Beyond Maps The Hyperlocal Experience Mark Law Map Quest


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Presentation made at Where 2.0 Conference May 21st 2009

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  • Beyond Maps The Hyperlocal Experience Mark Law Map Quest

    1. 1. Beyond Maps – The Hyperlocal Experience Mark Law VP-Product MapQuest © 2009 MapQuest MapQuest proprietary information
    2. 2. Macroeconomic Impact on Online User Behavior Source: Comscore, March 2009 “Cities scramble as business travel declines” (CNN, Feb 2009) Comscore Categories Y/Y UV Growth Fuel Prices and Consumer Behavior Mapping -5% “The U.S. population appears to have Online Travel Agents -7% made lasting changes to their behavior, particularly decreasing Airlines 0% discretionary driving by combining trips, taking fewer trips, using commuting Hotels / Resorts -4% alternatives to driving, and reducing the Car Rental -9% frequency of vacations by car” (Inrix National Traffic Scorecard, Oct 2008) “Staycations: Postcards from the Hedge - Faking a Vacation at Home” (WSJ, July 08)
    3. 3. The Creation of MapQuest Local All Themes/ all contexts (Hyperlocal - Context of Local Sites Texting) Diversity of Local Content Total Revenue Potential Several Themes/multipl e contexts (Newspapers) Several Themes/single context (Classifieds) Local Targeted Single Theme/single Revenue Context (Business Listings) National City Neighborhood Individuals and their networks Geographical Market Focus
    4. 4. Challenges in building a Local Presence Online MapQuest Local Local Online Sites Today MapQuest Local Audience (41m UV/Month) MapQuest Local Integrated, familiar, customizable Local Content experience for Cities across US Challenges in building “Local” Online: • High cost for Unique Content generation • Challenges creating and growing audience - constrained by geo-scope of site - quantity, availability and refresh rate of content - relevance to User • Standalone “vertical” content sites - brand, mindshare, quality, familiarity, customization • Challenges monetizing site - Local advertising requires dedicated Sales force Flickr • High cost to market site Local Content Publishers – GeoRSS or API = real time content
    5. 5. Local – Familiar Content • Unique User based business • Concert tracking • Events Reviews and rankings • 41% are on MapQuest • 42% are on MapQuest • Business content • Classifieds • Video • 35% are on MapQuest • 38% are on MapQuest • 28% are on MapQuest Topix Yelp • Used Cars • News • Business Ratings and Reviews • 39% are on MapQuest • 34% are on MapQuest • 44% are on MapQuest Flickr • Local topic texting • Movie listings • geotagged photos • 33% are on MapQuest • 38% are on MapQuest • 32% are on MapQuest WeatherBug • Weather comScore March 2009 • 21% are on MapQuest 5
    6. 6. MapQuest Local Results and Observations Number of source User Cities (IP) = 8,187 Rank User City by IP Input City Number of Cities searched = 30,730 1 chantilly, va chantilly, va MapQuest Top 10 MapQuest Top 10 Local 2 new york, ny new york, ny Rank Cities in Traffic Input Cities 3 atlanta, ga atlanta, ga 1 Los Angeles, CA New York, NY 2 New York, NY Austin, TX 4 chicago, il chicago, il 3 Chicago, IL Chantilly, VA 5 houston, tx houston, tx 4 Philadelphia, PA Atlanta, GA 5 Boston, MA Chicago, IL 6 los angeles, ca los angeles, ca 6 Dallas-Ft .Worth, TX Houston, TX 7 toronto, on toronto, on San Fran - Oakland-San 7 Jose, CA Los Angeles, CA 8 tampa, fl tampa, fl 8 Washington, DC Toronto, ON 9 miami, fl miami, fl 9 Atlanta, GA Tampa, FL 10 Houston, TX Miami, FL 10 philadelphia, pa philadelphia, pa 11 mountain view, ca austin, tx 12 montreal, qc montreal, qc 13 las vegas, nv las vegas, nv 14 mountain view, ca mountain view, ca Over 80% of all City Searches are the same City
    7. 7. MapQuest Local Widget Traffic
    8. 8. Access MapQuest Local when you want it… • Challenge – often want local information when your not at a computer. • Released MapQuest Local on the iPhone in January 2009. • Daily UV growth in just the last month has gone up 82 %. Type on iPhone
    9. 9. Learning’s • Traditional Local content (news, events) consumed most Largest usage growth is Hyper-local content Familiar content led to greater User engagement National audience – long tail of City’s searched Most Users search for City’s where they are located Users customized the page (closed, opened and moved modules) Users interacted with modules’ interactive features
    10. 10. Challenges Engagement of MapQuest Maps and Directions audience “Build it and they will come” – built a vertical site Geographical filter is fixed to “City” Limited ability for Users to add their local content directly Ability to aggregate similar “topic” feeds based on Location
    11. 11. Bring us your content! Thank you Come by the booth to discuss more!