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  • 1. World History Bell Work What are the main components of your faith ?
  • 2. New Unit: Ancient India
  • 3. Two Major Religions
    • Hinduism (1250 B.C.E.)
    • Buddhism (500s B.C.E.)
    • Interactive Religion Map/Timeline:
  • 4. Refresher on Egyptian Gods
    • Re = sun god
    • Osiris = underworld god
    • Isis = goddess of magic
    • Horus = sky god
    • Anubis = god of embalming
  • 5. Isis = Mother god
  • 6. Meet the Hindu Gods
    • Brahma = the Creator
    • Siva = the Destroyer
    • Vishnu = the Preserver
    • Brahman = single spirit, encompasses all other gods, created & preserves the world
  • 7. Brahman = the ultimate reality
  • 8. Brahma (Creator) He was created in a lotus flower that grew from Lord Vishnu's navel at the beginning of the universe.
  • 9. Vishnu (Protector/Preserver) Story of Krishna, the incarnate version of Vishnu: http://www.seattleartmuseum.org/exhibit/interactives/intimateWorlds/launchWin.htm
  • 10. Shiva (Destroyer)
  • 11. Indra = Ruler of Heavens, God of Storms and Rain
  • 12.  
  • 13. The trident represents the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. It is also said to represent the threefold qualities of nature: creation, preservation and destruction. He holds a cobra symbolizing the power he has over the most deadly of creatures. Snakes are also used to symbolize the Hindu dogma of reincarnation. The drum represents the rhythmic sound to which Shiva dances and ceaselessly recreates the universe.
  • 14. Krishna = Incarnate version of Vishnu
  • 15. Krishna & Radha
  • 16. What is happening here?
  • 17. Reincarnation & Atman
    • Reincarnation = process of rebirth
    • Hindus believe that souls are born and re-born many times
    • Atman = soul
    • Each time the atman has a new body
  • 18. On to Buddhism…
    • Who is the Buddha?
      • Siddhartha Gautama
      • Once a prince, left home to wander
      • Searched for end to suffering
      • Found “enlightenment”
      • Founder of Buddhism
  • 19. Meditation
  • 20. Where’s Buddha?
  • 21. From Ancient Egypt, to Hinduism, to Buddhism, to Catholicism…
    • What do Catholics have in common with these polytheistic ancient religions?
      • Belief in god(s)
      • Special sacred beings for certain earthly things
        • Ex.: Egyptian Horus is the god of the sky, Hindu Indra is the god of rain, Catholic Saint Isidro is the saint of farming/rain
  • 22. Saints in the Catholic Faith
  • 23. World History Bell Work
    • “Nonviolence is not inaction. It is not for the timid or the weak. It is hard work. It is the patience to win.”
    • What does this statement by Chavez mean?