenges of climate change, public Most of us have visited Epcot, the Orlando religious, political and ethnic conflicts in ments in education and health care needed health, sanitation, transportation and theme park. There, different exhibits developing or transitional states, and to to develop our human capital. inclusion in an urban area larger than the represent different countries, all arranged seek greater economic opportunity for state of Rhode Island with over 3 million around the shore of an artificial lake. Each Last month, 45 years after Dr. Martin themselves and their families. people are daunting. Yet cities have “country” has its own architecture and Luther King’s dream of a country where historically been hubs of cultural and background music. Employees in people would be judged by the content of economic development. The world needs traditional native garb sell typical food, Beyond its political and their character rather than by the color of urban leaders; ASPA must help develop drinks and souvenirs. It is Walt Disney’s their skin, Barack Obama took office as the them; and Miami exemplifies the social significance, vision of a world where everyone speaks 44th President of the United States. His challenges and opportunities of English, accepts dollars and strolls as a election repudiated many clichés about President Obama’s election governance in the midst of diversity. spectator from one ersatz culture to another. U.S. politics. When we thought it mattered, reflects demographic I lived for 21 years in South Florida and Americans did vote, and in higher numbers Fortunately, a different vision of the raised my children there. As a public than ever before. We are not closet racists: future, Florida’s real experimental realities. We are one administration professor, I helped teach a the “Bradley effect” is history. A higher prototype community of tomorrow, lies generation of predominantly African- 230 miles southeast of Epcot at the other percentage of white men voted for Barack of the most diverse American and Hispanic students who came end of the Florida Turnpike. Miami is a Obama in 2008 than for any Democrat to Florida International University believ- nations in the world. ferment of different races, cultures and since Jimmy Carter, including Bill Clinton. ing fervently in the American dream. So I ethnic groups. Some were born there; As significant as this election was inside take great pleasure in welcoming you to others migrated from other countries Here in the United States, increased the United States, its global impact was my Miami, the place that helped teach me because of the economic and political residential segregation and cultural electrifying. We would expect other to feel as much at home in Latin America opportunities Miami offers. It is a destina- isolation make it possible for large countries to prefer a President who listens as I do in the United States. tion of choice for refugees from political immigrant communities to thrive as more than he talks, thinks before he acts, upheavals in Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela ASPA member Donald Klingner is foreign enclaves. In cities like Los prefers diplomacy to preemptive war, and and other countries around the Caribbean. 2008-2009 ASPA president and Angeles, Miami and New York, there are favors a pragmatic and multilateral It has also been a safe place to invest professor, School of Public Affairs, neighborhoods where Spanish, Russian or approach to international relations. These money from these countries, particularly University of Colorado. email: Chinese have become the primary factors, coupled with almost mythical in the 1970s and 1980s when drug cartels language of choice. Cultural diversity has belief in his intelligence and emotional and money launderers fueled a downtown increased in a nation formerly considered sensitivity, have raised international building boom. linguistically and culturally homogeneous. optimism to inordinate heights. Moreover, This, and successive waves of Cuban our international colleagues had always Our image of the United States has changed immigrants fleeing Cuban and Nicaraguan assumed that our American dream did not from a “melting pot” to a salad bowl. Many dictatorships, changed Miami from a apply to minorities. Now that we have citizens, including some naturalized haven for U.S. tourists and retirees to an erased this asterisk from our political New e-mail or mailing immigrants, have resisted the influx of economic dynamo that can arguably claim records, they will not be as quick off the unassimilated foreigners. Conservatives title as the political, social, economic and mark to criticize our social equity, political address? Update your frequently appeal for “English-only,” or media center of Latin America and the process or level of political engagement. seek stricter controls over immigration in Caribbean Basin. membership record online. an effort to keep out those who might take True, this new administration faces many Miami is a “city on the edge” because it is away American jobs, or burden health, daunting challenges. Yet we Americans a harbinger of trends that increasingly education and criminal justice systems. know from experience that it is better to characterize other U.S. cities. Hispanics face hard times positively with bonds are the majority; non-Hispanic whites are Cultural diversity means workforce forged from shared sacrifice and hope a minority. It is an acculturation center for diversity. In the private sector, the based on shared belief in America’s immigrants, with differentiated monolin- businesses that succeed in diverse markets potential for continued greatness, than to gual and multilingual labor markets. will probably be the ones whose avoid reality out of fear based on mistrust Politics often divides along ethnic lines, workforce matches the customer base in of other Americans and shared ignorance primarily Hispanic, Anglo and Black. diversity. While governments may not Particularly among the Cuban community, of the outside world. Our international face economic pressures to diversify since the outcome of a city election often reputation has suffered terribly in the past they may operate as monopolies within a hinges more on candidates’ perceived eight years. It may never recover. Yet now geographic area, they do face continued ethnic credentials or opposition to Fidel we at least have a chance to rebuild it by pressures to do so. Politically speaking, Castro than on local public services like pulling our weight as a member of the many have argued that the equitable streets, schools and public safety. Over world community. distribution of public jobs across gender
  • 17. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 PAGE 17 Summit to be Held March 21-22 ASPA Contributors tration. After Shalala’s presentation, a From STUDENT SUMMIT, pg. 15 prestigious panel of career counselors and HR professionals will discuss important Supporting Contributors Endowment Contributors New Professional members can also take aspects of “Making the Transition from advantage of a special reduced conference Student to New Professional.” James Edwin Kee Donald C. Menzel rate just for them. Washington, DC Tampa, FL Aspiring academics and recent DPAs or The 2009 Summit kicks-off on Saturday PhDs will definitely want to attend Bruce A. Rodman Mary R. Hamilton with the workshop “Creating Your Job - Sunday’s Doctoral sessions covering Naperville, IL Waterloo, Ne Taking Charge of a New Managerial topics like choosing and understanding R Scott Fosler Victoria Anne Runkle Assignment.” Attendees will see that your doctoral program, choosing a disser- Chevy Chase, MD Arvada, CO when they take on a new assignment, they tation topic and committee, writing the will not only have new responsibilities, dissertation, getting a job and planning a James Thurmond they will have to use new methods of career, and getting published. These Missouri City, TX influence. Come see why this was one of interactive sessions will allow plenty of last year’s highest-rated events! Charles Wollenhaupt time for questions and answers. Washington, DC Donna Shalala, president of the University Due to an overwhelming response last of Miami and former United States year, a limited number of free resume Secretary of Health and Human Services, reviews by career counselors will be will host a talk where she will answer your available on Sunday and Monday. Finally, questions about careers in public adminis- participants asked for more time to network at the conference and ASPA SAVE THE DATE NOTICE delivers! Not only have we blocked off How would you like to make time and space for networking during on The Central Florida Chapter would like to extend an invitation to join us a difference in the careers Saturday, there are receptions Saturday, for an informative meeting series focused on Networking and Sunday AND Monday for you to network of new and future public Collaborations in the 21st Century. The meetings will be luncheon with your colleagues and other prominent programs scheduled for the 2nd Wednesday of the month. people in the field. service professionals? January 14, 2009, February 11, 2009, March 11, 2009 Monthly Meetings: Pre-registration for Summit events is not UCF School of Film and Digital Media/Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy The ASPA Student and New required, except for the resume reviews. Professional Summit could not Like most events at the ASPA conference, 8th Annual Nonprofit Conference: February 6, 2009 happen without the generosity of seats are limited and available on a first- UCF Rosen College of Hospitality Management others. Won’t you consider sponsor- come, first-served basis. Find out more 3rd Annual Public Administration Conference: ing all or a portion of the Summit? April 17, 2009 information and register today for the UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center No gift is too small and would be 2009 ASPA Annual Conference at appreciated by hundreds of Summit Public Service Recognition Week activities during: May 4-10, 2009 attendees. For more information, Matt Rankin is ASPA’s deputy director. contact Matt Rankin at 202-585-4312 To Learn More: email: or For more information contact: ASPA’s chapters and sections do great things every day. PA TIMES wants your stories. To submit chapter or section best practices, awards dinner briefs, best leaders or other ideas, contact
