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How to create your own math blog revised
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How to create your own math blog revised


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Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. How to Create Your Own Video Blog To set up an account: (to upload notes and documents) (to upload your videos)  Click create a new blog  Create a title and domain name and design (you will have time to create and update your blog later) Install a microphone  Ask your CLA for one or you may have to buy one. I found on o Connectland CL-ME-606 Goose Neck Desktop Microphone o Logitech Labtec Desktop Microphone 600  Plug the microphone into the pink & blue port in the back of your computer and this menu will pop up. Then, select from the drop down menu “microphone” and click “OK” Always click “Show Content” Username _____________ Password ______________ Username _____________ Password ______________
  • 2. How to record your lessons:  Open Smart Notebook  Click the small blue square on the bottom right-hand corner of the toolbar  Select “recorder”  This menu will appear. Press the red button to record
  • 3.  Select the “1” to record what appears on the smart board (You may have to check that this is how YOUR computer is configured)  Press OK to record  You can pause during your recording by pressing the pause button (if a student asks a question, the phone rings, etc.)  When you’re done recording, press the square stop button and save To post a video to your blog:  Click the pencil in the upper left-hand corner  Insert a title  Click the video clipboard  Select your video to upload
  • 4.  It will take a few minutes to upload  Select “publish” To upload your notes  Open and log in  Remember to always click “show content” before logging in  Select “upload”  Select the file to upload  Once the file has uploaded, click on the link  Copy and paste the URL from the toolbar  Go to your blog, start a new post or continue on a previous post  Type a name for the notes in the text box  Highlight that text and select “link”
  • 5.  Paste the URL from slideshare into the web address link  Click OK  Publish your post To post a YouTube video:  Go to YouTube & find your video  Select “share”  Select “embed”  Copy the embed code
  • 6.  Go to your blog & start a new post  Select the HTML button  Copy & paste the embed code  You can go back to the compose mode if you wish  Publish