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APLA 2013 Goats in the Garden
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APLA 2013 Goats in the Garden


Discussion of how the University of PEI stewards research data using the open source Islandora platform. Examples include an atlas of goat anatomy, climate change data and new approaches to sync'ing …

Discussion of how the University of PEI stewards research data using the open source Islandora platform. Examples include an atlas of goat anatomy, climate change data and new approaches to sync'ing Dropbox and similar cloud services to Fedora.

Published in Technology , Education
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  • 1. Goats in the Garden:Managing DataMark Leggott & Donald Moses, University of PEIAPLA Conference, May 2013
  • 2. Challenge of Research Data● Researchers almost all create digital data● Funders are starting to require preservationand open access to funded research + data○ CIHR Mandate○ March/13 meeting of Tri-Councils re Open Access○ OSTP Memo of February 22, 2013● No longer a choice to steward● No longer a choice re article AND data
  • 3. Examples from UPEI● Running VREs for 5 years● Stewardship of research data increasing○ Bioassay data from pharmaceutical research○ Survey data from surveys of teenagers○ Sightings of fox and coyote on the Island○ Climate change data/image sets○ Chemical molecule files○ Goat Anatomy atlas○ Digital collections used in research
  • 4. Goat in the Garden● Internally funded project to build annotationtool for anatomy images● Built on existing Islandora modules designedfor the Digital Humanities by Alan Stanleyand discoverygarden● Enhancements made by UPEI staff (PP &DM) to accommodate specific needs○ Finer line sizes, colour selector○ Integration with Drupal taxonomies○ MADS and MODS records
  • 5. Fox and the Coyote● Two different research groups tracking foxand coyote individuals on the Island● VRE are essentially data collection/mappingsites● Popular, provides alternative data collectionas well as citizen scientist opportunities
  • 6. Feels Like Rain● PARCA: Partnership For Canada-caribbeanCommunity Climate Change Adaptation● New VRE associated with Climate Changeunit on campus● Will contain wide range of data, goal is toprovide access to all of PEIs mapping anfclimate change data from all sources
  • 7. Quantum Chemistry● Provides a collaborative space for chemiststo share chemical models and data● Starting a phase 2 project in near future,which will release a Chemistry Solution Pack● Provides functionality of expensiveproprietary systems like SciFinder○ Simple 1 element ingest form○ Enrichment of record via Internet databases○ Records for researchers as well○ RSS Feeds, support for Latex, embedded code● Using OpenBabel, Indigo, Checkmol,ChemDoodle
  • 8. VRE Service● Any researcher can request a VRE● Working on a standard VRE theme andmodules to ease maintenance● VREs used in Admin (e.g. Senate, Board),Learning (e.g. Library Collections) and ofcourse Research● UPEI is now able to register DOIs so willsoon be assigning DOIs to data
  • 9. VRE Management Team● 4 Librarians from 4 major areas● Meets weekly to review requests/projects● Reviews new requests and hands projectsoff to Systems team● Recent challenges include 2 staff positionsthat were not filled until recently● A challenge to keep up with demand● Charge researchers when possible
  • 10. Islandora System● Provides the foundation for RLs digitalcollections and VRE service● Open source project, used all over the world,growing every month● Version 7 latest, support for major digitallibrary collections, management functions● VRE functions are more custom, but will bea generic solution pack in late 2013 fromdiscoverygarden
  • 11. Buy-In● VRE plan is part of the UPEI StrategicResearch Plan● Has the support of the Research office andis deployed across campus● Main issue is resources to maintain 150+● Working on a more sustainable approach● Hiring staff and contractors to help● Strategic research grants = more staff
  • 12. Regional Scene● Support for research data from libraries isstill mostly confined to open access articles● MUN providing service with ePrints● Some institutions (UNB, Dal) starting to lookat how to support research data● CAIRN project would be one way to provideservices as need emerges● Emergence of VIVO and new researchplatforms gives libraries opportunity
  • 13. National Scene● National scene not much different, a fewinstitutions providing data stewardship○ SFU has received internal funding for a pilot○ 5 out of 21 OCUL institutions working with data,most popular listed choice for an upcoming service● Still mostly taking a "library focused"approach, with DSpace and Archivematicathe commonly mentioned tools
  • 14. International Scene● OSTP has galvanized US organization toaction - meeting mid May to discuss● CDL (California Digital Library), UCSD andvarious institutions across the country havedeveloped or developing programs● Australia has invested 10s of millions in lastyear to build infrastructure● UK has taken a step back with loss offunding for JISC and UKOLN● Scape and other projects in Europe
  • 15. Kevin Schurer, Director of the U.K. DataArchive“Canada can’t get its act together [regardingresearch data].”