  • 18. PAGE 18 PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION New ASPA Members ASPA welcomes the following new members from the month of DECEMBER 2008. Please note: Members rejoining ASPA are not included on this list. Timothy Jackson Arizona Gary Brown Northern New Jersey Latrina Hunter Arkansas Mildred C. Crump Northern New Jersey Wylie Scott Atkinson At Large Member Arlene DeLaRosa Northern New Jersey Katheryn E. Brigham At Large Member Joel Freiser Northern New Jersey Aymara Lenor Carpenter At Large Member Marilyn Y. Gaynor Northern New Jersey Patrick Spearing At Large Member Daryl Godfrey Northern New Jersey Brady Adams Centex Joshua Holmes Northern New Jersey Carol E. Butts Centex Juanita Jordon Northern New Jersey Anita L. Guerra Centex Amalia Laguna-Flores Northern New Jersey Alisha R. Larson Centex Joyce Lanier Northern New Jersey Diana A. Ramirez Centex Mellissa Longo Northern New Jersey Mario C. Watkins Centex Kenneth Louis Northern New Jersey Tyler Young Centex Robert Marasco Northern New Jersey Kelley Farris Central California Margarita Muniz Northern New Jersey Sheila Ngo Central California Philip Nicastro Northern New Jersey Driss El Akrich Central Illinois Veronica Osorio Northern New Jersey Delano Yocco Central Ohio Nayna Patel Northern New Jersey Devin J. Gebhardt Central Pennsylvania Robert Waters Northern New Jersey LeAnn Beaty Chicago Illinois Rhenotha Whitaker Northern New Jersey Adriann Gerardi Chicago Illinois Taquan Willams Northern New Jersey James Kerridge Chicago Illinois Cristobal Mejia Artiga Northern Virginia Erin Rochford Chicago Illinois Dean Findley Oklahoma Jessica Baber Coastal Bend Jill Ingram Orange County Wendy Jean-Buhrer Detroit Metropolitan Area Marissa Spata Orange County Robert Russo Detroit Metropolitan Area Douglas Morgan Oregon/SW Washington Margaret Holmes East Georgia Kathleen A. Patterson Piedmont Triad Betsy Swager Empire State Capital Area Thomas Haase Pittsburgh Area Marsha L. Moore Evergreen Casey J. Harris Research Triangle Juanicia Everett Georgia Donnell Scott Research Triangle Melvynne C. Reed Georgia Sarah Smith Sacramento California Clayton Sheppard, Jr. Georgia Paul Thorn Sacramento California Amy Cook Greater Birmingham Jason Forgan San Francisco Bay Area Cortice Miles Greater Birmingham Joseph Lapka San Francisco Bay Area Jennifer C. Morrison Greater Birmingham Erik Maier San Francisco Bay Area Martin Taylor Greater Birmingham Twinki Mistry San Francisco Bay Area Bonycle Thornton Greater Birmingham Marissa Spata San Francisco Bay Area Shawn Burns Greater Kansas City Mike Gonzalez Santa Clara Valley John L. Bell, Jr. Hampton Roads James Johnson Santa Clara Valley Jim Redick Hampton Roads Edward Hebbert South Florida David Borsvold Indiana Erika Laverde South Florida Eric Grulke Inland Northwest Irvine Nugent South Florida Tom Christensen Intl Electronic Chapter Andrea R. Souder South Florida Adriano Pereira Intl Electronic Chapter Larry Herringdine, Jr. Southeastern North Carolina Sarah E. Kirwan Los Angeles Metro Area Patricia Ellis Southern Nevada Sarah Yap Los Angeles Metro Area Diane Lewis Southern Nevada Sammie Alexander, Jr. Louisiana Carol Servino Southern Nevada Irvine Nugent Maryland Danny Bass Southwest Georgia Loretta Tillery Maryland Mario A. Cabana Suncoast Lisa Johnson Massachusetts Theresa Conley Suncoast Angus McQuilken Massachusetts Matthew A. Runestad Suncoast James Rooney Massachusetts Su Minzi Tennessee Hui Li Michigan Capital Gregory Schutz Tennessee Hali Durand Minnesota Andrea R. Souder Treasure Coast Sue Arnold National Capital Area Matthew Dumont Utah Christopher Lackert National Capital Area Eva Witesman Utah Laura Mills Reid National Capital Area Rachel Preston Virginia Daniel Mintz National Capital Area Irvine Nugent National Capital Area Thomas Verstynen New Mexico Aaron Huertas New York Metropolitan Michelle Lopez New York Metropolitan Adolphus Nwaghanata New York Metropolitan Lexington Wright North Texas
  • 19. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 PAGE 19 ASPA in Brief Carl Stenberg emphasizes the importance of context and And the Award Goes to…. or (202) 585-4310. culture on the sustainability of innova- Caneka McNeil is ASPA’s Chapter Membership Development tions, and ASPA's role in supporting ASPA Chapter and Section Communications Specialist. email: public administration globally from a Award Announces Winners U.S. perspective. Website Template Available Caneka McNeil To register for the conference visit Volunteer Opportunities at ASPA has a “user friendly” website template designed for your use. The In January 2008, ASPA introduced the ASPA Conference Available! template allows for tailoring the pages of Chapter Membership Development Award. Benefit Extended for your site with pictures and content that The purpose of the award was to increase Plans are well underway for the 2009 reflects the uniqueness of your chapter or public awareness about ASPA and gain ASPA Conference in Miami, FL, March ASPA Members section. It is very easy to maintain and additional membership at every level. We 20-24, 2009 and we want to invite you to update without expensive tools or are pleased to announce that many chapters Since April, ASPA members have been be part of our team of volunteers. A extensive knowledge of HTML. took advantage of the competition and receiving complimentary electronic successful conference is the result of time increased their membership tremendously. copies of The Public Manager–a and effort provided by those who Since then some of the chapters and Thank you to the chapters who actively quarterly journal for practitioners that is volunteer to serve during conference. If sections have used the template to either participated in this competition. Your effort dedicated to encouraging professionalism you want to become part of the ASPA launch a new site or to redesign their is greatly appreciated. ASPA would like to and high performance at all levels of team of volunteers for the 2009 confer- current site. Check out some of the chapter congratulate the winners of the Chapter government. The response to this new ence, now is the time to let us know. Visit and section sites at Membership Development Award. benefit has been tremendous! We are our volunteer website at scriptcontent/secchapwebsites.cfm and see pleased to announce that your electronic how they are using their websites to Division I subscription has been extended. m?name=Volunteer for instructions on promote activities including conferences. First Place- Memphis/Mid South how to register or contact Patricia Second Place-Greater Rochester Please remember that if you would like to Should you have any questions about Yearwood at continue receiving an electronic copy of using the template contact Matt Rankin, Division II The Public Manager for free, you need to To view the other First Place-Coastal Bend Registration for ASPA's remain a member of ASPA. online marketing tools available for Second Place-Southern Arizona 2009 Conference is Open! promoting your chapter's or section's Also, your free fall issue of The Public Division III activities visit script- Manager is now available. Visit Registration for ASPA’s 2009 Annual First Place-Evergreen content/index_commtoolkit_main.cfm. and log on to the ASPA Conference is now open! The conference Second Place-Greater Birmingham website to download it in PDF format. will be held March 20-24 in Miami, FL, Another Member Benefit– Division IV at the Hyatt Regency Miami. Online Benefits Available! First Place-Greater Kansas City Access to Cutting-Edge The conference theme–Governance in the Second Place-Greater Chicago Why wait until your benefits arrive in the Midst of Diversity: Bridging Opportunity Research Individual Winners mail? Access the 2009 January/February and Challenge–will explore and develop issue of Public Administration Review Howard Balanoff ASPA members can now access dozens of innovative practices for public adminis- (PAR). Also, available online is the January Marc Holzer papers presented at the 2008 Annual tration to address the growing diversity of 2009 PA TIMeS. Conference in Dallas. To access our communities around the country. It Jack Pinkowski current archive of more than 150 papers To access your online publications, visit visit the “Communities” section of the ASPA website at You ASPA's website, will need your ASPA login information, if you are unsure of your user login and 5TAD If you have an announcement for ASPA in password, contact Patricia Yearwood at Brief, contact Christine McCrehin at pyearwood@aspanet.og or Jeannie Jeffries Fifth Transatlantic Dialogue The Future of Governance in Europe and the U.S. 11-13, June 2009 • Washington, DC Conference Sponsors: Tickets on sale now. • American Society for Public Administration Gloria Hobson Nordin Social Equity Luncheon, • European Group of Public Administration • School of Public Affairs and Administration, Hyatt Regency Miami, FL, Sunday, March 22. • Rutgers University-Campus at Newark, U.S.A. Don't miss this opportunity to reserve a table • Department of Public and International Affairs, highlighting your university or agency. • George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia, U.S.A. • Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Administration, George Washington University, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. The Fifth Transatlantic Dialogue on “The Future of Governance” continues the successful series of forums that have previously been hosted at the Public Management Institute/Katholieke University of Leuven (2004 on Ethics; 2005 on Performance); School of Urban Affairs and Public Policy at the University of Delaware (2006, Ethics); SDA Bocconi School of Management, Public Management and Policy Area, University of Bocconi (2007 Intergovernmental Relations). This initiative is a joint effort under the Memorandum of Understanding between the European Group of Public Administration (EGPA) and the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA), with the support of the ASPA-EGPA Secretariat at the For further information please contact School of Public Affairs and Administration, Rutgers University-Campus at Newark. Duanne Crawley at
