University of Toronto TEFL Online - Institutional sales brochure - 150 hours


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The 150-hour TEFL certification sets teachers apart with a more intensive core course and two units of specialization.

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University of Toronto TEFL Online - Institutional sales brochure - 150 hours

  1. 1. Certify Your Teachers
  2. 2. Certify your teachers with University of Toronto TEFL certification for institutions Benefits of certification from the University of Toronto The University of Toronto’s TEFL top 20 universities. Education at OISE, the Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto. The course is 100% online, allowing your teachers to disruption to daily schedules. The course will enable teachers to teach all core subjects in English. Attract top teaching talent by providing your teachers with interactive professional development from the University of Toronto. The course is designed for teachers who speak English as a TEFL Online from the University of Toronto TEFL Online graduates receive training from one of the highest-ranked education departments in the world, and are fully prepared for all aspects of ESL teaching. Teachers who study the TEFL Online course may choose elective specializations, allowing them to develop expertise in the areas most relevant to their careers.
  3. 3. Organizational training program for institutions of all sizes Pricing tiers for high volume purchasers Structured payment plans available Custom TEFL solutions based on your requirements • The modules and one specialization. • The TEFL contains core course modules and three specializations. • The course contains eight core course modules, plus two specialization modules, and one bonus module. • Longer TEFL available • Standalone hour specialization modules. Why certify your teachers? Distinguish your institution. Stand apart from your competition. Associate your high quality education product with the University of Toronto’s high quality teaching standards. Ensure your teachers have the best training. The University of Toronto is a top 20 university worldwide and Improve student achievement. Help your students succeed by ensuring that your teachers are utilizing the latest TEFL pedagogy. Self-paced study eliminates schedule Designed for institutions highest level of relevance Customizable specializations for your organization Specialization Modules Teaching Business English Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) Teaching Test English Teaching English to Arabic Speakers Teaching English to Chinese Speakers (Mandarin) Teaching English to Korean Speakers Digital Technology in the Classroom Learner Centered Classrooms 120-hour 150-hour custom 10
  4. 4. 1 855 TEFL ONLINE “I found the theories of learning to very helpful and the topics that centered on pedagogy to be even more helpful.” - Teacher, International School of Macau “Since I am an experienced teacher I found it very helpful to reengage in class room practice... Some of the activities that I do not do, have been a learning experience and I plan to incorporate them in the future.” - Teacher, International School of Macau