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An insightful guide to understand all about Enterprise Performance Management & the Components of EPM Suite in Hexaware’s E-book on Oracle EPM.

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E-book on Oracle EPM

  1. 1. Hexaware is a leading global provider of IT and BPO services. The company hasachieved leadership position in domains such as Banking, Financial Services, Insur-ance, Transportation, Logistics and HR-IT solutions, Hexaware focuses on deliveringbusiness results leveraging technology solutions and specializes in Business Intelli-gence & Analytics, Enterprise Applications, Independent Testing and Legacy Moderni-zation.Hexaware has been providing business technology solutions for over 18 years andoffers world class service delivery, technology leadership and skilled human capital. HEXAWARE’S E-BOOK ON ORACLE EPM HEXAWARE BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE & ANALYTICS Actionable Intelligence EnabledINDIA Headquarters EU Headquarters152, Sector - 3, 4th Floor, Cornwall House,Millennium Business Park 55-57 High Street, “A” Block, TTC Inductrial Area Slough BerkshireMahape, Navi Mumbai - 400 710 SL1 1DZ, UKTel.: +91-22-67919595, Tele: +44(0)1753 217160,Fax: +91-22-67919500 Fax: +44(0)1753 217161NA Headquarters APAC Headquarters1095 Cranbury South River Road, 180 Cecil Street,Suite 10, Jamesburn, NJ 08831 #09-03, Bangkok Bank Building,Main: 609-409-6950, Singapore 069546Fax: 609-409-6910 Tel.: +65-63253020 www.hexaware.com Hexaware Technologies. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. 1. What is meant by Enterprise Performance Management? 1 Click 2. Why would an organization get interested in the EPM concept? 1 Click 3. Components of EPM Suite and the key vendors in the market. 3 Click 4. The Oracle EPM system architecture 4 Click 5. Explain the products of Oracle EPM suite and its specialties? 6 Click 6. How EPM Integrate closely with ERP Systems? 7 Click 7. How easy is it to integrate the Oracle EPM with Microsoft Office? 8 Click 8. Can you elaborate on the reporting side or tools as part of Oracle EPM? 9 Clickwww.hexaware.comHexaware Technologies. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. 1 What is meant by Enterprise Performance Management? Competive Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) is an emerging management Advantage discipline mainly focusing on supporting management processes on strate- MANAGEMENT gic, financial and operational level activities. It supports those management EXCELLENCE processes that let you debate and decide what you want to do and how you will do it, and connect those models and plans with gathering and under- standing what actually happened and why it happened. EPM is a Discipline that enables management to, • Link Strategies to plans and execution OPERATIONAL • Monitor Financial and operational results against goals EXCELLENCE • Applying analytics to drive Enterprise-wide performance improvement2 Why would an organization get interested in the EPM concept? Time To achieve management excellence, organizations need to standardize, Let us examine some of the key benefits that can be achieved through EPM automate, and integrate their management processes and implement the implementation from business perspective and how digital dashboards right solution to optimize them. EPM applications support a broad range of produce a view into measuring and monitoring action and results strategic and financial performance management processes to enable man- • Believe in the numbers and report with confidence. agement excellence, delivers information quickly to support business goals, • Set accurate expectations and anticipate results. provide visibility into the business and ensure agility and the ability of the • Deliver the right visibility to the right people at the right time, and hold business to respond to changes. EPM Solution in an organization eliminates, them accountable for results. • Inconsistency in business decisions. • Goal Alignment. • Lack of business alignment and. • Increased business agility. • Low predictability in performance. • Comprehensive regulatory compliance. • Improved consolidation process. • Streamlined reporting. • Collaborative management.www.hexaware.comHexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. 1 2
  4. 4. 3 Components of EPM Suite and the key vendors in the market. 4 The Oracle EPM system architecture The EPM market is populated with many vendors, some offering a broad range of solutions, while others have limited, specific point applications. The goal of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant (Mar 2011) is to present a global view of the main vendors that offer broad EPM suites that should be considered by organizations seeking to implement an EPM strategy. There has been a change in the scope of functionality included in the EPM suite market last year. Gartner has increasingly seen aspects of financial governance become Financial Close & Planning & Reporting Forecasting integrated and implemented in conjunction with core EPM, especially in sup- BI Applications port of the financial close and disclosure processes. The expanded applica- Profitability Strategy tion components of an EPM suite are, therefore, as follows: Management Management • BP&F – Budget Plan and Forecast Common Enterprise Inforamation Model • PM&O – Profitability Management and Optimization. • Strategy Management. Business Intelligence Foundation • Financial Consolidation and Close. • Financial and Management Reporting and Disclosure. Fusion Middleware Information Delivery Layer: This Layer provides a complete set of Informa- tion delivery and access capabilities, which are designed to address the different needs of the users.www.hexaware.comHexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. 3 4
  5. 5. EPM and BI Application Layer: This Layer includes an integrated suite of real time what-if scenario modeling for making business decisions. market leading performance management applications that are based on the Profitability and Cost management – drives business performance by discov- Hyperion product suite. This Layer also consists of integrated BI applications ering drivers of cost and profitability, empowering users with visibility and that can help analyze data from ERP and CRM Applications. flexibility, and improving resource alignment. Identify sources and attributes BI Foundation Layer: The EPM and BI applications are integrated on a BI of profitability with multidimensional analysis and improve decisions with sce- Foundation that includes the following, nario modeling capabilities • Common enterprise information model Related Products: • Powerful, forward looking analytics with Oracle Essbase • Ability to integrate data from Oracle, non-Oracle databases and Essbase – is an OLAP server and the engine behind Hyperion applications. transactional systems It has the most highly advanced calculation engine with a comprehensive • Enterprise dimension management library of functions and extensive financial intelligence. It also provides Opti- • Predictive analytics engine mized storage and promises a premium performance. Oracle FDQM – is a packaged application for Financial Data movement from5 Explain the products of Oracle EPM suite and its specialties? any data source to any Hyperion application. Its data preparation server can ease integrating and validating financial data from any of your source sys- Core Products: tems (EBS, PeopleSoft, etc.). It incorporates required regulatory compliance Oracle Hyperion Planning – is a web based budgeting and forecasting tool and financial best-practices including: Account Mapping & Audit ability, Drill- which sits on top of Hyperion Essbase. This helps integrating financial and Through to Source-Systems and Files, Scheduling and Automation, Pre- operational planning and improves business predictability. Built Audit Reports Oracle Hyperion Financial Management – is a financial consolidation tool. It Essbase Analytic Link – EAL for Hyperion Financial Management enables improves closing and reporting process and helps reduce internal risk con- the delivery of effective management and financial analytic reporting to a trols. broad user community. It integrates and merges multiple operational data Oracle Hyperion Strategic Finance – helps perform quick what-if impact sources into a single data model, providing detailed information for analytical analysis using alternate consolidative rollups of ‘what-if’ models. It plays a measurements (KPIs) and the application of advanced analytics. Merging critical role in linking strategy and target setting, to bottom up plans, while financial and operational information in a single platform makes it easy to FP&A groups and business unit owners use it for long range forecasting and deliver a comprehensive management reporting environment.www.hexaware.comHexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. 5 6
  6. 6. Oracle Data Integrator – is a comprehensive data integration platform that covers all data integration requirements: from high-volume, high- performance batch loads, to event-driven, trickle-feed integration processes, Financial EPM Workspace to SOA-enabled data services. Close New products as of the latest release (v11.1.2.1) Financial Reports Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management – Allow organization to Planning & Forecasting Smart View define, execute, and report on the interdependent activities of a financial FDM close period. Strategy Oracle Hyperion Disclosure Management – Allows organization to assemble Planning a reporting package for submission to a stake holder that includes financial statements, as well as supporting schedules and commentary which exists in Profitability Excel, Word, and a Financial Reporting document. Management6 How EPM Integrate closely with ERP Systems? FDM’s ERP Integrator (ERPI) module supports ERP adapter data integration 7 How easy is it to integrate the Oracle EPM with Microsoft Office? to Oracle E-Business Suite Financials, PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials and SAP including the ability to drill-back into transaction system details. Meta Smart View provides a Microsoft Office integration designed specifically for data may also be loaded from Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelli- Financials to EPM applications. gence (BI). It is a component of Hyperion Foundation Services. Using Smart View, you can view, import, manipulate, distribute and share data in Micro- soft Excel, Word and PowerPoint interfaces. The key capabilities of Smart View are, • Data access from Relational or Multi-Dimensional sources. • Report Creation in Excel, Word and PowerPoint using EPM and BI data.www.hexaware.comHexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. 7 8
  7. 7. 8 Can you elaborate on the reporting side or tools as part of Oracle EPM Business Intelligence & Analytics Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting (HFR) – HFR provides a comprehen- Our Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions help you transform sive report development tool that generates highly-formatted reports that can into a dynamic enterprise through actionable intelligence. We have be accessed from either the web or automatically e-mailed in PDF format to more than 50 patent pending innovations which help you with faster end-users. The key features in Financial Reporting are & efficient deployment & over 85 plus satisfied customers across • Schedule reports for immediate printing and online delivery. diverse industries. From consulting, articulation and development, to • Send e-mail alerts when reports are ready to view. deployment and support, Hexaware can architect and implement • Create and save the reports in a repository or as HTML or PDF files. data warehouses and BI systems, employing solution accelerators, • Schedule regular reports. process frameworks and jumpstart analytical kits, for any part of your business process. OBIEE – is a comprehensive suite of enterprise BI products that delivers a full range of analysis and reporting capabilities. Featuring a unified, highly scalable, modern architecture, Oracle BIEE provides intelligence and analyt- ics from data spanning enterprise sources and applications—empowering the largest communities with complete and relevant insight. Oracle BI EE Plus also bundles key Oracle Hyperion reporting products for integrated Thank you for reading our E- Book, in case you have any queries reporting with Oracle Hyperion financial applications. please write back to us at corporatemarketing@hexaware.com For more information on our BI&A services please visit us at http://hexaware.com/business-intelligence-analytics.htm To keep up with the industry’s latest trends in BI/ DW please visit our blogs @ http://blogs.hexaware.com/index/business-intelligencewww.hexaware.comHexaware Technologies. All rights reserved. 9 10