  • 20. PAGE 20 PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Section/Chapter News Section for Women in Public Administration Congratulates Scholarship Winners Winners to be Recognized During Award Breakfast at ASPA Annual Conference in Miami The SWPA Scholarship Committee* congratulates the winners of the 2009 SWPA Scholarships. Each recipient is awarded $500 to help defray the costs of attending the 2009 Miami ASPA confer- ence. Please stop by and offer your congratulations to these women at the SWPA members meeting and the SWPA Breakfast! See you in Miami. Wendy Xinfang Gao is a Ph.D. candidate at Askew School of Public Administration and Policy, Florida State University. She has served as a senior project officer at the British Embassy Beijing. One of her coauthored papers was published by the Public Administration Review in 2004. Gao is currently working on her disserta- Section for Women in Public Administration (SWPA) scholarship winners (l to r) Wendy Xinfang Gao, Kim Moloney and Rhucha Samudra will accept tion, “Community Networks and Service their awards at the ASPA Annual Conference in Miami, FL, March 20-24, 2009. Performance: Examining Community- Based Care in Florida,” which investi- (SAIS) at Johns Hopkins University and country in which she has worked. research assistant. Her research interests gates how different collaborative manage- her MPA from the Maxwell School at include public sector human resources ment practices of network level managers Rhucha Samudra is an MPA student at Syracuse University. Moloney's disserta- management and performance manage- and the structural properties of the differ- the School of Public Affairs, Arizona tion is on the World Bank and its history ment. Samudra wishes a professional ent community-based care networks affect State University. She received her MA in of public sector management projects. Her career in an international, diverse setting the performance of the child welfare Economics from Andrew Young School of study examines why public sector that helps her understand different service in Florida. Her career goal is to be Policy Studies, Georgia State University management project approvals increased viewpoints and non-traditional solutions. a university faculty member and teach and another MA in economics from between 1983 and 2007 and why project future public administrators a sense of University of Pune, India. Samudra has *Thank you to the SWPA Scholarship outputs have diversified over time. integrity and responsibility. served at the International City/County Committee members- Barbara Moloney will begin a two-year contract as Managers Association (ICMA) as a Lewkowitz, Gail Nehls, Shinika a lecturer at the University of West Indies Kim Moloney is a Ph.D. candidate in summer intern and is currently working McKiever and Yahong Zhang. in Kingston, Jamaica, in September 2009. public administration at American with the Alliance for Innovation at She has worked in seven countries; University. She received her MA from the Arizona State University as a graduate Jamaica will be the fourth developing School of Advanced International Studies Florida Secretary of State Kurt S. Browning City Hall Fellows Program Seeks Inspires Suncoast Chapter Members Participants City Hall Fellows is a non-partisan nonprofit dedicated to training the next Don Menzel had a hand in it! generation of civic leaders for He also pointed to the broad ranging America's cities. Our 12-month, paid, Secretary Kurt Browning delivered many responsibilities of the Department - post-college Fellowship program insightful and motivating remarks at the overseeing elections, licensing new combines hands-on experience Suncoast Chapter meeting on January 13, businesses which Florida does more of working within the highest levels of 2009. As Susan Walker of Pinellas Park than any other state, promoting the arts local government with intensive civic put it, “I was invigorated by the with grants to support workshops and leadership training. During 2009-2010, Secretary's presentation.” conferences, fostering historical, archaeo- cohorts of Fellows will be placed in logical, museum and folk culture Houston, TX and San Francisco, CA. He spoke of changing the culture of the resources in Florida, and coordinating and Department of State by “managing by City Hall Fellows is seeking graduat- helping fund activities of public libraries. walking around.” He’s not one to sit in his ing college seniors and recent alumni office and wait for others to come to him. who demonstrate: Secretary Browning was the Supervisor of His management style, he says, is to Elections in Pasco County for 26 years • Academic excellence; challenge employees, and they are respond- before he was picked by Governor Charlie • Leadership potential; ing to his message of pride, teamwork, and Crist to be the chief election officer in accomplishment. You can change the • Dedication to contributing to Florida. He has a Bachelor’s degree in culture of an organization, he said. He society, and political science and an MPA degree from learned about organizational cultures and University of South Florida. • An entrepreneurial spirit appropri- how to change them in one of his ate for participating in the very first ASPA member Donald C. Menzel is a University of South Florida MPA classes. year of an exciting new program. former ASPA president and professor emeritus of Northern Illinois University. Secretary Browning described the 2008 A detailed overview of the email: election in glowing terms stating that Fellowship program, as well as “2008 set a new standard in how local application materials and instructions, election offices performed.” He pointed to are available online at the fact that not a single lawsuit was filed either before or after the election, an Applications for the 2009-2010 Class uncommon occurrence that he attributes Florida Secretary of State Kurt S. Browing of Fellows are due March 6, 2009. to the excellent work of the Department’s speaks about his management style during a The fellowship year begins August 3, employees and Florida’s 67 County recent ASPA Suncoast Chapter meeting. 2009 and runs through July 30, 2010. Election Supervisors. And, of course, Kurt
  • 21. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 PAGE 21 Priorities for ASPA: Relevance, Responsiveness, Respect and Sustainability The second event took place on January • Leadership–To create a more sustainable will listen. I will engage members and non- From BERGRUD, pg. 15 members through traditional structures and 23, 2008. I had the honor of speaking association and profession, we must through new avenues, including my ASPA about mentorship at the Greater Kansas develop leaders in practice, scholarship chapter newsletter editor and was later Facebook group. As I listen, I will learn and City Chapter’s monthly luncheon and the and research. I believe in the potential of elected chapter president and National further refine my ideas. privilege of publicly paying tribute to my each ASPA member, whether she/he is 24 Council representative. I received guidance long-time mentor, professor and supervi- or 84 years old. We need to consider how and encouragement along the way from Where would you like to see ASPA once sor, Dr. Jerzy Hauptmann, the individual both to harness and shepherd the collec- countless individuals. you finish your term as president? I will who first encouraged me to join ASPA. Six tive talents of our membership. I will be 44 years old when my presidential term Knowing that many friends, colleagues and days later, Dr. Hauptmann passed away. In encourage expansion of ASPA’s profes- concludes. I envision the ASPA of 2012 as mentors have entrusted me to lead this the ensuing weeks and months, I reflected sional development initiatives with a a dynamic organization in which four Society both touches me deeply and often on the individual who taught me focus on leadership development. generations of members teach and inspire reminds me of the significant responsibil- “There has to be more to life than serving We can trace the roots of the ASPA we each other. I plan to welcome hundreds of ity which I have accepted. After all, many oneself” and then decided that seeking the know and recognize today to the 1970s, a first-time volunteers who are afforded the of the giants of our field founded ASPA ASPA vice presidency would enable me to decade in which a generation of members opportunity to make a real and lasting and/or served as its president. pay tribute to Dr. Hauptmann’s memory committed itself to breaking organizational contribution to the Society as I was nearly and legacy while serving at the highest I also understand that ASPA must develop and cultural barriers. ASPA’s election two decades ago. level the organization which has played a financially sustainable organizational process was democratized, and members such a pivotal role in my adult life. Anything you would like to add? Let me structure, which will honor its rich elected the Society’s first African-American thank you for the privilege of appearing tradition while, at the same time, take into What are the issues or goals that you and woman presidents that decade. In 1973, again in this publication. PA TIMeS account rapid changes in a globally plan to address once in office? During ASPA’s leadership approved the establish- interviewed me in June 2005 when I left interconnected world. The Society’s 2008- the election campaign, I outlined four ment of its first section, enabling members 2010 Strategic Imperatives reflect this the ASPA staff following seven years of priorities for ASPA: relevance, responsive- to formally create special-focus groups organizational imperative. service as an employee. At that time, I ness, respect and sustainability. None of related to key topics in the field. said, “I hope that the organization will dare these can be accomplished