Planned Giving: Dr. And Mrs. Test

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Dr. Charles and Sarah Test cared strongly about the community in which they lived and entrusted CICF to help they leave their legacy. Visit for more information!

Dr. Charles and Sarah Test cared strongly about the community in which they lived and entrusted CICF to help they leave their legacy. Visit for more information!

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  • 2. PREFACE“THEY WERE BOTH VERY PLEASANTpeople,” says Kristin Fruehwald, attorneyfor Dr. Charles Test and his wife, Sarah.“They had very definite philanthropicpassions, and they were both committed tothem.” Sarah Davol Test died on November 19th,2011, just four days after her husband of 56 years,Dr. Charles E. Test. Two months later, a planned giftmade by Dr. and Mrs. Test was received by CentralIndiana Community Foundation. According toFruehwald, it was a very deliberate and purposefulgift, one that reflected the couples’ long-held valuesof giving back to the community they called “home.”
  • 3. CHAPTER… …ONE DR.TEST CAME FROM A FAMILY whose roots he traced to 1651. The Test family made its way to central Indiana in the mid-1800’s and ultimately to Indianapolis, where Dr. Test’s father, Donald Newby Test, helped found the National Auto Company. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana on January 10, 1916, Dr. Test graduated from Princeton University before receiving his MD degree from Chicago University in 1941 and then receiving his medical training at the Indiana University Medical Training Center. In 1942 Dr. Test joined the Army’s Medical Corps., and spent the next three years in the Pacific Theater of World War II, including stations in Australia, New Guinea and the Philippine Islands.
  • 4. CHAPTER… …TWO SARAH DAVOL WAS BORN IN Fall River, Massachusetts… …To Charles Dean and Sylvia Barrington Davol. She graduated from the Master’s School in Dobbs Ferry, NY, and after later joining the Red Cross, was assigned to the 31st hospital in New Caledonia – also in the Pacific Theater. But the couple doesn’t meet during the war.
  • 5. CHAPTER… …THREE IN 1954, SARAH VISITS INDIANAPOLIS, and meets Dr. Test, a widower with two young children. Eight months later, they were married. Soon, two more children are added to the family which now includes: Dr. Charles, Sarah, Charles, Samuel, Deborah and Abigail Test. The Test family was active in their community, becoming members in the Athletic, Drama, Progressive and Columbia clubs, and devoted supporters of the Indiana University School of Medicine and many other organizations they felt important. Their children grow, and go to school, then college, then on to their lives.
  • 6. CHAPTER… …FOUR “MY FATHER TAUGHT ME TO GIVE to what you believe in while you’re alive,” says Charles Davol Test. “That way you’ll get to know the organization and have a sense of how they’ll treat your gift after you’re gone.” Each summer the family returns to Sarah’s beloved Massachusetts. There they fish and boat, relax and vacation. Both Sarah and Charles are passionate about nature and being outdoors. It is a love they nurture throughout their lives and they became avid supporters of Nature Conservancy.
  • 7. CHAPTER… …FIVE IN1998, DR. TEST IS INTRODUCED to Central Indiana Community Foundation by Kristin Fruehwald, the couple’s attorney. “I had talked to him about CICF, and how the foundation could accomplish the planned gifts he wanted to make,” she says. Sarah Test is dedicated to the Nature Conservancy and the Sally Test Pediatric Centre at Kenya. Dr. Test’s philanthropic passions include supporting Earlham College, Indiana University School of Medicine, the Genneserat Free Clinic, the Historic Woodruff Foundation and the Wishard Memorial Foundation – and CICF’s Marion County partner, The Indianapolis Foundation.
  • 8. CHAPTER… …SIX “DR. TEST BECAME VERY PASSIONATE about CICF,” says Fruehwald. “At first he saw leaving a planned gift with CICF as a way that he could support the organizations he felt strongly about,” she says. “But he was also pleased that his support would receive CICF’s oversight in perpetuity.” “CICF’s staff made this process very easy,” says Fruehwald. Besides creating the fund agreement for Dr. Test, CICF staff also works with Fruehwald and her client to discuss fund’s terms. And they do much more than that.
  • 9. CHAPTER… …SEVEN THOUGH THE TESTS MAKE GIFTS to CICF while they are alive, Dr. Test creates a Donor-Designated Endowment Fund as part of the couple’s estate. “CICF’s staff is very good at presenting donors with options and additional considerations while not steering donors away from their original intent,” Fruehwald continues. “They are very organized and experienced, and very good with these types of planned gifts.” The gifts the Tests wish to leave reflect their values, Fruehwald says, and dedication to the communities and people they felt strongly about.
  • 10. CHAPTER… …EIGHT “THEY WERE ASSETS TO THE community,” says Fruehwald. “And I’m sorry they’re gone.” Generous gifts from Dr. Test’s estate have funded the Charles E. Test Fund for Scholarships (a donor-designated endowment fund). The Fund will award grants annually starting in 2013 to IU School of Medicine and Earlham College for scholarships – in perpetuity. The students will be known as the Charles E. Test Scholars. Few of those served by the pediatric center Sarah supported, or the students Dr. Test helped educate, will know about the couple. Yet their lives will be changed for the better nonetheless.
  • 11. CREATING… …A PLANNED GIFT… …DOESN’T HAVE TO BE DIFFICULT. Let CICF’s expert staff help. Though saddened by their passing, we are proud that Dr. and Mrs. Test entrusted CICF to help them leave the legacy they wanted. We provide these services to families and their legal and financial advisors on a daily basis, and have since The Indianapolis Foundation was created in 1916. CICF is committed to fulfilling our donors’ wishes as they intended, and to ensuring their love, care and compassion is forever remembered as a result.
  • 12. LOOKING FOR INFORMATIONabout planned giving, and how CICF canhelp with your legacy? Please call our Senior Gift Planning Advisors at 317.634.2423, or visit: