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Matthew Kennedy Assignment 2 Ignite Presentation

by DJ at Alliance Radio on May 19, 2013





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  • eguerrier01 eguerrier01 Hey SkittleZ,

    I enjoyed viewing your slideshow. I received my CNA certification through Red Cross last year and can really relate with what you are saying.

    Design Elements

    One Main Idea Per Slide: I really liked that you made sure there was only one main idea per slide. It would be pretty difficult trying to explain multiple ideas on one slide to your audience.

    Unity: All of the slides were in relation to patience, the elderly, and abuse.

    Pattern: You made sure to use the same theme/pattern throughout the presentation. For example, slide 20, 18, and 12 were all having to do the patience, depression, and empathy. You did not get off track.

    Color: You made sure that you use the same font throughout all of the slides.

    One design element that I think the presentation can work to develop a bit would be the picture superiority effect. For example, in slide 13, you had a naked man balled up in the fetal position in a corner, with what seems to be blood, smeared all over his back. Photos like that can mess with one’s psyche. I know that I will never be able to get that image out of my head. I understand that you were trying to prove a point. But the photo was a little disturbing. I would have used a photo of a baby crying, or a family portrait to show implication that it was of someone that we as the audience should care about.

    I do not feel like your slideshow needs anything to increase and enhance the unity. All of the slides were in relation to one another and I could truly understand where you were coming from. Your fonts, colors, and shapes all matched.

    I would say that your presentation embodied Duarte’s five theses. In Duarte Design's Five Rules for Presentations, she stated that your audience should be treated as king. Being that I am also a CNA, I felt like yelling, “he’s right!” I see nurses really mistreating patients and it’s upsetting.

    Duarte’s five rules also state to spread ideas and move people. In slide 12; you shared the importance of reporting abuse. I never thought about reporting some of the nurses because I felt like they needed their jobs too. But you’re right, if that was my grandmother being verbally abused, I would be furious. Some people will be reported when I go back to work on Wednesday. I look forward to seeing your presentation.
    11 months ago
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Matthew Kennedy Assignment 2 Ignite Presentation Matthew Kennedy Assignment 2 Ignite Presentation Presentation Transcript