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Large Scale Demonstrators

Large Scale Demonstrators






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    Large Scale Demonstrators Large Scale Demonstrators Presentation Transcript

    • Health-Lab AmsterdamLarge scale demonstratorsmartijn@aimsterdam.nl
    • Martijn Kriens•  Program manager Health-Lab
    • The basic output thathas become dominant in the most advanced economies is human meaning and communication Yochai Benkler “The Wealth of networks, 2006”
    • CHANGE Human Physical Meaning Function product & Communication
    • Focus•  Research requires more and more rapid iterations•  Social component is the dominant success factor for innovation•  Next 10 years the focus is on adoptation of technology•  The “end” product is the actual research vehicle
    • 900+ million Digital Friends
    • Gebruik social media social media 100 90 80 70 60 50 social media 40 30 20 10 0 20 - 34 jaar 35 - 49 jaar 50 - 64 jaar 65 jaar e.o.O&S Februari 2012
    • Neelie KroesICT radically alters how people inhabit the world, how they interact, how they perceivethe world around them: indeed, it is changing what it is to be a human being in society.
    • Neelie KroesICT radically alters how people inhabit the world, how they interact, how they perceivethe world around them: indeed, it is changing what it is to be a human being in society.http://www.europa-nu.nl/id/viskg1vdzwxf/nieuws/toespraak_eurocommissaris_kroes_over?
    • Sherry Turkle
    • Immersion?
    • Social?
    • Not just the technologyPeople helping each other is scalable-  Customers-  Patients-  …
    • Reality( BETA(
    • "  Innovation is in cooperation"  Too often these are seperate worlds 20
    • 21
    • Ecosystem Living Lab USERS
    • "An organization is but an idea--a concept.People, as individuals, are the ultimate reality andthe only operative element. An idea cannot make acommitment to anything or take responsbility oraction--only individuals can." - Chris Rufer
    • Health-Lab•  Platform on Care and ICT –  Care institutions, companies, Science and Government –  Sharing information and setting priorities•  Living Lab locations –  Developement and test of user oriented solutions –  Fysical locations in real life•  Education –  Impact on curricula
    • Direct partners•  AIM•  Almere•  AMSTA•  Amsterdam•  Hogeschool van Amsterdam•  InHolland•  Sigra•  Universiteit van Amsterdam•  Vrije Universiteit•  Waag Society
    • FocusPrevention Wellbeing Care Cure General practicioner/1e line Homecare Informal care Nursing home Social network Hospital Social housing
    • Healthlab( Monitoring & Sensoring Social contact and togetherness 27(
    • 28
    • Digital shared space
    • Paro
    • Open Ceilings
    • Living Labs
    • FromInstitution centric to People centric
    • Goal In 2025 all people in the Amsterdam region are in control of what care theywant and where they want it
    • Lessons•  Create a clear unifying goal•  Inspire and Educate the market•  Share ideas between stakeholders•  “Play” in real life settings and share•  Human moderated rules (not rule free)•  Involve all levels
    • LSD arge cale emonstrator - AmsterdamMindblowing potential!
    • Questions?