Mileage Overview


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Mileage Overview

  1. 1. Unlocking A $200 Billion OpportunityDonationsWeddingsGraduationBirthdaysBachelorPartiesReunionsVacationsInter-programExchangeCashDiscountedTravelDateExtensionMerchandiseConsolidateGifts / Life Events MarketplaceCharities /NGOsUniversitiesChurchesDisasterReliefDiseaseResearchBenefitAuctionsStudentClubsGraduateResearchArtisticProjectsBoosterClubsPoliticalCampaignsBoy/girlscoutsFundraisingM I L E A G E10 trillion milesunredeemed and currently outstanding as of 2012> 150 loyalty currencies$200 billion in illiquid value
  2. 2. Mileage DriveThe quickest way to getstarted is to setup aMileage DriveIt’s just like a normalfundraising drive, butinstead of money, yoursupporters pledgemiles.Once your drive iscomplete, we convertthe donated miles intofunding for yourorganization. You canalso choose to redeemthe miles for airlinetickets.
  3. 3. Redeeming Your MilesTravel FundingRedeem miles for airlinetickets and hotel stays tooffset travel costsConvert miles into cashdonations used to fund coreprogramming and initiativesHow ItWorksServiceFeeNet ValuePer Mile70% in savings on ticketprices; full service bookingsupportFlexible method fororganizations without directongoing travel needs$75 - $200 per ticketinclusive of airline taxes and fees1.5 – 3.0 cents 0.7 – 1.2 centsKeyBenefits10% of total valuegenerally $0.001-$0.002 per mileComplete flexibility between the two options
  4. 4. Redeem For Travel on Over 50 Airlines
  5. 5. 10,000 miles donatedConvert Miles Into FundingThe major airlines each have $2-3 billion of liabilities in unredeemed milesWe help them reduce this at a rate of roughly $0.01 per mile$0.01per mile$90Charity Receives90 % $10Processing Fee10 %Utilizing similar programand infrastructure asMagazines for Miles
  6. 6. Building a water treatment and distribution system in El Convento, Honduras
  7. 7. Building a water treatment and distribution system in El Convento, Honduras
  8. 8. Engineers Without Borders – Lafayette College
  9. 9. Crowd Funding with Mileage•  Launched 3/09•  $7.9 million funding•  4.5 million users•  Socially-conscious projects•  25K funded projects•  Launched 9/06•  Non-profit orientedfundraising engine•  $100 million raised from14,000 non-profits•  “Giving Days” program•  Launched 4/09•  World’s largest fundingplatform for creative projects•  $10M funding (3/11)•  $300 million pledged•  Two million individual donors•  Launched 1/08•  $16.5M funding•  Focus in charity, smallbusiness, music and film•  100K funding campaignsExisting Group Funding Platforms•  Exclusively for frequent flyer miles•  Exclusively work with non-profitsand causes•  Full service post-drive fulfillmentand mile redemption assistance•  Simple, streamlined airline partnertechnical integration process•  Fully managed and hostedtechnology platform available forwhite-label use
  10. 10. Partnering To Drive More DonorsAirlinesBranding and PR from supporting causesand charities important to your members-  Reduce liability of unredeemed miles-  Lower IT costs of current donation programs-  Potential income tax deductibility-  More ways for members to redeem milesDonorsA lower cost, higher impact way to supportthe causes and people you care about most-  Better visibility into donation efficiency/impact-  Improved discovery of other causes-  Simple donation mechanism-  Same “feel good” effect as cash donationsCausesRaise additional funding orsignificantly reduce travel expenses-  Improve annual yield rate of donor base-  Increase overall net value of gifts-  Fast to setup and easy to integrate-  Better analytics and trackingM
  11. 11. Engaging Corporate Donors