by fiat. All will I do not believe in coincidence, and recall As a new decade approaches, ASPA must to dream bigger and, in the process, call require consensus and collaboration. I two key events which ultimately made recommit itself to removing barriers of all upon its members (practitioners and believe we can address these priorities and possible my vice presidential candidacy. kinds, including social barriers. I believe scholars alike) for their expertise.” position ASPA for future growth by Nearly 15 years ago, I attended my first that a more inclusive ASPA will be a focusing on three overarching themes: ASPA Annual Conference. Like many first- Nearly four years later, I remain optimistic stronger ASPA. I remain hopeful that in the time attendees, I felt somewhat lost and about ASPA’s future and find myself in the • Learning–Every ASPA publication, near future ASPA will elect for the first overwhelmed. A kind group of South Florida unexpected position of asking my ASPA program and service provides a learning time both a woman of color and a Latino Chapter members “adopted” me, inviting me colleagues to join me in building a 21st opportunity both for the intended to its highest office. Therefore, to ensure to lunch and then to volunteer in the national century organization–one which celebrates audience and the content provider. we develop the capacity to actualize this, organization. What they did to help me is the spirit of our founders and inspires we must truly work at inclusiveness. ASPA but one indicator of what we mean to others • Service–Service in any capacity–to the current and future members to learn, serve must not just embrace the value of who join us for the first time–how a simple Society, the profession, the country and/or diversity and inclusiveness, but harness our and lead. invitation can last for decades. I hold a deep humanity–must be recognized individually energies to make it happen. affection for the members of that chapter and collectively as an honor and privilege. ASPA Vice President-elect erik Bergrud and look forward to visiting Miami for the What will you do over the next two years I will encourage additional service may be reached at his ASPA email address: first time next month. to ensure your goals can be achieved? I opportunities within and outside of ASPA.
  • 22. PAGE 22 PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION CAREERCENTER Employers Keeping Close Eye on New College Graduate Hiring Needs Bethlehem, PA–Employers say they will reassess their hiring needs on a quarterly available to them to conduct a successful market, so they can make informed hire about as many new college graduates basis,” says Marilyn Mackes, NACE job search, starting with the campus decisions about their opportunities,” from the Class of 2009 as they did from executive director. career center.” says Mackes. the Class of 2008, but plan to keep a In addition, although 44 percent of NACE will continue to monitor the job watchful eye on those hiring needs, so …although 44 percent of responding employers characterized the market for the Class of 2009. NACE’s they can shift gears if necessary, according job market for the college Class of 2009 Salary Survey Winter report, scheduled for to a report from the National Association responding employers as “good,” more than one-quarter labeled distribution in early February, will provide of Colleges and Employers (NACE). it as just “fair,” another significant change, a first look at demand for new college characterized the job market Among employers responding to NACE’s according to Mackes. graduates by specific discipline. Job Outlook 2009 survey, the largest for the college Class of 2009 “In comparison, just 6 percent of employ- NACE’s annual Job Outlook report group (26 percent) said they will reassess ers rated the job market for the Class of forecasts the hiring intentions of employ- their college graduate hiring needs on a as “good,” more than one- 2008 as fair, while nearly half rated it as ers as they relate to new college graduates monthly basis. very good,” she says. (See Figure 1.) and reports on other employment-related quarter labeled it as just “That’s a significant shift from just a year issues. The survey is conducted in In such an environment, says Mackes, ago when the largest group of employ- multiple parts. The data in this release are “fair”… “students need to use all the resources ers–nearly 26 percent–said they would based on the second part of the survey, conducted mid-August through October 3, Most career centers offer career counsel- 2008, among 1,199 NACE employer ing; resume writing, interviewing skills, members; 231, or 19.3 percent, responded. Figure 1: Employers' Overall Job Market Ratings and other job-search related workshops; programs to help students identify and NACE will update its hiring projections connect with potential employers, such as Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor for the Class of 2009 through its Job career fairs and on-campus interviews; Outlook Spring Update, scheduled to be 2008-09 2.6% 26.9% 44.1% 25.6% 0.9% and job postings from interested employ- conducted in March 2009. ers, among other services. 2007-08 12.8% 49.6% 31.0% 6.2% 0.4% For more information, visit “Career center staff can also help students 2006-07 14.0% 44.9% 35.1% 3.0% 0.0% stay on top of what’s going on in the job THE UN-COMFORT ZONE, an occasional column by Robert Wilson Online Government Job and Internship Resources How Cool are You? Hot Jobs/Cool Internships eNewsletter–www.makingthediffer- Robert Wilson Instead she ignored the pain and I never planned any of those visits. I Federal Job Information– struggled with crutches, then canes, would just start to feel the need, and before walking under her own power before I knew it, was in the car driving. My sons recently started talking about again. I never once knew her to mention Those visits continued for years. being cool, and I recalled my own ASPA’s Online Career Center allows the great pain she continued to endure. Eventually the cumulative responsibilities teenage years and the need to be cool. students and other members to post of work, marriage and children made my That driving desire dictated the clothes I résumés, search a job database and I met her when my friend Tony started life too busy for the simple pleasure of wore, the music I listened to, and what apply for jobs online. dating Becky, the wildest of her children, spending an afternoon with Mrs. Healan. subjects I became conversant in. And, and I dated Becky’s best friend. It was yet despite all my motivation and effort, while Tony and I waited for our dates to A few years ago she died of lung cancer. This site offers nationwide listings of it remained elusive. get ready, that I learned what an amazing Frances was never a smoker, but a critical jobs in government, education and the conversationalist Mrs. Healan was. She spot on her lung was missed on a routine public sector. Search for a listing When I look back, I can see that all I would talk of her family and friends, of containing specific key words, or view a chest xray. Her oncologist said that if really wanted was to be accepted, liked movies and novels. Pleasant stories that list of employers by state. he’d seen the xray when it was taken he and admired. But, whatever I tried, I had no impact on my life or the world, could have saved her life. Despite that never quite felt cool enough. The and yet they were irresistibly soothing Frances Healan was never bitter. This website is the one-stop portal for a problem was that I didn’t really and peaceful. range of employment opportunities for understand the term until I’d spent a few Even though I had not seen her in years, students within the federal government, Meanwhile, with five rambunctious kids years living and working in the real world. her children called me to visit on her last whether in high school, college, or and their friends, hers was the house on day. When I arrived, her daughter Judy So, I explained to my kids, “Cool is when graduate school. the street where everything happened. It said, “Look Mama, it’s Bobby Wilson.” there’s a problem and you do not get upset was a tumultuous environment of Mrs. Healan raised her head and said, by it. When everyone else is panicking, laughter one moment and tears the next The official U.S. government job site, this “Bobby Wilson! Who’s dying?” We all rushing around and over reacting, the cool as young personalities came together site provides a database of over 14,000 laughed. That moment sums up her life person is the one who stays calm, assesses then clashed. Nothing ever seemed to federal employment opportunities. for me. Facing death she maintained her the situation, then makes a reasoned rattle Mrs. Healan, she was always calm sense of humor. She was quite simply the decision on what to do.” and relaxed. The Partnership for Public Service coolest person I’ve ever known. offers several ways for students to learn One day, I’ll tell them about Frances Tony and Becky didn’t last very long, but Robert evans Wilson, Jr. is a motiva- about federal internship and job Healan, my friend who completely I refused to give up those wonderful tional speaker and humorist. He works opportunities. owned this concept. Mrs. Healan walked conversations and started showing up just with companies that want to be more to hang out. Over the years, I realized with a limp, and I learned that she had competitive and with people who want to that whenever my own life got a little suffered a severe injury to her hip and Discover a wealth of information on the think like innovators. For more informa- stressed, I was drawn to the Healan pelvis. Her doctor told her she would hiring process, benefits, agency profiles, tion on Robert's programs please visit household. Once there I would just sit never walk again. His diagnosis was and special interest jobs. Or read the and listen to Mrs. Healan’s stories and unacceptable. She had three daughters latest news from our Featured absorb her serene energy. I was rejuve- and two sons, all less than two years Government Employers. nated by her presence. apart, with whom she had to keep up.
