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  • Final presentation

    1. 1. THIS IS MY FINAL PRESENTATION Marshall Lewis
    2. 2. Things I am known for: For riding dirt bikes and quads and skate boarding and the i.t. guy
    3. 3. Next year, I plan to be known for: Playing soccer and being in Media
    4. 4. Some things I've learned in the last year. Creating keynotes How hard it is to make money Making movies and using garageband
    5. 5. Three English Projects Jesse James Marshall Lewis I studied him in school because he is a business man because he is a bike and car mechanic. I picked this person because he is a TV star and he is cool. jesse james was born in lynwood ca in april 19 1962. After jesses child hood he worked as a body guard. then he opened west cost choppers in 1992. Sooner or later people started buying his bikes. so then he moved to a newer and bigger shop that year he sold 200 bikes. Then he started a show called monster garage where he customized cars with a time limit. but in july 2008 he faced $422,680 for breach of contract on a car. He appeared on the show street customs with his customized truck by west cost customs. To this day he still owns his shop with all his toys and he uses them all GREETINGS I AM ROMEO AND I AM HERE TO TALK every day. His last shop is located in long beach ca. ABOUT JULIET. He has a wife and 2 kids that love to work on stuff. He keeps all of the cars from JULIET WAS ONLY 14 AND SHE WAS SENT TO WEAD YOUNG PARIS BUT THEN JULIET FELL IN LOVE WITH monster garage. As well as most of his bikes from driffent shows as well. ME AND THEN WE WERE SECRETLY MARRIED UNDER NEETH HER PARENTS WITH THE HELP OF HER NURSE he also keeps all his daily drivers as well. He is married to sandra bullock. AND FRIAR LAWRENCE. BUT SADLY I KILLED MY SELF AND TYBALT because i saw juliet and he uses his old shop as storage for his cars and toys. He was a body guard for though she was dead and JULIET KILLED HER SELF OPON SEEING MY DEAD BODY. many band and places like the sound garden and some other bands and places. I ONLY WANTED TO MARRIE JULIET NOT KILL SOME PEOPLE BUT TYBOLT SHOULD HAVE NOT CAME NEAR He opened his shop in his moms garage. MY LADIE SO I KILLED HIM BUT I ENDED MY SELF AND JULIET WOKE UP AND KILLED HER SELF.IM SORRY I KILLED TYBOLT AND PARIS AND MYSELF.
    6. 6. Me and Kevin have made a group called SPARTA THE BAND OF BROTHERS. I also play video games on my spare time. yes i love the movie 300.
    7. 7. Three Math projects
    8. 8. What I do to make friends, be visible and "be known": CHRIS P These are my two best friends. Lots of stuff like make new friends and introduce them to my friends. KEVIN G
    9. 9. Three Science or Ag projects I don’t have a science class.
    10. 10. Important new people I have met in the last few weeks that will help me in the future. Some friends that I have met that have helped me out this year Kevin Glazener and Robin James. Teachers have helped me out a lot this year and have made this year fun, I can’t wait for next year.
    11. 11. Three History or Geography projects many contentious did rome take up= 3 2.what did he want to do= take over germany long did it take it to build the bridge=10 days 4.what did they use to build the bridge=lumber long did it take to go back to rome=18 days 6.why was ceser get killed= he wanted to be treated like a god 7.when was the rome founded=in A:753 BC 8.what was rome named after=romulus 9.when was rome first highway made=1816 long was augustus 31 BC-14 AD 11.who was the first Roman empire= augustus 12.what was the driffence between Roman concreat and other concreat=other concreat would fall apart many aqueduct lines were there=11 many people were using clean water= one million long was Claudio's alive=41AD - 54ADA 16.when did the construction start= 74ad 17. how tall was the colosseum=260 ft 18. who did nero kill=his mom and a lot more people 19. how many stair cases did it have =200 stairs 20. when was the coaseam done =880 ad 21. what did they use to shade the colosseum=sheets 22. how many animals were killed=200 in a day 23. what battle did they use for the battles= they ran water for navel battles 24. what did tragen die of= nartral cases 25. what did the Roman wall look like= the wall looked like chinas wall 26. how long was the wall=very long 27. how many solders did it take to built the wall=1500 men 28. how many houses did they build= 17 29. y did they build a town right next to the houses= for Roman stuff 30. how long did it take to build the wall= 5 years
    12. 12. Relationships (friends, family) that I have improved over the last few weeks: I have made a lot of new friends over the past year and it has been a lot of fun and I got a little closer to my parents.
    13. 13. A skill I'm going to work on in the next 90 days to make me more successful: I will try next year to get back in to sports since I got hurt during the school year.
    14. 14. Three Elective projects Spanish AG MEC Green house Pine stool Pole barn Story about a kid script. • el muchacho quiere convertirse en una estrella de rock. su primera oportunidad como una estrella de rock y se sube al escenario. y después de la canción cada uno se ríe de él que no podía dar la cara por esta ciudad nunca más así que se mueve a Fresno cal final.
    15. 15. How are my skills and accomplishments are different than a year ago at this time: Last year I really did not get any thing out of my school work but when we got computers its been easier to work then last year.
    16. 16. My Top Projects of the Year Our group it has been very hard to get funds for the tee shirts and the skate boards.
    17. 17. what do others think about my work? What students say about me Robin James says Marshall is hyper and has a sense of humor Kevin Glazener says Marshall is a good friend and fun to be around Chris Piotrowski says Marshall is funny and fun to be around What the teachers say about my work MRS SMITH I THINK MARSHALL HAS GROWN A LOT AS A STUDENT MARSHALL TAKES RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIS WORK AND GRADES. MRS ALVAREZ you have improved greatly in my class. MR LARGE I'm not sure what it was, but the switch was flipped and you have transformed into a working machine.
    18. 18. My 2009-2010 Yearbook Page:
    19. 19. Final personal comment THIS YEAR HAS BEEN FUN CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR.
    20. 20. Final note/almost finished: UPLOAD TO SOME WHERE THE END