Night of the Living Dead Cast/Crew Calendar


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Night of the Living Dead Cast/Crew Calendar

  1. 1. Night of the Living Dead September/October 2011 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY 14 15 16 17 Learn your lines! Learn your lines! Rehearsal Hotline: (254) 230-9560 ALL CAST & CREW ALL CAST & CREW Online Rehearsal Calendar: 4:15-4:45pm 4:15-5pm Knowing the rehearsal schedule is each BB BB individuals responsibility!!!18 19 Scene 2: BA, J, Z1 20 Scene 3: BE, C, BA 21 Exec Board Mtg 22 Scene 6&7: BE, T, 23 24 Learn your lines! ZA RN, T, HA, ZB 4:15-5:15pm BB HE, J, K, BA, ZC, BB, S Learn your lines! Learn your lines! D1, D2 4:15-5:15pm 4:15-5:15pm Scene 4&5: HA, HE 4:15-6pm BB BB K, T, J, BE, BA, NA, DR BB 5:15-6:30pm CREW meet at BB BB 4:15-6m25 26 Scene 8&9: BA, BE, 27 Scene 1, 2, & 3 28 General Mtg 29 Scene 6 thru 9 30 GRADE ✓ 1 October Learn your lines! HA, HE, S, D1, D2, ZZ 4:15-6pm 4:15-5:15pm AUD 4:15-6:30pm ALL CAST 4:15-6pm BB AUD "Stumble-through" Learn your lines! AUD Scene 4&5 4:15-6pm CREW meet at 5:15-6pm AUD AUD AUD CREW meet at 4:15-6pm BB 5:15-6pm Crew TBA (Lyssy)2 3 WORK Scenes 1-4 4 WORK Scenes 5-9 5 WORK Scenes 1-3 6 WORK Scenes 4-6 7 GRADE ✓ 8 Learn your lines! 4:15-6pm 4:15-6pm 4:15-6pm 4:15-6pm WORK Scenes 7-9 CREW TBA AUD AUD AUD 4:15-6pm (reserve date) AUD 12-5pm Costumes TBA CREW TBA (Lyssy) CREW TBA (Lyssy) CREW TBA (Lyssy) CREW TBA (Lyssy) Learn your lines!9 10 11 12 13 # GRADE ✓ 15 CREW TBA ALL CAST ALL CAST Exec Board Mtg ALL CAST CREW TBA (reserve date) "Stumble-through" "Stumble-through" 4:15-5:15pm AUD 4:15-6pm BB ALL CAST & CREW (reserve date) 12-5pm 4:15-6pm BB 4:15-6pm BB CREW 5:15-? AUD DRESS/TECH 12-5pm Reh TBA (Spot work) CREW 4:15-6pm AUD 4:15-6pm CREW TBA (Lyssy) CREW TBA (Lyssy) 5:15-6pm BB AUD16 17 18 19 General Mtg 20 SHOW 21 SHOW 22 SHOW (TBA) CREW TBA ALL CAST/CREW ALL CAST/CREW 4:15-4:45pm AUD *Cast party? *Cast party? (reserve date) DRESS/TECH DRESS/TECH For all shows: Cast and run crew call is strictly enforced (6pm) 12-5pm 4:15-6:30pm 4:15-6:30pm FINAL DRESS Some actors/crew may need to report as early as 5pm for makeup or AUD AUD ALL CAST/CREW fight call. Doors do not open to the public until 6:30pm! 4:45-7pm Show starts promptly at 7pm. Cast & crew may not leave until AUD strike has occurred after the performance (approx 9pm).