  • 23. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 PAGE 23 CAREERCENTER Pay It Forward... Career Advice from an ASPA Member high stress of management jobs Many management gurus speak of • Be clear in communicating your decision. Nine Lessons That “being present”–staying focused on the Nothing gets managers into more trouble For most management jobs, it is critical Can Help Managers issue at hand. In order to be present, you than being unclear or unsure of decisions. to be mentally prepared. It is also useful must be mentally prepared to be present. Managers are usually leaders and provide to imagine what the situation will be It is necessary to develop the skill of direction to their organizations. James Nordin like–to “visualize” what circumstances concentration, of focusing. Employees are usually willing followers, will arise. I used to imagine or fantasize but they do like to know where they are I spent more than 30 years in government about how a particular meeting would go • Make a decision! But there is so much at going. When they don’t feel they are service, 25 as a supervisor or manager. I before I ever went to the meeting. Who stake! I don’t have all the information! getting clear decisions or when they feel wish I had “known” these lessons when I will be at the meeting? What is their What will happen if I’m wrong? the manager isn’t confident in the started. It was only in retrospect that I agenda? Will this be a hostile meeting or decision, they naturally are uneasy. There are always high stakes; that is realized what I needed to know. will this be a collaborative discussion? Uneasy organizations are ineffective why managers are in the positions they What is at stake? Any technique that • Know the rules–especially the spirit or organizations. are in. No decision-maker ever has all prepares a manager mentally for her/his intent. Government is full of arcane and the information needed until just after job is useful–and necessary. • Solicit feedback and criticism–especially mysterious rules. Focusing on the intent the situation is over. Managers will be from those negatively impacted. In of the rules makes decision-making • Make decisions based on behavior, not wrong, at least some of the time. That is seeking feedback about management easier and makes decisions easier to intent. Unless a manager is a trained not the point. The point is to act when skills, it is important to define the justify. For example, if three bids are psychologist and is in a clinical setting action is required. “skills” of interest, whether they are required but only two are submitted, is with the employee (and then s/he would knowledge, leadership, communication, (a) If a mistake was made and it can be the purchase unallowable? The purchase clearly no longer be a manager of that or any other aspect of management. fixed; fix it and admit the error. is probably allowable; the intent of the employee), the manager cannot know Comments on the quality of decisions rule is to insure market competition. If intent; and evil intent is highly unlikely Most managers tell their employees that will almost always be offered in this bids were legitimately solicited and only to be disclosed. without errors there would be no situation as well, whether they are two bidders responded, the purchaser progress. To make no errors is to take no solicited or not. What managers can judge is behavior. complied with the intent of the rule chances and to cease to grow. What did the employee do? If an (seek competition) even if three bids Groups that receive what they want will employee demands rather than requests Managers will make mistakes. If they were not obtained. think the management decision was information from a client, that behavior can be fixed, do so, admit the error (and wonderful. That feedback is gratifying, • Be ready to perform–physically and should be stopped regardless of whether acknowledge your humanity!) and go but not very useful. Feedback from mentally. Fatigue is the enemy. Great the client is offended or not. Managers forward. negatively impacted groups is almost physical condition may not be necessary can also evaluate the impact of behavior. always more useful, especially if the (b) If a mistake was made and it can’t be in order to roll a chair around a desk, but If an employee likes to joke and kid but manager is skillful at avoiding personal fixed, just go on. Do not try to “even stamina is important in dealing with the another employee finds that offensive, it antipathy and keeping the feedback it out.” is irrelevant if the first employee meant focused on the process and skills any offense. The manager must act Many decisions–no matter how involved in the management decision. It based on the behavior and the results of bad–can’t be corrected. The email that is generally easier for the manager to that behavior. was accidentally sent is still sent and filter out the unfounded negative Fulbright Scholarship can’t be recovered. The painful lesson of criticism and arrive at the kernel of truth • Be in position–anticipate what is bad decisions stays with us and helps us about management practices to be Invites Applications probably coming and be ready to act. in the future. Accept your errors and improved than it is to filter out the Management is about the future. move on with a renewed determination Fulbright New Zealand invites unfounded positive feedback. We all Managers are supposed to “know” what to do better in the future. applications for the 2010 Ian Axford tend to believe the positive feedback, is going to happen so nothing will be a (New Zealand) Fellowships in even when it is unfounded. surprise to the organization. Of course, (c) Managers should make the decisions Public Policy. Three to four this is literally impossible. However, that let them sleep at night–the ones they • Don’t expect to be loved–work to be Fellowships will be awarded for managers can position themselves so believe in their heart are correct. respected. When a manager does her/his seven months, commencing they have a better view of the changes job well, the organization seems to run February 2010. Every decision is questioned to a greater coming. For example, managers can itself. The attention can be on the or lesser extent. Review those decisions. keep up with versions of pending The deadline for receipt of accomplishments of the organization and Did you make the best decision you legislation in order to anticipate changes. applications is 1 March 2009. its employees and, oh, by the way, there could under the circumstances? Based They can read proposed regulations–and was someone ostensibly in charge as well. Applicants must be U.S. citizens on what you knew at the time of the even comment on them to shape the with at least five years experience in decision, was it the correct decision? If changes. They can read journals, such as Most of the time, managers are going to their professions and submit a so, sleep well. PAR. They can attend conferences to be keeping the organization afloat or formal application. For further learn of breaking news. All these activi- making incremental improvements. (d) Don’t change because of criticism; but information and an application form, ties can keep a manager in position to What is noticed most are changes that do hear it. When it is screaming you are see Fulbright New Zealand's website anticipate the future. are perceived as negative by employees wrong, it may be correct. Think about that. awards/am- or outsiders. That is the nature of being • Concentrate on the situation at hand. ian-axford.html. When everyone is upset, it may be time to in management. So going unnoticed can Managers make many decisions every look at your self-confidence to see if it is be a good thing–it can mean the Ian Axford (New Zealand) day. They are under pressures of time, over-confidence. Defending a bad manager is doing what needs to be done. Fellowships in Public Policy give constraints of rules, the need to be decision to prove you are unwavering outstanding American professionals transparent and responsive and they These lessons may seem simple and even only proves you have forgotten how to the opportunity to research, travel never have all the resources they need. trite. They clearly are fundamental, and learn from your mistakes. While managers and gain practical experience in They frequently receive differing advice they worked for me. should not make decisions based on who public policy in New Zealand, from several camps on the decision at screams the loudest or the longest–or to ASPA member James Nordin is a retired including firsthand knowledge of hand. There are frequently conflicting avoid any screams at all - it is necessary federal manager. He now provides economic, social and political values to be considered. All these to hear the screams and use them as a management consultation and serves as an reforms and management of the factors–and others– frequently make it guide to checking your performance. government sector. Established by adjunct professor at the University of San difficult to focus. the New Zealand Government in Francisco. email: 1995, the programme aims to reinforce New Zealand-United States links, improve public policy development by cross-fertilisation of View and Post Job Ads Online ideas and experience, and build up a network of public policy experts on both sides of the Pacific.
