Do you need a blog to build a list of email subscribers


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This question came to my head recently when I was thinking about this whole list building thing.

Do you know the answer?

You don’t really need a blog to build a list.

Let me explain.
In this article ,instead of telling you which niche are best ..i will tell you something more important... characteristics of GREAT niche for List Building.

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Do you need a blog to build a list of email subscribers

  1. 1. Do You Need ABlog To Build A List Of E-mail Subscribers By Mk akan (visit the above link for more List Building Tips ) Download 3 FREE List Building Courses here
  2. 2. This question came to my head recently when I was thinking about this whole listbuilding thing.Do you know the answer?You don’t really need a blog to build a list.Let me explain.If you have read my article showing how to build a list without a website , you willknow that a website (like blogs ) is not 100% necessary.All you basically need is an e-mail marketing service, a squeeze page and a free offer .If you have no idea what these things mean ,I will explain them today. But i will talkabout them comprehensively in other articles on this blog.To get read these articles when they are ready, subscribe using any of the sign upforms on the blog ,or just go here and sign up.By the way, it may seem ironic that I am saying one doesn’t really need a blog to builda list but I have one.(at least the one you are reading now)Well, I will explain why an saying so and exactly what you need to do.Like I said before ,these are the things you need. 1. A squeeze pageA squeeze page is a single website with the sole aim of collecting the e-mail contact(and name) of a person so they can become your subscriber. The page usuallypromises something for free that will be downloaded after one subscribes.To build a squeeze page you need a domain name and a web hosting account. I willwrite an article explaining this in details. Download 3 FREE List Building Courses here
  3. 3. You can see a sample squeeze page here. 2. An Autoresponder /E-Mail Marketing ServiceThis is the most essential tool for building a list . You can’t do without it. This is aservice that will help you collect , manage and send emails to subscribers . There aremany e-mail marketing services including free and paid ones... but I recommendGetResponse.I have tried free ones before I got burnt ..(even MailChimp) . Pay for a good one likeGetResponse. Their service is affordable and effective. Click here to try GetResponse for free. 3. A Free Offer (Or Anything Valuable to The Subscriber)You need to offer something valuable to the subscriber ,to entice him or her to giveout their email address and opt into your list. This valuable offer could be anything asubscriber will love. It has to be something very related to the niche where you arebuilding a list.For example , if your niche is “Dating for men” , you could create a report about “7mistakes men make when the meet a girl for the first time”. Or something along thoselines. Just keep it relevant to what people want in your niche. Your free offer has to beenticing and very valuable to your subscribers.Apart from e-books you can give free offers in many formats like: 1. Audio products 2. Video products 3. Softwares 4. Plugins 5. Discount codesEtc. Download 3 FREE List Building Courses here
  4. 4. Just remember it should something so valuable could even sell it. So if these arethe 3 important and basic thing needed to build a list, what about blogs? Building A List With A BlogHaving a blog something you can do additionally to help build your list. It is not themost important thing. Or rather is not the most effective.According to experts, squeeze pages convert readers to subscribers much higher thanblogs and other types of websites.Blogs can help you build a list especially if you have organic traffic coming to it ...but itshould not be the totally relied upon.If you have a blog in your niche ...fine...but build a squeeze page for it.If you have just a squeeze page already , even better , you can create a blog alongside. But a squeeze page is more effective for list building and should be your basic listbuilding machine.ConclusionThis is the main point made in this article.You don’t really need blog to build a list but you NEED a squeeze page.There is nothing wrong with owning a blog and building a list with it...but a squeezepage is more effective.If you have a blog , get a squeeze page.If you have a squeeze page, you can still get a blog if you like. Download 3 FREE List Building Courses here
  5. 5. Click The Link Below And Download 3 Free List Building Courses And Discover How To Build A List Of E-mail Subscribers ...In Any Niche Download 3 FREE List Building Courses here