This Ain't Your Daddy's Job-Search


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This Ain't Your Daddy's Job-Search

  1. this ain’tyour daddy’s job-search a conversation on social media Matt LeBlanc
  2. Who are they?Statler and Waldorf are a pair of Muppet characters. They are two ornery, disagreeable old menwho first appeared in the television series The Muppet Show heckling the rest of the cast fromtheir balcony seats.They appeared in every episode of the show, except for one. (In one episode, Waldorf appearedalone at the beginning, explaining that Statler was sick, and that Waldorfs wife wouldsubstitute. Her name turned out to be "Astoria." She looked remarkably like Statler wearing adress.)
  3. why use social media at all?more specifically, why use it in your job-search?
  4. things you need to know before you get to know what you need to know
  5. what it takes to be successful Expert Thought Leader Guru Evangelist Ninja Jedi FUTURIST Visionary
  6. don’t advertise being unemployed
  7. developing a catalogue of “shareable” info
  8. boolean AND OR civil engineer civil engineer (MUST) (MUST) (…) forcing the order (MIGHT) (MIGHT) civil AND engineer civil OR engineer civil mechanical (MIGHT) (MIGHT) engineer NOT (-) “ ” (exact match) (MUST) civil engineer civil engineer engineer AND (civil OR mechanical) (NOT) (NOT) (MUST) (NOT) “civil engineer” civil NOT engineer
  9. site: operator AND (director OR vp)site:– Limits results to certain keywords within a specific site or domain– There can be no space between site: and the search phrase
  10. knowing what your profile is Résumé LinkedIn profile
  11. maximizing your profile You can have the best LinkedIn profile in the whole wide world but if someone cannot contact you does it really matter?
  12. showing off your resume
  13. showing off your resume
  14. who to connect withconnect with recruiters locally (both corporate and 3rd party)connect with recruiters who works for companies on your target listconnect with recruiters nationally who recruits people just like youconnect with everyone who manages the people who do what you doconnect with everyone who does what you do / what you want to doconnect with everyone who supports the people who do what you do
  15. staying on point
  16. sharing relevant content
  17. easy sharing on linkedin
  18. x-ray AND inurl:pub AND ("hr" AND inurl:pub ANDOR "human resources") AND ("phr" OR ("" OR "" OR"sphr") AND "greater nashville area" -inurl:dir "" OR "" OR "") AND ("hr" OR "human resources") AND ("phr" OR "sphr") -inurl:dir
  19. signal
  20. why even bother? + <it’s a database of 500,000,000 potential hiring managers, & candidates, and networking contacts
  21. twitter in ten seconds You have 140 characters to say something. SAY IT! Twitter is one of the best learning tools out there – find smart people and follow them You can use hashtags (#Oracle) to make what you are tweeting searchable by the masses You can search Twitter through keywords, hashtags, or by X-raying it If you use the @ + a Twitter handle (@matthewjleblanc) in a tweet it is a ‘mention’ and will go directly to that person in a public fashion You can send someone a direct message through Twitter to anyone who follows you 160 characters + a picture + a link = your twitter bio. FILL IT OUT!
  22. what to do with twitter Build a following and spread your message (that you are awesome, know HR, etc) Follow really, really smart people that you can learn from Find and interact with every single HR person you can
  23. attracting followers Be famous Be really, really, ridiculously good looking Pay for followers Be funny, interesting, or entertaining
  24. the motivation behind a follow “What motivates you to follow someone?” 55% Retweet / Mention from someone they follow
  25. the motivation behind a follow What Motivates People To Retweet / Mention? 92% interesting content 84% humor 66% personal connection 32% offered incentive
  26. searching people out through twitter AND intitle:"on twitter" AND ("hr" OR "human resources") AND ("phr" OR "sphr") -hiring -inurl:members - inurl:following -inurl:status -inurl:jobs #jobsearch AND #nashville
  27. some of the best of the rest…
  28. WebStagram ( is an onlineviewer for Instagram that can be AND "software engineer“
  29. AND ("java" OR "jee5" OR"jee6") AND ("hibernate" OR "spring" OR"struts" OR "developer" OR "engineer" OR"sde" OR "swe") AND "seattle"
  30. AND ”java“ AND “seattle”
  31. best social media explanation ever…
  32. connect LinkedIn Twitter @matthewjleblanc Instagram matthew_leblanc Recruiting Blog Pinterest Facebook Tumblr Quora About.Me
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