  • 24. PAGE 24 PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Congressional Testimony Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: What Happened and Where do We Go From Here? The following testimony was given by and seek to restore the companies to their the two companies doubled in size every government is least equipped to deal with dominant market positions, high leverage Thomas H. Stanton, a fellow of the Center it. Thus, the capital markets arbitraged five years or so. and financial vulnerability. for the Study of American Government at across regulatory requirements and Market power gave them political power. Johns Hopkins University, to the Federal ultimately sent literally trillions of dollars Whenever someone would urge regulatory Oversight and Government Reform of mortgages to Fannie Mae and Freddie reform, such as higher capital standards to …the GSE combines private Committee. He has recently agreed to give Mac, where capital requirements were low reduce the GSEs’ dangerous leverage, the elliot Richardson Lecture during and federal supervision was weak. constituents would flood Capitol Hill. That ownership with government ASPA’s Annual Conference, March 20-24, However, the capital markets also found political power then entrenched the GSEs’ 2009, in Miami. other places where government could not market power. backing to create a virtually Chairman Waxman, Ranking Member manage the risk, including structured invest- The political power of the two companies unstoppable political force. Issa and members of this distinguished ment vehicles of commercial banks, private is seen in the fact that the regulatory committee: securitization conduits and collateralized reforms of the Housing and Economic Thanks to government debt obligations that were virtually unregu- Thank you for the opportunity to testify Recovery Act of 2008 (HERA), enacted lated except by the vagaries of the rating today. I am Thomas H. Stanton, a fellow of just before the companies failed, still do backing and low capital agencies and exuberance of the market the Center for the Study of American not give the new regulator, the Federal during the housing bubble. Huge volumes requirements, Fannie Mae Government at Johns Hopkins University. I Housing Finance Agency, the full mandate, of subprime, alt-A, interest-only and other am also a fellow of the National Academy of authority, or discretion over safety and toxic mortgages went to these parts of the and Freddie Mac gained Public Administration and consult to govern- soundness and systemic risk that is market. As the bubble reached its limits and ment agencies and other entities to improve available to the federal bank regulators. immense market power. began to deflate the GSEs tried to catch up the design of organizations and programs. Third, the pressure of meeting quarterly and regain the market share that they had In 1991 I wrote a book called A State of expectations of investors meant that the two lost to the new competition. Risk: Will Government-Sponsored companies sacrificed long-term well being Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac engaged in The Government Should Place Fannie Mae enterprises be the Next Financial Crisis? of the mortgage market for their own short- Risky Practices that Helped Lead to Their and Freddie Mac into Receivership and and worked with a small band of reformers term goals of maximizing returns on equity. Failure and Greatly Increase Likely Allow Them to Function essentially as led by Representatives J.J. Pickle (D-TX) It is useful to note that Fannie Mae and Taxpayer Costs. Fannie Mae and Freddie Wholly Owned Government Corporations to and Bill Gradison (R-OH) of the House Freddie Mac did not cause the housing Mac helped to bring about their insolvency Support the Mortgage Market. The govern- Ways and Means Committee to try to bubble or the proliferation of subprime and through a series of serious misjudgments. ment placed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac improve federal supervision of safety and other mortgages that borrowers could not The most serious of these involved resist- into conservatorship rather than receiver- soundness of Fannie Mae and Freddie afford to repay. In analyzing dynamics of ance to effective government supervision ship. It now appears that both institutions Mac. These efforts led to creation of a new Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac I discovered and capital standards. Starting with have lost their entire net worth. It is time to regulator, the Office of Federal Housing a phenomenon that can be called Stanton’s successful efforts to weaken the legislation Enterprise Oversight (OFHEO), in 1992. Law: risk will migrate to the place where that established OFHEO, the two Strenuous lobbying by Fannie Mae and See TESTIMONY, pg. 25 companies fought off capital standards to Freddie Mac assured that the new regulator reduce their excessive leverage and lacked the authority needed to do its job. provide a cushion against potential losses. In my view, the 1992 legislation provided The companies wanted high leverage the last clear chance to create a system of because this benefited their shareholders, at accountability that might have helped to least until the companies failed. Leverage protect the two companies from the high allowed Freddie Mac to report returns on leverage and lax practices that allowed them equity of over 20 percent for most years to expand to unmanageable size and then since it became an investor-owned company brought them down this year. Since 1992, in 1989, reaching highs of 47.2 percent in and until enactment of the Housing and 2002 and 39.0 percent in 2000. Fannie Mae Economic Recovery Act of 2008 (HERA) reported earnings of almost as much, the two companies, which gained strength as reaching a high of 39.8 percent in 2001. they grew, were able to block even modest pieces of regulatory reform legislation. The two companies also made risky misjudgments just as housing prices My testimony makes three points: peaked. According to press reports, chief • While Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac did executives of both Fannie Mae and Freddie not cause the mortgage credit debacle, Mac disregarded warnings from their risk they did engage in risky practices that officers and sought to increase market turned them into sources of vulnerability share by purchasing huge volumes of risky rather than strength for the mortgage loans. Both companies also invested in market and larger economy. highly rated private-label mortgage-related • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac appear to be securities backed by Alt-A or subprime insolvent. The government should place mortgage loans, amounting to total them into receivership and thereby remove holdings by the two companies of over $ private shareholders from the two failed 200 billion in 2007. companies. Otherwise the government will In these mistakes, Fannie Mae and Freddie face conflicting objectives about the role Mac revealed inherent vulnerabilities of of the two companies in serving urgent the government-sponsored enterprise public purposes versus serving financial (GSE) as an organizational model. First, interests of the companies and their the GSE lives or dies according to its shareholders. Once shareholders are gone, charter and other laws that determine the next Administration can use the two conditions under which it operates. Thus, companies to support and reform the home GSEs select their chief officers based more mortgage market. on ability to manage political risk rather • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac should not than on their ability to manage two of the return to their previous status as privately largest financial institutions in the world. owned organizations that operate with pervasive federal backing. The two Second, the GSE combines private companies and their powerful constituen- ownership with government backing to cies consistently fought for high leverage create a virtually unstoppable political and against an effective accountability force. Thanks to government backing and structure. Even if a regulator were created low capital requirements, Fannie Mae and with the appropriate mandate, discretion Freddie Mac gained immense market and authority, political power of the two power. Until this year, when they together companies can be expected to weaken funded over $ 5 trillion of mortgages, or that accountability structure over time about 40 percent of the mortgage market,
