Mobile Marketing: myths, truths and practice


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3 myths, 3 truths, 3 practices about Mobile Marketing.

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Mobile Marketing: myths, truths and practice

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  2. miths:
  3. 1. Mobile and Web:worlds apart.
  4. The concept that mobile and Web are different worlds is heritage from the time cellphones looked like this
  5. Mobile phones today are smart, small computers
  6. Today computers, tablets and mobile mobile phones make different points of entrance
  7. Users on one side, brands on the other, and screens in the middle
  8. 2. Developing formobile is makingthings smaller.
  9. ‘Responsive design’ seems to take care of the size of the screens
  10. But thinking for mobile is not only about making things smaller
  11. You need to ask yourself: “Why is my user accessing my content while mobile?”
  12. You need to understand your user’s context. What is she is search of? Service? Practicality, Fun?
  13. 3. Mobile marketing isto make an app andbecome billionaire.
  14. Mobile marketing and app development are the true worlds apart
  15. Out of the hundreds of thousand apps launched, like a lottery, very few became real success cases, non of them made for marketing
  16. But using mobile in your marketing strategy has nothing to do with luck
  17. truths:
  18. 1. The world isbecoming mobile-first.
  19. Good / Bad News – Rapidly Growing Mobile Internet Usage Surpassed More Highly Monetized Desktop Internet Usage in May, 2012, in India India Internet Traffic by Type, Desktop vs. Mobile, 12/08 – 5/12 100% 80% % of Internet Traffic 60% Desktop Internet Mobile Internet 40% 20% 0% 12/08 4/09 8/09 12/09 4/10 8/10 12/10 4/11 8/11 12/11 4/12 Source: StatCounter Global Stats. 18More and more people access the internet via their mobile devices.
  20. “Nokia reported at MindTrek2010 that the average personlooks at their phone 150 times aday, or once every six-and-a-halfminutes of every waking hour.” More people on mobile accessing more frequently
  21. Os smartphones estão sempre presentes e sempre com você73%não saem de casasem seus dispositivos Base: usuários particulares de smartphones que usam a Internet em geral, Smartphone n= 1.000 Q52: até que ponto você concorda com cada uma dessas declarações?, Caixas Top2; Informações confidenciais e reservadas do Google 8 escala de 5 – concordo totalmente a 1 – discordo totalmente. “Não saio de casa sem meu smartphone” Mobile is always at hand.
  22. Hence, it tends to become the first point of touch between people, brands and digital services.
  23. 2. Context is king:message changeswith the medium.
  24. Same people access same brands via different screens.
  25. But the context for each screen is different
  26. By understanding what is our user’s context,we are able to design more adequate services.
  27. 3. Mobile marketing isdesign.
  28. Users while mobile tend to be more interested in services.
  29. To create adequate marketing content for mobile devices is to design services that help users to their needs.
  30. The design of applications that help users, generates valuefor brands and companies and even new lines of revenue.
  31. practice:
  32. 1. Adequate mobilepresence.
  33. Your users are already accessing yoursites via mobile. What are they seeing?
  34. Make your mobile presence adequate, not only for size, but specially for content.
  35. 2. Creatingexperiences.
  36. The combination of software and hardware enables us to offer enriched experiences for mobile users.
  37. QR codes, geo-localization, sensors. Focus on creating something relevant, useful.
  38. A good experience, something relevant for the users becomes equity to brands.
  39. 3. Mobile media:contextualized.
  40. Good News = Mobile Monetization Growing Rapidly (71% Apps, 29% Ads) Global Mobile App + Advertising Revenue, 2008 vs. 2011E $15 Mobile Apps Mobile Ad + Apps Spending ($B) $12B Mobile Advertising $10 $5 $0.7B $0 2008 2009 2010 2011E Source: Gartner. CAGR is compound annual growth rate. Note: Apple has paid >$3B $’s to developers as of 9/11, implying gross app market revenue of $4B in 3 years; Google indicated during CQ3 earnings call that it expects $2.5B mobile ad revenue in 2011E 16While more users become mobile, app development and mobile media also increase aggressively.
  41. CLICK TO VIDEO And mobile media offers severalalternatives with instant conversion.
  42. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD We need to observe that mobile is amedium ideally focused on practicality.
  43. CLICK TO CALLWhy not using a click to call to close a dealright from a banner ad on a mobile phone?
  44. finally:
  45. 1. There is only oneinternet.
  46. 2. Mobile marketing ispart of your digitalstragegy.
  47. 3. Be screen-agnostic. Focus onthe solution, not themedium.