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Facebook basics presentation
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Facebook basics presentation


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Presentation used at Muncie Public Library's Facebook I class.

Presentation used at Muncie Public Library's Facebook I class.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 2. What is social media? What is Facebook? Why does it matter?
  • 3. WHAT IS SOCIAL MEDIA?• Social Media is a broad term that includes all types of websites where users share information, ideas, personal messages, and multimedia with each other to form communities and relationships. *• Content on social media sites differs from other websites in that it is dynamic, or constantly changing.• Popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are well-known social media sites. However, many websites that are not considered to be social media sites, like, are becoming more and more social as they allow users to post their own information and reviews to sites.• As social media continues to become more popular, it will become more and more integrated into the regular web. Understanding it will help you to become a more informed digital citizen.*Based on definition in Merriam-Webster Dictionary
  • 4. WHY DO PEOPLE USE FACEBOOK?• Keep in touch with friends and family• Organize and display photos and videos• To play games and utilize other applications• Job searching• To document important life milestones (timeline)
  • 7. Type an update about what you’re See what doing, where you’re See your you’ve postedThe “About” section at, and/or who your photos and recently anddisplays basic with. You can add videos here update yourinformation photos , videos, and View your friends’ pages “About” links, too. here section A CLOSER LOOK
  • 8. Status update from a friend Other peoples’ comments and “likes” I can comment, too, by typing in this box You can “tag” people, places, and groups in your status, which lets them know you’ve mentioned themNEWS FEED & COMMUNICATIONS
  • 9. This is a list of friends who might be online right now. Unlike status updates which are posted to the public wall, Facebook chat messages are private, 2-way conversations. The green dots are your best bet at contact This is the chat windowMESSENGER AND REAL-TIME CHAT
  • 10. HOW TO SIGN UPNot ready to sign up for your own account? Try out a sample account to get practice:Joe SmithMunciepubliclibrary@gmail.comPassword: practiceJane Smithmunpublibrary@gmail.comPassword: practice2012
  • 11. After you sign up for a new account, it’s important to fill it with some information (how much is up to you) to make it easier for potential friends to identify you. Start by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner.Then, click “About”. Once you’re in the“About” page, click on the links and typein the boxes to add information aboutyourself. Don’t forget to click “Save”!
  • 13. This is the “default” way to make blanket changes to your privacy settings. Public = anyone on the internet can see Friends = only friends can see Custom = pick & choose on a more individual basis You can also customize privacy settings more closely for different parts of Facebook by clicking “Edit Settings” in these categories.PRIVACY SETTINGS: A CLOSER LOOK
  • 14. When you click “Edit Settings” for any category in your privacy settings, abox like this one will appear. This allows you to customize who canaccess your profile, and determines how friends and strangers alike areallowed to interact with you. PRIVACY SETTINGS: A CLOSER LOOK
  • 16. Account settings is a broad category. Theseare all the different types of settings you canchange. The center of the screen shows you the settings that are currently being used (or “enabled”). Click “Edit” to change them. ACCOUNT SETTINGS: A CLOSER LOOK
  • 18. By clicking “Edit” in the Secure Browsing option, you can have Facebook default to using a more secureconnection when available. A secure connection will read “https” instead of “http”—this is always a preferable toconnect to theInternet, especially if you link credit or debit card information to your Facebook account.If you enable Login Notifications, you will receive an e-mail each time you log in to your account. Enabling LoginApprovalmeans that Facebook will ask you to provide a security code (that it e-mails you) every time you try to log in from anewcomputer. These steps can help prevent other people from logging on to your account without you knowing.Active sessions shows the location of your current log-in. It is a useful security tool because it allows us to easilyspot if someone in another location is logged into the account. For example, if the active session reads “Loggedin from Honolulu, HI”, and you are not currently sitting in Honolulu, you can be fairly certain that someone is usingyour account without your permission. SECURE BROWSING & LOG-IN INFORMATION
  • 19. By default, Facebook will send you an e-mail notice anytime anything happens on Facebook that involves you. You can opt out of some or all of these notifications by clicking in the check boxes beside the items you’d like to receive notifications on.NOTIFICATIONS
  • 20. You can access Facebook from your mobile phone by utilizing the Mobile Settings.Simply click “Add a Phone” and follow the instructions from there. FACEBOOK ON YOUR PHONE
  • 21. One of the easiest ways to search for friends is to simply type a specific name into the search box, located at the top center of the screen. Facebook might try and suggest people to you as you’re typing. When you find who you’re looking for, click on their name to be taken to their page. Then, click the “Add Friend” button in the top right-hand corner to send them a friend request. Remember, other users don’t have to accept friend requests. But you will be notified if they do.ADDING FRIENDS
  • 22. Want to add friends, but can’t think of anyone specific you want to add? Click on “Find Friends” and then scroll to the bottom for friend suggestions of people you might know.ADDING FRIENDS: ANOTHER WAY
  • 23. Becoming a fan of something is a way to interact with things that aren’t necessarily individualpeople—such as businesses, local organizations, products, or even ideas. Fan pages can interactwith their fans in many of the same ways that a “friend” would. Simply type in what you’d like tobecome a fan of in the search box at the top center of the page. Note that the “Pages” heading denotes fan pages. This can help you distinguish between people and fan pages, when applicable. Facebook will usually give you several suggestions based on what you type in the box. Each suggestion will tell you how many other people “like” that page (i.e., are fans of it) BECOME A FAN OF SOMETHING
  • 24. Updating your status to let your Facebook friends know where you’re at, what you’re up to,or what you’re thinking about is a key part of the experience.Simply start typing in the “update status box” and hit “Post” to update your status. By default, thiswill automatically post to your wall and your friends will be able to see it in their news feeds. YOUR FIRST STATUS UPDATE
  • 25. You can adjust how much information to share (and who can see it) when you update a status. Here are a few ways: Click this to add a photo or video to your status. Click on this button to make your status public.“Tag” someone else in Want to change who can seeyour status so a particular status update?that they know you If you have Timeline, You can customize who can seementioned them. you can also “tag” a each individual status by choosing current location. from the options in this menu. STATUS UPDATES: CUSTOMIZE IT
  • 27. Contact me