  • 25. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 PAGE 25 The Recruiter W H E R E E M P L O Y E R S A N D J O B S E E K E R S M E E T. UNIVERSITY POSITIONS expertise are not required, but desirable, in human resources management, comparative international NGO Open Rank Professor - Public Affairs research, or experiential learning. The normal teaching load of 2 courses per semester includes undergraduate, The University of Texas at Dallas MPA and doctoral courses. The new colleague is expected to provide leadership and teaching in a new undergrad- The School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas invites applications uate major in Civic Leadership Community Engagement. The new undergraduate major is part of a strategic for a tenure-track or tenured position in Public Affairs with preferred areas of specializations including: general planning initiative at NIU to create a Center for NGO Leadership Development. There are an estimated 6,000 public administration/management, the legal environment of public affairs/administration and administrative law. or more NGOs in the Chicago/NIU area. This new interdisciplinary unit will involve multiple departments and The position starts September 1, 2009. Experience and expertise in government and/or non-profit environments colleges in research, teaching, and outreach. is welcome. Additionally, we are seeking scholars with records of significant research productivity who have The Division is nationally ranked in city management and public finance, and maintains a network of alumni experience/interest in providing graduate level education. Successful candidates should hold the Ph.D. in Public throughout the Chicagoland area. The Division fields about 50 full time internship students in local governments Affairs/Administration, Political Science, or a related field. Successful candidates will teach in the PhD in Public and NGOs. More information is available at the Division website ( Affairs and the NASPAA accredited Master of Public Affairs programs. Salaries are competitive and commensu- Applicants must submit a letter of application, CV, and list of three references who will be contacted with permis- rate with experience. sion of the applicant. Applicants should be prepared to provide teaching evaluations on request. Review of The School of Economic Political and Policy Sciences is a multidisciplinary school that offers undergraduate, complete applications will begin February 18, 2009; the search will remain open until the appointment is made. masters and doctoral degrees. It includes rapidly growing MPA and PhD programs. Information about the School The application package should be sent to: Professor Kurt Thurmaier, Division of Public Administration, and the Public Affairs programs is available at Please direct inquiries to the Search Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL 60115. NIU is an AA/EEO institution that strongly encourages applica- Committee Chair, Professor L. Douglas Kiel, at tions from women and minority candidates. Inquiries for further information can be sent to Applicants for either tenure-track or tenured positions should send a letter of interest, curriculum vitae, and three Professor of Environmental Studies and Public Administration letters of reference to: Academic Search #30010, The University of Texas at Dallas, 800 W. Campbell Road, M/S The Greenspun College of Urban Affairs AD42, Richardson, Texas 75080-3021. Indication of gender and ethnic origin for affirmative action statistical purposes is requested as part of the application process but is not required for consideration. Review of applica- University of Nevada, Las Vegas tions will start on January 31, 2009 and will continue until the position is filled. The University of Texas is an The Greenspun College of Urban Affairs invites applications for a joint appointment in the Departments of equal opportunity/affirmative action university and strongly encourages applications from candidates who would Environmental Studies and Public Administration. The appointment will be at the Full Professor rank. The enhance the diversity of the University’s faculty and administration. College is exploring possible endowment funding to support the new position. The College is investigating the combination of these departments into a new School of Environmental and Public Affairs. The plans are at an Public Administration: Non-Profit Management early stage, and the College is seeking a distinguished leader and scholar who bridges both fields to aid in the Northern Illinois University planning and development process. Teaching responsibilities will be primarily at the graduate level. For job and The Division of Public Administration at NIU invites applications for an associate or full professor position to application details visit For assistance with UNLV’s on-line applicant portal contact begin August 2009, pending budgetary approval. This position requires a Ph.D. in Public Administration or Jen Martens at (702) 895-2894 or UNLV is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity related field and evidence of excellence in research and publication; graduate and undergraduate teaching; and educator and employer committed to excellence through diversity. pursuit of extramural funding. The position addresses teaching needs in the non-profit management track of the MPA program, with expertise in nonprofit resources management strongly preferred. Teaching and research Sunset Provisions Could Provide for Review and Regulation of Situation the companies’ shareholder value? Benefits for the mortgage market could be The GSEs have now squandered a policy From TESTIMONY, pg. 24 considerable as the companies, once they tool that government had used for decades: If the government placed both companies serve public purposes rather than a mix of the perception of an implicit rather than into receivership, then we could use Fannie place both companies into receivership. public and private objectives, provide explicit federal guarantee of their debt Mae and Freddie Mac as agents of reform support to the housing market and fashion obligations. While their constituents may This will remove an inherent conflict in for the mortgage market. The benefits important consumer protections and rules seek other forms of government backing, the government’s position. Technically, could be enormous: of conduct for participants in that market. the end of the implicit guarantee means conservatorship means the government is • They could fund mortgages in a manner that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac never working to restore the companies to The Congress also should place a sunset targeted to meet pressing public purposes can be the same as they once were. financial health. Thus far the government provision of perhaps five years into each as the new Administration defines them. Enabling legislation for any surviving has preserved the shareholders in the two company charter. As the sunset approaches, GSEs should contain a 10-year sunset • They could begin to provide essential companies and allowed their stock to trade and the mortgage debacle hopefully is provision so that policymakers can periodi- consumer protections for borrowers, such freely. This conflicts with the govern- behind us, policymakers can decide whether cally revisit questions of their public as Alex Pollock’s ingenious one-page ment’s need to use the two companies to further government support for the benefits and public costs in the context of mortgage disclosure form, borrower support the mortgage market. Until mortgage market is required and the organi- changing markets and public priorities. counseling and increased pre-foreclosure government removes shareholders from the zational form that is most suitable. loss mitigation services. equation, officers and directors of the two Mr. Chairman, I would like to end on a Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Should not companies will face conflict as to their note about the human costs of Fannie Mae • They could devise and impose require- be Restored to Their Previous Status as fiduciary responsibilities. Do they price and Freddie Mac. ments that lenders and other participants mortgage purchases low to support the Privately Owned Organizations that in the mortgage process have appropriate • Their actions led to hundreds of thousands market or do they price higher to replenish Operate with extensive Federal Backing. financial strength and capability and of American families, and possibly more The experience of Fannie Mae and Freddie accountability and engage in appropriate than a million, facing delinquency and Mac as privately owned institutions with risk-sharing before they are allowed to do default on their mortgages and potential extensive government backing shows business with the two companies. 1 Job Ad, 3 foreclosure on their homes. (Implementation of some requirements shortcomings of the government-sponsored • They funded the overbuilding of hundreds may need to wait until after the housing enterprise as an organizational model. of thousands of homes that will be vacant Options: and mortgage markets again stabilize). However sound the accountability structure or boarded up because no one wants to may be when the organization begins, the • They could help to adapt their Automated live there. incentive to satisfy private owners will lead Underwriting Systems and perhaps other Print Only • Web Only • The cost to the American taxpayer will a GSE to try to weaken safety and systems and capabilities, for use by run potentially to hundreds of billions of soundness oversight and lower capital federal agencies, starting with the FHA dollars. standards. Both Fannie Mae and Freddie and perhaps Ginnie Mae and the direct • Print and Web loan program for homeowners (part of Mac arguably had stronger accountability All of this harm could have been avoided the disaster loan program) of the Small with prudent lending, prudent capital and structures when they were chartered as Business Administration. prudent management. Thank you again for GSEs than when they were supervised by holding this important hearing on two Contact: OFHEO. Between 1968 and 1992, when In short, the government could turn financial institutions that used their high OFHEO was established, both companies insolvency of Fannie Mae and Freddie leverage and insatiable appetites to grow to successfully removed government controls Mac into an opportunity to improve an unmanageable size before they failed. that they considered unacceptable. delivery of credit by federal agencies.
  • 26. PAGE 26 PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PA TIMES 2009 Editorial Calendar NEW! Save this page for reference! The PA TIMES requests that articles be between 1000-1200 words. Contact for author guidelines. Deadlines for each of the 12 issues are listed below. Recruitment advertising questions may be directed to Press releases, announcements, article inquiries, and display advertising questions may be directed to: Christine Jewett McCrehin • Editor • January August Transitions: New Administration, Opportunities and Challenges Health Care: Provision and Administration (Role of Professional Public Service, Responses to Fiscal and Economic Challenges) (Economic Challenges, Scope of Coverage, Programs) Advertising/Article Deadline: December 21, 2008 Advertising/Article Deadline: July 23, 2009 September February Shifting Population: Demography Isn’t Just About Polling Immigration: Issues Impacting Administration (Rural Econ. Devel., Water, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Transportation, etc.) (Trends, Legal Issues, Effects on Service Delivery, New Immigration Legislation) Advertising/Article Deadline: August 22, 2009 Advertising/Article Deadline: January 22, 2009 March October Diversity Revisited Ethics: Trying to Get it Right (What Does Diversity Mean, Working with Multiple Generations) (Teaching Ethics, ASPA’s Code of Ethics, Workshop Programs, Conundrums) Intl. Supplement: Governance in the Midst of Diversity Ed. Supp.: PA Education: Available, Affordable, Meaningful? (Curriculum Innovations, Distance Learning, Internship Programs) Advertising/Article Deadline: February 20, 2009 Advertising/Article Deadline: September 22, 2009 April November Greening Government: Hot Topic, Cold Realities (Meaningful Actions vs. Lip Service, Success Stories, Unexpected Results) Multi-Sector Workforce, Third Party Govt.: Broadening of PA Advertising/Article Deadline: March 20, 2009 (Accountability, Program Examples, Staffing, Nonprofits, Consultants) Advertising/Article Deadline: October 22, 2009 May Public Service: Actions and Attitudes December (Public Service Academy, Defining Public Service, New Initiatives, Trends) Image of the Profession: Through a Glass–Darkly? Advertising/Article Deadline: April 21, 2009 (Public Perception, Professional Perception, Academic Perception, image or rep- utation of graduate education in PA; are students getting their money’s worth and does the degree help in getting a job/performance on the job?) June/July Advertising/Article Deadline: November 21, 2009 Emergency Management: Familiar Threats, New Challenges Note: Items in parentheses are intended as subject ideas for monthly topics. Authors are not limited to these subjects and are encouraged (Programs that Work/Don’t, Resource Allocation, Training, Hazard Mitigation) to write in their specific areas of expertise/interest. Advertising/Article Deadline: June 15, 2009
  • 27. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION PA TIMES • FEBRUARY 2009 PAGE 27 Commentary The Biggest Gift to Public Administration Education: A Less than Happy History Frank P. Sherwood Public and International Affairs; and it Indeed, it provided only modest leader- He said he had talked to officials at a number of graduate programs in public carefully tended the money to the point ship and support to the academic field of affairs about undertaking the program that the endowment once got as high as public administration. The optimism Almost 40 years ago, the academic originally slated for Princeton. He reported $900 million. After the 2008 market many held that the grant would community of public administration discussions at Tufts, Texas AM, crash, it was said to still amount to profoundly change public administration experienced a real bombshell–a huge Syracuse, and the University of Maryland. $600-700 million. education simply was not fulfilled. amount of money was made available for public administration education. Bringing well-educated, able young people It developed that the donors were also into government service has long been seen unhappy with Princeton's use of the In1961 Princeton University announced as an imperative of democratic govern- Clearly, the Robertson gift to money. As they became more restive and that it had received a gift of $35 million ments; and wealthy people in the past have threatened legal action, the facts of the [in today's dollars about $250 million] Princeton was the largest provided money for such a purpose. The gift were revealed. The money came from from an anonymous donor to be used for esteemed Maxwell School at Syracuse was the heir to the AP fortune and was the quot;…training and education of men and ever made. Up to this point, founded with a $500,000 gift by George delivered to Princeton in the form of women for careers in government service Maxwell in 1924, at least in part to train 700,000 shares in that grocery chain, only the smallest, that to with particular emphasis in those areas of people for public service. Close to a which has now disappeared but once was the federal government that are concerned century later, it can certainly be said that Maxwell, has produced an a highly successful and dominant with international relations and affairs.quot; Syracuse has been true to that mission. business. Charles Robertson, the heir and institution and a program It's hard to say what intrigued the profes- the donor, was in the Class of 1926 at In 1935 Lucius Littauer, a wealthy glove sors at that time the most, the sheer size of Princeton and died in 1981. manufacturer in upstate New York, gave that have fed substantial the gift or that no one had a clue as to who $2 million to Harvard University to By the summer of 2008, the family was the highly generous benefactor was. Except numbers of young people into establish the Littauer School. At the time sufficiently disaffected that it filed a 66- for the one at the Littauer School at it was the largest individual gift ever page complaint with the Supreme Court public service. Harvard, even modest endowments did not made to a university. As Time magazine of the State of New Jersey, charging that exist in public administration. Further, who reported at that time, quot; …[it] will be the Princeton had quot;improperly and systemati- in the world would give this kind of money first formal attempt by a university to cally diverted to its own use and benefit for public administration education? provide training for public servants. Such In the last four decades the Woodrow more than $100 million…and has fraudu- a school was the lifetime dream of Wilson School developed a reputation as The identity of the donor was unknown lently concealed its wrongdoing.quot; President-Emeritus Abbott Lawrence a significant scholarly resource. While it for many years. It was a well kept secret. Princeton engaged in quot;flagrant disregard Lowell whose standard work on the excelled on the quality side, it did little to of donor intent…and acted unilaterally Meanwhile, Princeton used the gift to Government of England laments the advance the quantity of well educated and covertly for decades to subvert the establish the Woodrow Wilson School for absence of a U.S. counterpart to the young people entering the public service. Robertsons' intent.quot; university-trained British Civil Servant.quot; The family asked for the money back in The Littauer School operated for nearly order to use it at another university for the 30 years, at which time it was absorbed, original purpose. Princeton refused. with its endowment, into the Kennedy School of Government. It did not play a The case had significance beyond public major role in preparing young people for administration because it has become the government service. custom of universities and other non- profits to amend the original purposes of In 2007 a wealthy alumnus, Frank Batten, gifts received. This was an instance when donated $100 million to the University of a major university was called to account Virginia to create the Batten School of for its actions. Leadership and Public Policy, the first new school on that campus since 1953. On December 11, 2008, the New York Times announced that a settlement had At the time of gift, Batten declared, Governance been made. Princeton gets to keep most of quot;There’s an urgent need to develop a new in the the money, a part of which will go to generation of entrepreneurial leaders who support the Woodrow Wilson School. MIDST OF DIVERSITY can bring about transformational change. However, some of it will be returned to Talented public leaders are needed…It is the Robertson family, a total of about critical to get younger people excited about $100 million. Half of that will be an the responsibilities and opportunities of outright payment of $50 million, public service in all its manifestations. The beginning in 2012, and the other half will earlier in their careers that exceptional be for legal fees ($40 million) and interest students begin to think of themselves as ($11 million). It was said to be first time future public leaders who can promote a that such an amount of money had been better society, the greater the likelihood International Supplement returned to a donor. they will become such leaders.” March 2009 PA TIMES William Robertson, the son and lead Clearly, the Robertson gift to Princeton plaintiff in the suit, was quoted in the was the largest ever made. Up to this Times that the settlement was quot;a message point, only the smallest, that to Maxwell, to non-profit organizations of all kinds has produced an institution and a program Article Deadline: February 20 and throughout the country that donors that have fed substantial numbers of expect them to abide by the terms of the young people into public service. Advertising Deadline: February 24 designated gifts or suffer consequences.quot; ASPA member Frank P. Sherwood is a Robertson declared to the Times that he is former president of ASPA. He is retired and quot;…excited at the prospect of starting a last served as a professor of public new foundation to carry out the original administration at Florida State University. More information goal of the Princeton gift.quot; email: View and Post Job Ads Online
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